E. E. Barton Papers

John and Garner Waller Deed

Transcribed By: Suzanne Shephard

John Waller & Garner his wife of Bourbon Co To) Deed        May 1, 1801    $1000. Paid Charles Sterne all that tract of land in Pend. Co. in the forks of Licking, being part of Holt Richardsons Military Claim of 1000 scres and containing 149 acres by estimation and bounded by the land of Al. Montjoy on the N West; by the Town of Falmouth on the North; by South Fork of Licking on the South West; and by the up or hilly . . . on the South & South East.

Witnesses  F. Tompkins                                                                John Waller

                  Joel Riddish                                                                Garner Waller

                  Elizabeth Toumble

                  Chas E Laminier



Bond of John Waller


FALMOUTH.                                                               Richard A Collins

                                                                                       v) P Cir C Pkg 117

                                                                                       Geo M Bibb

Bond of John Waller on penal sum of 1000 pounds to Samuel Cook, John Vance, Geo. Hume, John Hume, John Ewing, Samuel Bryan and John Sanders Joint Trustees of the town of Falmouth in the county of Campbell 23rd day of July 1795 . . if John Waller shall pay . . . to any person who may hereafter produce a more equitable or legal title claim to the land whereon the town of Falmouth is by law established our full and all reasonable costs and charges.

Witnesses:                                                                                John Waller

James Green & Wm. Edmundson                                          Mathew Glaves


(Note: “John Waller and Mathew Glaves of the county of Campbell.”    

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