Owen County Surnames

Researchers with Family from Owen County ... A Growing Collection of Surnames.




ADAMS Jody Coleman Weaver
AGEE Jeannie Gallant

Bobby Alexander

Kathy Alexander Kaufman

ALLPHIN Wayne R. Brumback 
ANDERSON Barbara Guinn
ARNOLD Bridget Price

Betsy Arnold Sorrell 

BAGBY Fred Goerler 
BAKER Scott Baker ,
Kyle Fible-Epperson
Joan Clifford
BALLARD Tari Walker 

Ricke Ballard Gritten

BATES Janlyn Martin Loomer
Marilyn Fair
BEACH Jeannie Gallant
BEARD Elizabeth Sullivan   NEW 9/2016
BECKHAM Robert Steven Hutson
BENNETT Roberta Hall  NEW 10/31/16
BLACK Ralph Arnsparger 
BOND Norma E. Turner

Patsy Bond Phelps  NEW 11/14/17

BOURNE Brooke Bourne 
BRAM(B)LETT Gale Bramblett
BREEDEN Debbie Clifton, Susan
BROWN Terri Vokins
BRUMBACK Wayne R. Brumback 
BURK Dennis Kemper 
BURNETT Crystal Murphy
BURNS Crystal Murphy
BURNS/BYRNS Barbara Burns Porter
BURTON Karen Harmon    Robert N. Allen III
BUTLER Jill Martinez 
CAMMACK Jeannie Gallant 
CANTER Marilyn Hawkins Phipps 
CARTER Carol Sue Ruley
Carolyn Mirabella

Lafe Donald Carter

CHANDLER Nora J. Probasco 
CHISM Candy Gibson 
CHOWNING Tricia Dorman
CLARK(E) Donna Frandsen
Ewing Fears Best

Scott Gardner

Judith Hensley Fleenor

CLAXON Brenda Forrest NEW 02/16/2017
CLAXTON Tom Towles
Julie Zerbe
Jim Roberts
Carmelita Marotta
CLIFTON Barbara Clifton Guinn
Debbie Clifton
COATES George Willick 
COBB Winifred Miller
COLEMAN Marilyn Hawkins Phipps,
Debbie Clifton
COLLINS Fred Goerler 
COOK Karen Frans
COOPERSMITH Robert Steven Hutson 
COX Daniel R. Harvey
CRABLE Bernard Kelley
CRESS Wayne R. Brumback 
CRISWELL Wendy Harris Hammitt 
CRITTENDEN Jim Crittenden 
CROPPER George Willick
CROUCH Tricia Dorman
CRUTCHLOW Beth Crutchlow
CULLEN Barbara J. Hall
CUNNINGHAM Brittany Raisor 

Jim Combs

CURRAY Sheila Davis
Charles F. Rogers, Sr.
DAVIDSON Lee Cunningham 
DAVIS Robert Steven Hutson
Judi Davis
DENNY Freddie Lockett
DORMAN Tricia Dorman
DOTY George Willick
DUKE Sheila Ann Baker Patterson  NEW
DUNAVENT Marilyn Hawkins Phipps
EDMONDS Marilyn Hawkins Phipps
EDMUNDSON Jody Coleman Weaver
ESTES Crystal Murphy
FEARS Ewing Fears Best
FIBLE Kyle Fible-Epperson
FITZSIMMONS Jody Coleman Weaver
FITZGERALD Karen Kotlarchik
Sam Tomaino
FLINN, FLYNN K. Mohrmann
FORTNER Marilyn Hawkins Phipps
FOSTER Jody Coleman Weaver
FRAIN Ken Stewart
FRANK Robert Frank Lawrence
FREEMAN Eldred Melton
FURNISH Fred Westcott, Crystal Murphy
GARNETT Fred Westcott
GARVEY Ralph Arnsparger 
GAYLE Eldred Melton
GESS Roxann Gess-Smith
GLASS Jill Martinez

Tim Brock

Bonnie Trachsel NEW 02/16/2017

GREEN Georgia Stamper
GRIFFITH Robert A. Myers ,
Terri Vokins
GROSS Jamie Gross
GRUGIN James Grugin
HACKER Crystal Murphy
HAIR Mark Padgett
HAMMON Barbara Guinn ,
Keath Hammon
HANCOCK Audrey Shields Hancock ,
George Willick
HANKS Steve Heininger 
HARLOW Marilyn Hawkins Phipps
HARMON Angela Huber Loudermilk
HARRIS Wendy Harris Hammitt 
HARRISON Brenda Brockman
HARROD Michelle Harrod-Himes  NEW 02/05/17
HATELY Lynda Hynan
HAWKINS Marilyn Hawkins Phipps ,
Debbie Clifton
Jean Hedges
HAYDON Audrey Shields Hancock ,
Robert Haydon
HEARN(E) Sam Tomaino,
Larry W King
HERNDON Susan Cooper   NEW 12/2016
HEATH Tari Walker 
HERRELL Mary Hartman
HILL Nancy Hill Porter
HILLARD Ralph Arnsparger
HOAGLAND K. Mohrmann
HOOVER Niler Pyeatt
HOSKINS Marilyn Fair
HOURIGAN Wayne R. Brumback
HOUSTON Judy Houston
HOWARD Debbie Toon

Grant Howard

Kelly Howard Osborne

HUBER Angela Huber Loudermilk
HUDSON Charles F. Rogers, Sr.
Janlyn Martin Loomer ,
Georgia Stamper
HUGHES Brad Hurley,
Judi Davis
HUNTER Sue Willey
ISAACS Marilyn Hawkins Phipps
JACKSON Robert A. Myers

Judy Simmons

JOHNSON Don Johnson

Lynn Bennett 

JOHNSTON Robert Frank Lawrence ,
Dennis Kemper

Barbara J. Hall
Thomas Jones
JUETT Julie Zerbe
Tom Towles
JUMP Janlyn Martin Loomer ,
Suzanne Shephard
KEIGHTLEY Barbara Guinn ,
John Thomas
KEITH Marilyn Hawkins Phipps
Jody Coleman Weaver
KELLEY Bernard Kelley
KEMPER Dennis Kemper
J. Nielsen
Tom Towles
Tricia Dorman

 GT Davis NEW 9/2017

KIMBERLIN Wayne R. Brumback
KING Larry W King
KINMAN Leroy Gailey
LANDERS Arthur D. Cook
LETT Raisor
LINK Carmelita Marotta
LOOMIS Sherri 
LUCAS Carmelita Marotta
LUCKETT Fred Goerler
LUDDY Robert Frank Lawrence
LYNCH Kyle Fible-Epperson
Crystal Murphy
MADDOX Fred Westcott
J. Nielsen 
MARION Robert Wiley
MARTIN Sharon Martin Kline ,
Kay Mason

George Willick
MCKINNEY Crystal Murphy
MOSCOE Sam Tomaino
MASON Tom Towles ,
Suzanne Shephard
MELTON(S) Wayne R. Brumback
MILLER Mark Wolf
MINGS Patsy Dearman Hand 
MOORE Lena Peters

Harold W. Rarden 

MORGAN James Leith 3rd
MORROW Jim Combs
MORTON Sharon Martin Kline
MURPHY Crystal Murphy,
Betty Cox
NEW Julie Zerbe

Ricke Ballard Gritten

O'BRIEN Marilyn Fair
ODOR/ODER Becky Culpepper
OLIVER Sheila Davis ,
Charles F. Rogers, Sr.

Julie Zerbe
ONAN Sharon Martin Kline
ORR Lynda Hynan
John Osborne
Janlyn Martin Loomer
Daniel R. Harvey
Suzanne Shephard
Tricia Dorman
Karen Freeman
OWEN Tari Walker
PAYNE Marilyn Hawkins Phipps
Debbie Clifton
PAYTON, PEYTON Brittany Raisor 
PENN Jane Bishop
PERKINS Jean Abrams,
Jody Coleman Weaver
Crystal Murphy
POLAND Macon Poland
PORTER Marilyn Dobbins
POWELL Crystal Murphy
PRATHER Barbara Guinn
Mary Jo Roman Purdy

Dale Ashcraft

PURVIS Vernon Purvis
QUILLEN Barbara J. Hall
Bob Raisor
Robert Wiley
Gregory F. Raisor
RANSOM Wayne R. Brumback 
REED Laura Moore
RENFRO Sue Willey
REDDING Jan Redding
RICE Jim Crittenden
ROBERTS Slaven, John Thomas ,
Jim Roberts
ROBINSON(S) Connie Fry,
Joan Clifford
ROGERS, RODGERS Sheila Davis ,
Charles F. Rogers, Sr.
Julie Zerbe
Lynda Hynan

Ricke Ballard Gritten

ROMANS James Romans
Mary Jo Roman Purdy
ROSSON Sheila Davis
RUSH Patricia Weeks
RUTH Leonard Ruth
Jody Coleman Weaver
SALE, SAYLE Charles Sayle
SAMUEL Eldred Melton
SARGENT Crystal Murphy
SEBREE, SEEBRE Claudia Williams
SEE KMohrmann
SHELTON Abby Hansing,
Kay Shelton Travis

Macon Poland

SHIPP Barbara Burns Porter
SIMMONS Jody Coleman Weaver
SIMPSON Nora Probasco
Robert Frank Lawrence

Wayne R. Brumback

Debbie Toon
SINCLAIR Anita Cooke
SKIDMORE Karen Frans
SKIRVIN Crystal Murphy
SMITH Brittany Raisor
Crystal Murphy
Barbara J. Hall

Floyd E. Turner

Bud Smith

SMITHER(S) Darla Ballenger
SOUTHERLAND Jody Coleman Weaver
SPARKS Dennis Thompson
SPIERS Linda Leggitt Swystun
SPIERS Barbara Burns Porter
SPURR Vernon Purvis
SPENCER Carol Sue Ruley
STAFFORD Suzanne Shephard
STAMPER Georgia Stamper
STEELE Jim Crittenden
STIVERS Terry Stivers
STRUGEON(S) Wayne R. Brumback
SWETMAN Jane Bishop
SWITZER Ed Switzer
TAYLOR Carol Sue Ruley
Jody Coleman Weaver
THACKER Vernon Purvis
THOMAS Sharon Hamilton
Carol Sue Ruley
John Thomas

Clarke Ross

THOMPSON Tricia Dorman
Scott Thompson
THRELKELD Dennis Thompson
TIPTON Laura Knecht
TOOL Tari Walker
TOWLES Tom Towles
Carmelita Marotta
TRIGG Sue Waldrop
TRUE Garry True
TRUSSEL(L) Ron Vance
VALLANDINGHAM Dick Vallandingham

Susan Cooper   NEW 12/2016

VANCE Ron Vance
VEST Wayne R. Brumback
Sharon Martin Kline
Ron Vance 
Crystal Murphy
WALDEN Eldred Melton
WALDROP Sue Waldrop 
WARE Roland L. Ware

Karen Harmon NEW

Christy Nageleisen NEW 4/27/2017

WATSON Dee Smith
WEBB Marilyn Dobbins
WEBSTER Wayne R. Brumback
Kyle Fible-Epperson
Jody Coleman Weaver
Sam Tomaino
WELLS Sherri
WEST Mark Padgett
WHITE Carol Whitehead Email no longer good 3/21/13
WILEY Niler Pyeatt

Gary Wiley

WILLHOITE Carolyn Mirabella
Fred Westcott
WILLIAMS Linda Leggitt Swystun
Claudia Williams
WILSON Crystal Murphy
WISE Scott Gardner
WOOD June (Wood) London
Kay Mason
Marilyn Hawkins Phipps 
Marilyn Fair

James Caldwell Wood

WOODSON Mary Ann Gordon Kelmer
WOOLUM Barbara J. Hall
WRIGHT Sheila Davis
J. Nielsen
YEAGER K. Mohrmann

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