Pendleton County Cities & Towns - 1879 to 1882

Transcribed from the 1881-82 Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory

Additional information from 1879 was posted with permission from Kentucky Explorer

Reynolds Historical Genealogy Collection

Allen County Public Library, 900 Webster Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46801

Published by R. L. Polk & Co. and A. C. Danser



The seat of justice for Pendleton county, pleasantly situated on the Linking river, 39 miles south of Cincinnati and 60 north of Lexington. It is also an important station on 
the K. C. R.R. and is the railroad shipping point for a thickly settled district, A bank, a distillery, 2 flour-mills, a woolen-mill, with five church edifices, an academy and 
good public school, are sustained In a population of 1,000. The exports consist of live stock, grain and tobacco. Good farming land in the vicinity can be purchased on 
reasonable terms. Express Adams. Telegraph W. U.. Mail daily. W. E. Wilson, postmaster. 

     Business Directory

Adams Otis, saloon 
Applegate Bros, druggist and hardware 
Barbour Jas H., physician
Barrett Edward W., grocer.
Black George, grocer. 
Bradford Theodore, general store. 
Broseke Charles F., grocer and ins agent
Browning Elijah P., agent K. C.  R.R. and 
Adams Express Co. 
Browning O. N. & Co., tobacco 
Campbell A & A T, general store 
Chaney & Henser,  blacksmiths. 
Clark Henry C., physician. 
Clark James T., county collector. 
Clarke Asahel R., Lawyer, and Editor of the 
Coleman & Holt, distillers
Culbertson, Robert E., hotel and saloon. 
Culbertson Wm. W., general store and  hardware. 
Dudley Robert II, general store. 
Duncan & Barker, lawyers 
Eckert John, propr. Washington House. 
Ellis Henry, county surveyor 
Fabra Henry, druggist
Falmouth Deposit bank, capital $50,000. J. R. 
Rule pres, J. F. Bohannan, cashier. 
Falmouth Republican Weekly, Falmouth 
Publishing Association, publishers
Falmouth Woolen Mills, Joshua Woodhead, 
Forcen Robert, barber. 
Fossett James W., meat market. 
Fryer John H., lawyer. 
Gifford James E., saloon. 
Gilham John, blacksmith.  
Glenn Harry, saloon. 
Hall Thomas G., physician. 
Held Frederick G., watches and jewelry, 
Hobday John E., livery 
Holt Wm C., county clerk. 
Jameson Geo W., Mayor
Kennett Wm C.,  general store. 
King & Hamilton, general store. 
Koch Christian, saloon 
Koch John, Hotel, Saloon and Bakery. 
Lee Charles H., lawyer
Leibolt Lawrence, shoemaker. 
Lightfoot George, Proprietor Lightfoot House
Logan & Hall, harness. 
McCIune James, undertaker
McGinety Wm A., harness-maker. 
McNees Andrew J., flour-mill.
Mayer Charles, general store
Morgan Mrs. E. B., dry goods. 
Mullins Gabriel S., sheriff
Mullins Matt, leaf-tobacco. 
Nauman & Saunders (Charles Nauman, 
Wm A Saunders), photographers. 
Newman Henry N., general store. 
Oldham Wm G., meat market. 
Oldham & Tandy, furniture and undertakers. 
Patrons Co-operative Association, general 
Peek Jeremiah W., lawyer. 
Pendleton Publishing Co., Publishers The 
Pendletonian (Democratic). 
Perrin Wm J., county judge. 
Purdy Charles A., harness. 
Rack Fred, baker. 
Rausch Conrad, shoemaker. 
Risk & Meek, physicians. 
Ritter Christian, meat market. 
Ritter Joshua, meat market and saloon. 
Robbins Charles A., hardware and ins. agt. 
Roberts Wm B., physician. 
Sharon & Bonar, furniture and undertakers
Simon Jacob T., lawyer 
Simon Morris, general store. 
Stumpp John G., stoves and tinware. 
Swope Miss Lizzie, millinery and notions. 
Thompson John E., saw and planing-mill. 
Wandelohr James K., circuit clerk. 
Watson James M., hotel. 
Williams James H., stoves and tinware. 
Wilson William E., postmaster, and (Cigars & tobacco) 
Wilson W. Shelton, shoemaker
Woodhead Joshua, woolen-mills. 
Woodhead Walker B., flour-mill.  




The information and links below are from Bernie Spenser's Northern Kentucky Views Great site with lots of Pendleton county information!

In 1876, the R. L. Polk Company published The Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, which listed information about virtually every town in Kentucky.  The listings from Pendleton County are these:


An earlier Gazetteer published in Louisville, was George W. Hawes’ Kentucky
State Gazetteer and Business Directory, for 1859 and 1860. 
It's pre-Civil
War, but only has detail on these two towns: