E. E. Barton Papers

Mockbee Family

Contributed By: Suzanne Shephard

Mockbee May 12, 1943
E.E. Barton
Attorney-At-Law Feb.25, 1943
Falmouth, Kentucky
Mr. & Mrs. John Beyersdoerfer
Foster KY Rt. 1

Dear Friends:
While it is fresh on my mind, I am writing to obtain some of the history of the Mockabee
family; and will you go into session with Mrs. Cox and give me what you can of the history.
Below I am adding some questions, and besides the questions, I would be pleased if your mother
would add any other matter of interest on the Mockbee family. For this I will be greatly obliged.
Yours truly, E E Barton

Ollie Mockabee. Give full maiden name: Oleva Ellen Mockbee
When born: Feb. 9, 1862 where: Pendleton Co. Kentucky
When married: April 22, 1880 where: Pendleton Co. Kentucky
Name of her father (give full name): William Lanson Mockbee
When born: April 22, 1836 where: Pendleton Co. Kentucky
When he died: May 3, 1908 where buried: Aurora Ind. Riverview Cemetery
Name of his father: Charles Mockbee
When born:blank Where: Clermont Co. Ohio
When he died:blank where buried: Fisher Grave yard - me think
Name of his mother: Malinda Moore
When born:blank where: Pendleton Co. Kentucky
When she died: blank where buried:Fisher Grave Yard -Pendleton Co. Kentucky
Can you give the name of Wm. Mockbee's grandfather, and where hee lived.
Henson Mockbee (was a soldier in Civil War)
Where did this Mockbee family come from when they settled first in Ky.
Brown Co. Ohio his post office add. was Georgetown
What part of Kentucky did they first settle: Bracken County

Give the names of your grandfather Mockabee's brothers and sisters and who they married:
1. U.C. Mockbee married Sarah
2. One sister died young

Give the names of your father's brothers and sisters and who they married:
1. William married Jane Allender
2. Louis m. Rachel Fields
3. Simpson m. Belle Smith
4. Lonzo m. Ollie Shoemaker
5. James m. Lottie Arnold
6. Fred never married
7. Mary m. James Thornton
8. Belle m. Albert Carter

Give the names of William Mockbee's children and who they married. Give oldest first:
1. Oleva married Lavega Cox
2. Naomi m. Ira Black
3. James m. Eunice Meyers
4. Lonzo m. Alice Gillispee
5. Walter m. Louisa Ashcraft
6. Elizabeth m. Jerry Cox

Lavega Cox. Give his full correct name: Lavega Cox
When born: Jan. 10, 1854 where: Pendleton Co. Kentucky
When he died: Dec. 14, 1928 where buried: Lenoxburg Ky.
Barton W. Cox. What was the "W" for: Warren - I think
When born: June 26, 1826 when died: blank

Page 2
Mrs. Ira K. Black May 12, 1949

Wm. Lanson Mockbee.
When born: 1836 Where: Pendleton Co. Kentucky
When he died: 1908 Where buried: Riverview Indiana
Name of his father: Charles Wesley Mackabee

Jane Allender. Any middle name: no middle name
When born: 1837 where: Adams County Ohio
When she died: blank Where buried: Lenoxburg Ky.
Name of her father: James Allender
Maiden name of her mother: Mary Garrett
Give names of Jane Allenders brothers and sisters or as many of them as you remember.
Brothers - George Elbert, William, Charles, Benjamin
Sisters - Leina & Elizabeth

James Wesley Mockbee.
If he is living give his postoffice: he is dead
He married Eunice Myers.
Who was her father: John C. Myers
If Eunice is living, give her postoffice: Covington Ky.

Alonzo Hiram Mockbee.
If living give his postoffice: Aurora Indiana R.F.D.
1st wife, Sally Hendricks.
Name of Sally's father: I do not know
Maiden name of her mother: I do not know
Name of Sally's brothers and sisters: I do not know
Alonzo Hiram 2nd wife Alice Gillespie.
Name of Alice's father: I do not know
Name of Alice's brothers and sisters: Sister Ella Gillespie, Brother Lawson Gillespie

Walter Lanson Mockbee married Maude Louisa Ashcraft.
Name of Maude Louisa's father: Bill Ashcraft
Maiden name of her mother: McMillen
If Maude Louisa is living give her post office: Gilford Indiana, she married Walter Craig after Walter L. Mockbee Death

Page 3
Mrs. Naomi Black
Please give names of your brothers and sisters, and who each of them married.
Please start with the oldest first and give names in order of their birth.
If unable to give the dates of birth, maybe you will remember their birth day.

Children of William Lansen Mockbee and Jane Allender.
1. Still born son - not named
2. Oleva Ellen Mockbee, born February 9, 1862
Married Lavega Cox
3. Still born son - not named
4. Mary Malinda Mockbee, born May 7, 1865
Died age of 14 yrs.
5. Naomi Jane Mockbee, born November 21, 1867
Married Ira Kenady Black May 30, 1893
6. James Wesley Mockbee, born April 28, 1869
Married Eunice Myers
7. Alonzo Hiram Mockbee, born July 31, 1872
Married Sally Hendricks first, second wife Alice Gillespie
8. Elizabeth Angeline Mockbee, born February 3, 1875
Married Jerry Cox
9. Walter Lanson Mockbee
Married Louisa Ashcraft


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