Owen County News


St. Louis Globe-Democrat
July 9 1875


A Mother Starves Herself to Death

Mrs. KEMPER, wife of Jasper KEMPER, died Sunday morning, June 27, under peculiar circumstances, which are as follows:  About three months since her babe was taken sick and lingered for some time.  A few minutes before it died, she gave it a dose of medicine by direction of the attending physician, and after it died she took up an idea that she had killed her child.  Her friends tried to persuade her that the idea was erroneous, but all to no avail.  The thought worked upon her mind until she became frantic. Her only desire was to die, and she tried on several occasions to destroy her life, but was prevented by her faithful husband, who kept strict watch over her.  She refused to talk from the beginning, and had not taken a mouthful of food for forty-five days before she was relieved by death.