The First 200 Years of Pendleton County


Written By: Mildred Bowen Belew

Contributed, with permission, By: Kristin Stoner




Falmouth Outlook

“History of Kentucky” By Lewis Collins

“History of Falmouth and Pendleton County” By Falmouth Rotary Club

“History of Kentucky”, Illustrated by William Perrin

Minutes of Grassy Creek Baptist Church

Minutes of Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church

Minutes of Unity Baptist Church

History of Butler Methodist Church

History of Concord Methodist Church

History of Short Creek Baptist Church

History of Grassy Creek Christian Church

History of Flour Christian Church

History of Fardnersville Baptist Church

History of Second Twelve Mile Baptist Church

History of Pine Grove Methodist Church

Campbell County History, by William R. Stevens

Francis G. Blackburn

History of DeMossville, by Roy Ackman

Kentucky Post and Timestar

“The Kirk and Wilson Family Tree”, by Clarence K. Wilson 1967

Charles Kennett of Walnut Creek, California

Dr. H. C. Clark’s Notes

Edward E. Barton Papers

Kentucky Ancestor’s Magazine

Mrs. Mararet Hartman of Alexandria, Kentucky

Pendleton County Records

Grant County Records

Kenton County Records

Kentucky Census for all available years

University of Kentucky Records

“Pieces of the past, Part Two, Kentucky Post



Artwork: Sweet Solitude
by Edmund Blair  Leighton