Owen County Towns and Historical Information


R. L. Polk & Co.'s Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1895-1896



Transcribed from the 1881-82 Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, Vol. III

Reynolds Historical Genealogy Collection

Allen County Public Library, 900 Webster Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46801

Published by R. L. Polk & Co. and A. C. Danser


A small settlement and post-office on Owen county. 12 miles south of Owenton, the seat of justice. Ship to Corinth, 13 miles east on the C. S. Railway. Tobacco is exported. Mail tri-weekly. W. B. Sharp, postmaster

Business Directory

Bell & Reynolds, general store

Carlton R. E., physician

Ford Rev. H., Christian

Hoffman A., tobacco dryhouse

Moreland Joel, grocer

Sharp W. B., general store

Tate Thos., shoemaker

Traylor Jno. W., general store

Tucker A. T., justice

Warner B. F., carpenter

Whalen H., blacksmith



A settlement of 3 families in Owen county, 11 miles east of Owenton, the county seat. Produce is marketed.


A village in Owen county, 16 miles from Owenton, the county seat and 70 from Louisville Glencoe, on the L., C. & L. R.R., 3 miles distant, is the nearest railroad station. Population 300. Semi-weekly mail. Wm. A. Stewart, postmaster.

Business Directory

Edwards J. W., justice of peace

Foster F., cooper

Osborn D., boot & shoemaker

Stewart B. A., live-stock

Stewart Mrs. F., shoemaker

Stewart J., meat market

Stewart T., dentist

Stewart Wm., blacksmith

Swope H., flour mill

Wright G. W., constable


The post-office for a settlement of 75 people in Owen county, 9 miles from Owenton, the county seat, and 14 miles west of Corinth, its shipping station, on the C.S. R’y. Stage to Owenton semi-weekly; fare $.75. Mail tri-weekly. George Hill, postmaster.

Business Directory

Clifton J. E., grocer

Dawson Wm., physician

Hill George, dry goods and hotel

Hill Geo W., prin. Richland Academy

Hill & Dews, blacksmiths


On the Kentucky river, in the south-western part of Owen county, 9 miles south-west of Owenton, the county seat, 21 south-east of Sparta, its nearest shipping point by rail, on the D., C & L R.R. and 92 north east of Louisville. Daily stage to Owenton and Sparta. Stage fare to Owenton $1; to Sparta $2. Daily mail. Population 128. W. R. Minish, postmaster.

Business Directory

Carter Spenser, justice of the peace

Dupuy Joseph, physician

Giles H. D., general store

Giles L. W., leaf tobacco

Goodrich & Hambric, flour mill

Head Rev. Jacob (Baptist)

Hunley Evan, wagon maker

Jones Joseph, steamboat pilot

Kavanaugh Rev. H. H. (Methodist)

Leitch Anthon(*) W., hotel     *can not read

Martin J. B., grocer

Minish R. J., Proprietor Express Line to Owenton

Minish T. W., druggist

Minish W. R., jeweler, notions etc.

Riley C. M. & M. A., general store

Wainscott G. W., blacksmith

Wainscott James, mail carrier

Walker Louis E., carpenter


A small country post-office in Owen county, 16 miles from Owenton, the county seat and the same distance from Georgetown, the usual shipping point. Population 85. Mail daily. G. R. Lee, postmaster.

Business Directory

Barr John, general store

Head & Bro., general store

Hicks Z., blacksmith

Hutcheson J. D., physician

Johnson Simpson, blacksmith

Lee G. R., physician

Redding W. H., sewing machine agent

Rice A. G., live stock

Southworth C. T., grocer and hotel

Southworth Thos., hotel

Watson W. J., live stock



In the northeastern part of Owen county, 3 and one half miles north of Owenton, the county seat, 9 miles southeast of Sparta, its nearest shipping point on the L., C&L R.R. and 65 northeast of Louisville. Daily stage to Owenton and Sparta. Daily mail. P. H. Duncan, postmaster

Business Directory

Brainbridge, E. C., physician

Hearn, James J., wagonmaster

McGinnis, Issac W., druggist

McMillian, James D., teacher
McMillian, Mrs. Mary E., music teacher

Maddox, Jacob, general store

Thompson, Ed Porter, Owen College principal

West, James, blacksmith


A village in Owen county, 7 miles from Owenton, the county seat and 14 miles from Sparta, the usual shipping point. Population 200. Express Adams. Mail tri-weekly. W. H. Sanders, postmaster

Business Directory

Clifton Alfred, blacksmith

Just John, farmer

Kinney & Roher, saw and flour mills

Laist __, physician

Law __, physician

Obanion J., farmer

Obanion Juke, farmer

Rose Harrison, chair mnfr.

Sanders W. H., gen store and dry goods

Willhoil Alvin, farmer

Willhoil J., farmer

Wood C., farmer


A post-office and country store in Owen county, 9 miles from Owenton, the county seat. Population 10. Mail by special supply. J. H. Greene, postmaster and farmer

Business Directory

Brock R. E., general store

Denton J. M., railroad agent

Foster W. E., physician

Green J. L., farmer


Has 100 inhabitants, is a village in Owen county, 8 miles east of Owenton, the county seat. Ships tobacco, wheat and hogs. The Big Eagle creek furnishes power here. Land valued at $10 to $40 per acre. Ships to Blanchett, on the C.S. R’y, 9 miles east. An opening here for a blacksmith. Mail tri-weekly. A. B., Acre, postmaster. 

Business Directory

Acre & Kinman, general store and distiller

Kinman Y. R., flour mill

Kinman P. C., blacksmith

Kinman W. P., hotel and saloon

Lusby Alfred, wagon maker

Lusby Rev. John, shoemaker

Scott R. I., general store

Smither A. W., physician

Stamper Hugh, general store

Stamper Jas H., druggist

Taylor A. P., physician



This village is in Owen county, 10 miles from the county seat and 22 miles from Sparta, its shipping station by rail. Here is 1 mill, 1 church, I free school, tobacco, broom corn and livestock are shipped. Daily stage to Owenton; fare $.75; to Sparta $1.75. Population 330. Daily mail. Wm. E. Hardin, postmaster. 

Business Directory

Ballard Johnson, constable

Birchett James A., physician

Birchitt W. R., physician

Birchitt & Foster, druggists

Blades W. C., leaf tobacco

Brown George, carpenter

Byrnes J. D., wharf-boat

Duvall Rev. J. E. (Baptist)

Ellis J. A., justice of the peace

Fitzgerald Jas. Justice of the peace

Foster J. C. B. physician

Foster Rev J. W. (Reform)

Foster & Bro., livery

Hardin J. E., carpenter

Hardin Mrs. M. J., millinery

Hardin T. J., lawyer

Hardin Wm. D., live stock

Hardin Wm. E., jewelry and sewing machines

Hardin & Calvert, general store

Harris Jacob, blacksmith

Head Rev J. S., (Baptist)

Head J. S. & Bro., general store

Hendon J. M., county clerk

Herndon J. W., police judge and general store

Hyter & Head, undertakers

Johnson J. N., meat market

Knox Charles, cooper

Lawrence J. W. & J. M., leaf tobacco

Lindsay James B., barber

Messink Frank, shoemaker

Messink J. A., grocer

Montgomery Wm., painter

Pryor G. L., physician

Randsdale Mrs. Sarah, hotel

Sanford & Claxton, hotel

Smith R. H., physician

Sullivan A.D., wagon-maker

Swetman T. S., blacksmith

Wanscott T. W., blacksmith

Wilson George, tinsmith


A county village in Owen County, known also as White's Run. About 80 miles from Louisville. Ships to frankfort by rail, 14 miles; or to Byrnes by boat. Kentucky River, six miles distant. Contains one church and one school. Weekly mail, J. B. Price, postmaster.

Business Directory

Curry, John, blacksmith

Gibson, William, wagonmaker

Hudson, Andrew, blacksmith

Hurd, J. S., general store

McBride, John, blacksmith

Price, J. B., general store and postmaster

Quarbs, ___, physician

Tackets, Holman, mill owner



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In 1876-1877 the R. L. Polk Co published a directory of 
businesses in Kentucky communities. The ad above is 
from that gazetteer. Owen Counties listed are:

An earlier Gazetteer published in Louisville, was George W. Hawes’ Kentucky
State Gazetteer and Business Directory, for 1859 and 1860. 
It's pre-Civil
War, but is erratic in its coverage.  In Owen Co., it had detail on:



* See Note at Bottom of Page...

Gratz (Map of the Gratz area Gratz) (An incorporated village, situated on the Kentucky River in the southwestern part of Owen County, 9 miles from Owenton. It contained a flouring  mill, two churches and a public school. Settled in 1850, incorporated in 1861. 

Monterey (Map of the Montery area Monterey) First named Williamsburg for James Williams of Maryland. He set up a trading post   in abt. 1805. In 1847, the Kentucky legislature established the town of Monterey named for a battle of the Mexican War and set on the property of George C. Branham.

New Liberty (Map of the New Liberty area New Liberty) Settled before 1800 and Incorporated in 1827. Earliest cabin in the county was built by John Gayle in 1806.

Owenton (Map of Owenton Owenton City Streets)  (County Seat) The first county seat was Heslerville (now Hesler), established in 1819. Located on land belonging to Jacob Hesler, an early Justice of the Peace and later Sheriff. In 1822, the Kentucky legislature moved the county seat to Owenton.

Perry Park (Map of the Perry Park area Perry Park) The location known today as Perry Park was originally known as "Lick Skillet," (supposedly as a result of food being in such short supply that they had to ...).  Afterwards, it was know as "Cleveland," probably after the US president of that name.  It became Ball's Landing around 1887, and was changed to Perry Park in 1933. 

Sparta (Sparta began as a village named Brock's Station in 1802. Sparta was incorporated as a town in 1852. Sparta became a stop on the Louisville & Nashville Railroad; the CSX railroad still runs through Sparta along Eagle Creek.The community straddles Gallatin and Owen counties)

Wheatley  (Map of the Wheatley area Wheatley)

                                 The above listing includes cities, towns, boroughs and communities based on the US Postal service mail delivery.

*(On September 1, 1870, the Post Office Department  listed these towns in Owen County as having Post Offices: Eagle Hill, Gratz, Harmony Hills, Lusby's Mill, Monterey,  New Columbus, New Liberty, Owenton, Rock Dale, Pleasant Home, Poplar Grove, and West Union)





















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