Owen County Group Sheet

Contributed By: James Lee Cobb, III

Name:            Levi 'Lee' OGDEN[1]


Birth:            24 JUL 1867            Owenton, Owen Co. Kentucky[1]

Death:            6 DEC 1951            New Liberty, Owen Co. Kentucky[1],[2]

Burial:            9 DEC 1951            Salem Cemetery, Owen Co. Kentucky[1],[3]

Father:            Henry Vandaman OGDEN (1840-1925)

Mother:            Verlinda 'Melinda' Jane MORGAN (1842-1928)

Marriage:            6 OCT 1892            Dallasburg, Owen Co. Kentucky[4]


Spouse:            Anna T. CULL[1]


Birth:            8 APR 1875            Owen Co. Kentucky[5],[6]

Death:            6 AUG 1963            Owen Co. Kentucky[5],[6],[7]

Burial:            9 AUG 1963            Salem Cemetery, Owen Co. Kentucky[5],[6],[3]

Father:            John CULL (1835-)

Mother:            Emilla 'Millie' CHISM (~1833-1914)




1 F:            Ethel Alice OGDEN[8],[9]

Birth:            11 APR 1898            Owen Co. Kentucky[5],[10],[11],[12]

Death:            10 JAN 1973            Louisville, Jefferson Co. Kentucky[5],[10],[11],[12]

Spouse:            Corbett Heniss CRAWFORD

Marriage:            30 OCT 1913            Owen Co. Kentucky[13]


2 F:            Edna Cate OGDEN

Birth:            4 JUL 1904

Spouse:            Avery MEFFORD


3 F:            Mae Dell OGDEN[5]

Birth:            10 JUN 1909[5],[14]

Death:            21 JUL 1989            Owenton Manor, Owenton, Owen Co. Kentucky[5],[14],[15]

Spouse:            Richard WAINSCOTT


4 F:            Eula Veal OGDEN (Died as Infant)


5 F:            Gladys Virginia OGDEN

Birth:            1914[16]

Death:            MAR 2003[17]

Spouse:            Woodrow OGDEN



Notes for Anna T. CULL

Anna (Annie) T. CULL OGDEN

Cause of death from death certificate;


Cirrhosis of liver





Cirrhosis of liver: chronic perihepatitis with thickening and subsequent contraction, resulting in atrophy and deformity of the liver.

Arterio-sclerosis arteriosclerosis

Hardening of an organ, usually due necrosis  (death of tissue) leading to scarring. Can occur in many organs. The liver will be the organ affected if cirrhosis is not qualified further

Cirrhosis of the liver may result from

Alcohol - by far the commonest

Viruses i.e. viral hepatitis 

Chronic (Describes any illness that is long standing. It does not mean severe) cholangitis

Biliary stasis   

Primary biliary cirrhosis - an auto-immune problem

Heart failure - known as cardiac cirrhosis

Metabolic defects such as

Haemchromatosis (familial)

Hepato-lenticular degeneration (Wilson's disease) (familial)


In the past cirrhosis was attributed to malnutrition, but this is not likely


Arterio-sclerosis: Hardening of the arteries; types generally recognized are: atherosclerosis, Mönckeberg arteriosclerosis, and arteriolosclerosis. Syn: vascular sclerosis, arterial sclerosis. Commonly called hardening of the arteries

Almost everyone gets this condition eventually. The arteries fur up with plaques of cholesterol, over which a blood clot can grow, which narrows the artery and eventually fail to adequately supply blood

It leads to angina, heart attacks, strokes and gangrene of the limbs. It is more common in smokers, diabetics and those with high blood pressure


Senility: Old age; a general term for a variety of organic disorders, both physical and mental, occurring in old age.

Old age: In this modern scientific age, some people think that someone who dies must have suffered with a disease that lead to their death

Many death certificates give an imprecise "diagnosis" (myocardial degeneration, morbus cordis, multiple organ failure etc) as the attending doctor felt obliged to conform to this view

I feel that some elderly people do, in fact, die of old age

The registrars in the UK are happy to accept old age as a cause of death

The use of the term old age or any of its euphemisms does not indicate that the attending doctor did not know the cause of death. Rather he (or she) was being honest

Sometimes, a doctor may strongly suspect that, on the basis of the history and examination findings, a certain disease was the cause of death, but the patient was too frail to be subjected to investigations to confirm the suspected diagnosis 



 auto-immune    Describes several rare conditions in which the body's immune system attacks the body's own tissues

They may be familial, although the gene defects have not, as yet, been identified. For some conditions it may be that the potential to develop the illness is genetic, but the victim needs to be exposed to an environmental trigger such as a virus or foodstuff or even the adoption of a certain lifestyle to develop the illness. For some conditions ageing may be the trigger

Also known as connective tissue disorders or diseases. Many are recently recognised conditions, but I include this entry as they may be familial. Examples include


Hashimotos disease or thyroiditis

Polyarteritis nodosa

Polymyalgia rheumatica


Primary biliary cirrhosis

Rheumatoid arthritis


Systemic lupus erythematosis

Temporal or giant cell arteritis

True or Addisonian pernicious anaemia. [18], [19]





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