E. E. Barton Papers

Bond of John Cook

Transcribed By: Suzanne Shephard

Bond of John Cook of Campbell county, 23rd day of July 1795  (to the trustees of Falmouth (shown Here) and including Mathew Glaves) ___ sum of 1000 pounds ___ shall pay one third of the value of the money arising from the sale of the Lots in the Town of Falmouth, to any one who shall establish a more legal or equitable claim to the 100 Acres of land established & town by the name of Falmouth . . .

Witnesses:                                                                    John Cook

Nicho Harrison                                                            Wm. Edmundson

James McMurtry                                                          Wm. Anderson

“Be it remembered that the true intent and meaning of the within Bond is, that all reasonable charges be first deducted before the money is paid.

                                                            Test;  James McMurtry

                                                                      Miche Harrison



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