Owen County Historical Records

Contributed By: Thomas S. Fiske

Experiences of War Prisoners. A Romance of Morgan's Rough Riders. The Escape. [The Century; a popular quarterly. / Volume 41, Issue 3, Jan 1891]

 Thomas H. Hines’ account of his escape with Gen. Morgan

On the evening of the 29th of November we left Union with a voluntary guide, passed through the eastern edge of Gallatin County, and after traveling all night spent the day of the 30th at the house of a friend on the Owen County line. Passing through New Liberty, in Owen County, and crossing the Kentucky River at the ferry on the road to New Castle, in Henry County, we stopped at the house of Mr. Pollard at 2 A. M., December 1. Our guide did not know the people nor the roads farther  than the ferry, at which point he turned back.

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