Owen County Bible Records

Contributed by Lynda M. Sherrard

This is the Bible of William ("J.B.") Sherrard.  His marriage certificate indicates he lived in Owen County, KY, in 1850.  He moved to Franklin County, KY, (date unknown) where he was a farmer and minister.  A member of Harvieland Southern Methodist Episcopal Church, he was a farmer and a minister (perhaps a layman).



 William Sherrard was born March 21st, 1850

Martha Ireland was born October 23rd, 1851

Mary A. Sherrard was born September 18th, 1872

Naoma E. Sherrard was born March 13, 1875

James Sherrard was born June 16, 1876

Elmerette Sherrard was born August 5th 1879

Cindarella Sherrard was born February 18th 1881

Robert Sherrard was born June 3rd 1885

Stella May Sherrard was born May 30th, 1888


William Sherrard and Martha Ireland were married November 7th, 1871.

Lot Johnson and Mary A. Sherrard were married May 5th, 1889.

Samuel Armstrong and Cindarella Sherrard were married March 18th, 1899.

Acy P. Way and Mary Annie Johnson were married March 20, 1901.

James Sherrard and Daisey Tracy were married July 30, 1908.


John W. Ireland died July 28th, 1883, aged seventy-three years.

Naoma Ireland, wife of John W. Ireland, died March 7th, 1873.

Naoma E. Sherrard died July 27th, 1875.

Elmerette Sherrard died February 16th, 1880.

Cindarella Armstrong died February 6th, 1904.

Stella May Sherrard died March 21st, 1905.

Martha Sherrard, wife of William Sherrard, died February 11, 1910.

William Sherrard died August 12, 1916.

Mary A. Sherrard Johnson, wife of A. P. Way, died May 28th, 1918.

James Sherrard died April 3rd, 1919.

Lester Sherrard died May 19th, 1969.





William Arvil Armstrong was born February 6th, 1900.

Cindarella Bernice Way was born December 6th, 1902.

William Way was born May 13th, 1905.

Ora Way born November 26th, 1910.

Lester Sherrard born September 23, 1915.



Comments from Lynda Sherrard, May 30, 2010 

William Sherrard is identified as J.B. Sherrard in his obituary.

James Sherrard's middle initial was M.

William Arvil Armstrong's middle name should be Orville.

William Sherrard, Martha Ireland Sherrard, Stella May Sherrard, James M. Sherrard, and Robert Sherrard are buried at the church, now known as Harvieland Methodist Church, in the Bald Knob area of Franklin County.

As of May 30, 2010, only Stella's grave is marked, but the remaining four are to her left.

In the "Marriages" listings, Daisy's name is misspelled.

The last addition of Lester Sherrard was added 51 years after the previous "last entry" when the Bible was passed through Arvil Armstrong to Lester's family.  It remains in my possession.


From the title page:  HITCHCOCK'S NEW AND COMPLETE ANALYSIS of the HOLY BIBLE:or the whole of the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS arranged according to subjects in twenty-seven books.  New York:  A. J. Johnson, 11 Great Jones Street (near Broadway).  W. D. Cummings, 64 Grant Street, Pittsburg, Pa.  MDCCCLXXIV.  Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-Nine, by A. J. Johnson.  In the clerk's office of the district court of the United States for the Southern district of New York.  John Kent, Electrotyper and Stereotyper, 13 Frankfort Street, N. Y.  S. W. Green, Printer, 18 Jacob Street, Cor.  Frankfort, New York.

Based on papers found among the pages, it is reasonable to believe that this is the Bible William Sherrard used to prepare his sermons.