E. E. Barton Papers

Pendleton County Naturalization

Transcribed By: Suzanne Shephard

Zable, August arrived in United States in 1857; was a subject of King of Prussia (age 47 in 1860) Declaration (1st paper) to become a citizen at June term 186, Pendleton County Court.

Att. T. E. Moore C.P.C.C.

Schultz, Godfrey arrived in US in 1858; was a subject of King of Prussia (age 37 in 1861) Declaration March 19, 1861.

Att. T. E. Moore C.P.C.C.

Marquardt, Charles came to U. S. about March 15, 1856; was a subject of King of Prussia. Declaration March 14, 1861

M. Mullins, Clk

Klengl, Frederick, a native of Prussia. Made declaration Oct 20, 1856 in Kenton County Court.

E. J. Bayless, Clk.

By C. J. Taylor D. C.

Cobet, David, arrives in U. S. in 1847; age 53 at Feb 4, 1860. Subject of King Great Britian & Ireland.

Att. T. E. Moore, Clk. P.C.C.

Hamilton Co., O.

Schukmacher. Joseph Anton, age about 22, bearing allegiance to the King or Wirtemberg, emigrated from Haure Sept 3, 1853. Arrived at New York Oct 17, 1853, intends to reside at Hamilton Co. O. Joseph Anton Schukmacher Sworn to May 5, 1857

Thomas Spooner By E. Page Dep. Clk. Court Common Pleas.

O’Sullivan, Eugene, laborer of Boston; born in County Cork, Ire. About May 12, 1811, is now about 40 years of age. He arrived at Boston, Mass. Nov 1, 1846. Renounces allegiance especially to Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland.

This June 17, 1851                                         James Barnes Clerk

                                                                     US Cir Court Dist of Mass.

Hamilton Co., O.

Struif, John native of Sax Wimer Eisenback, age 36 bearing allegiance to the Duke of Sax Wimer Eisenback. Arrived at New Orleans on Aug 25, 1847; intends to reside at Cincinnati.

                                                                        (Signed in German)

Subscribed this Aug 1, 1853                               (Signed by Clerk Court Com. Pleas

Hamilton Co., O.


Pluester, Bernard native of Hanover age 24, bearing allegiance to the King of Hanover. Emigrated from Bremen April 19, 1854, arrived at New Orleans June 6, 1854. To reside at Cincinnati.

Sworn to Sept 18, 1856                                                Thomas Spooner by S. Page, Dep.

                                                                        Clk. Com. Pleas Court

Hopperton, Edward, age 40. Arrived in US. In 1842. Renounced allegiance to Queen of Englad. April 7, 1862.

                                                            Att. T. E. Moore C.P.C.C.

McGraw, James, age 74, arrived in U.S. in 1816. Renounced allegiance to Queen Great Britian & Ireland Aug 3, 1860.

                                                            Att. T. E. Moore Clerk

Lether, Francis age 32, arrived in U.S. in 1855. Renounces allegiance to King of Bier(?)

J.T.E. Moore Clerk Pend Co Court                        Set my hand Jan 2, 1860

                                                                          (Not signed by Clerk)

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