Pendleton County Cities & Towns - 1879 to 1882

Transcribed from the 1881-82 Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory

Additional information from 1879 was posted with permission from Kentucky Explorer

Reynolds Historical Genealogy Collection

Allen County Public Library, 900 Webster Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46801

Published by R. L. Polk & Co. and A. C. Danser



In the northern part of Pendleton county, is a station on the line of the K.C. R.R., 11 miles north of Falmouth, the county seat and 111 north-east of Louisville. A steam saw and flouring mill, four churches and district school ate sustained by a population of 500. Tobacco is exported. Express, Adams. Mail daily. R. T/ Watson, postmaster.

Business Directory

Armstrong L. H., general store

Barton W. L., blacksmith

Bascom H. K., blacksmith

Becket S. N., blacksmith

Bonar J. C., physician

Bradford W. A., physician

Fisher G. C., livery stable

Forward & Sine, carpenters

Huddleston E., blacksmith

Jones J., tinner

Madison J., shoemaker

Patton N. S., flouring mill

People & Hobbs, general store

Shaw R. F., general store

Taylor A. D., wagon maker

Twilight Star Co., general store

Watson R. T., druggist


The information and links below are from Bernie Spenser's Northern Kentucky Views Great site with lots of Pendleton county information!

In 1876, the R. L. Polk Company published The Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, which listed information about virtually every town in Kentucky.  The listings from Pendleton County are these:


An earlier Gazetteer published in Louisville, was George W. Hawes’ Kentucky
State Gazetteer and Business Directory, for 1859 and 1860. 
It's pre-Civil
War, but only has detail on these two towns: