1874 Owen County Death Records

Contributed By: Virginia Tolman

 [very poor handwriting -- hard time reading the names of parents and deceased]

Scanned Copy of the Original Document

Name of Deceased Color Age Sex Condition (Single, married, widowed) Occupation Date of Death Cause of Death Place of Birth Residence Place of Death Names of Parents Birth place of Father Birth place of Mother Remarks
Montgomery, Nettie White 15 Mos Female Single   May 20, 1874 Measles Owenton, Ky Owenton, Ky Owenton Ky H. P. & Mammie Montgomery Virginia Virginia  
Chissler, Thomas S. White 15 yrs Male Single   Nov 19, 1874 Progressive Nervous Atrophy Gallatin Co Owenton, Ky Owenton Ky Nick & Chissler Henry Co Henry Co  
Mitchell, Mary White 3 yrs Female Married   Dec 13, 1874 Abirtius Bath Co Owen Co Owen Co Charles & Amanda? Tackett      
Phumner, John White 68 Yrs Male Married   Feb 1, 1874 Eresyphelis Scott Co Owen Co Owen Co   Bourbon Co Virginia  
Lee, Joseph R White 87 Yr Male Married Farmer Sep 17, 1874 Typhus Flux Franklin Co Franklin Co Owen Co   Scott Co. Trimble Co
Watson, Malissa White 37 yrs Female Married   Sep 19, 1874 Rupture of the Uterus Bath Co Owen Co Owen Co George & Perlima Tackett Virginia Kentucky  
Brown, William Black 40 yr Male Married Farmer Feb 8, 1874 Killed by falling of a tree Carroll Co Owen Co Owen Co Harris -- Brown Owen Co Ky Owen Co  
Rodgers, not given White 9 os Female Married   Jan 27, 1874 Tuberclor Meningesitis New Liberty Ky Owen Co New Liberty Alex & Amanda Rodgers Virginia Virginia  
Ball, Eliza White 80 yrs Female Married   July 22, 1874 Old Age Owen Co Owen Co Owen Co   Henry Co Henry Co  
Gayle, not given Black 1 yrs Female     Aug 2, 1874 Chlorea Infantum   Owen Co Owen Co Wallace & Ellen Gayle      
Williams, Newton White 57 yrs Male Married Farmer April 27, 1874 Phthesis Pulmnatis Gallatin Co Owen Co Owen Co        
Cull, Nancy White 70 yrs Female Married   Aug 1, 1847 Inflamation of the Overtium   Owen Co Owen Co        
Ausercent?, Geroge Ann Black 50 yrs Female Married   May 11, 1874 Paralysis Owen Co Owen Co Owen Co        
Dawson, Wm. White 65 ys Male Married   June 26, 1874 ? Fever Clark Co Owen Co Owen Co        
Orr, R. W. White 35 yrs Male Single   Dec 14, 1874 Phthesis Pulmnatis Kentucky Owen Co Owen Co James P. & Amada? Orr