Pensioners of the United States

Residing in Pendleton County on January 1, 1883


Published in the Daily Commonwealth
Covington, KY
Friday, May 2, 1884

Abbreviations used: w or wd: wound(ed); r: right; l or lft: left or leg; vis: vision; dis: disease

Transcribed by Sherri


Belew, Lydia Boston Station Widow 1812 $8.00 May 1872
Nance, Geo. W. Boston Station w r hand and l leg $6.00 --------
Hunter, Letta Butler Widow 1812 $8.00 June 1879
Smith, Larkin Butler Injury to abdomen $4.00 July 1873
Cady, Manly S. Butler Diarrh $2.00 Oct 1868
Sorrell, Mary J. Butler Widow $8.00 May 1867
McLaughlin, Jane Butler Widow $8.00 May 1868
Rickett, David Butler Varicose veins l leg $8.00 Nov 1878
Hay, Julius E. Catawba wd r hip $4.00 ----------
Regan, Elijah Catawba g.s. w l thigh $2.00 June 1881
Fowle, John C. Falmouth wd r leg $4.00 Dec 1871
Rhody, Michael Falmouth left l useless $8.00 ----------
Taylor, Ann Lucinda Falmouth Widow $8.00 Sep 1867
Bishop, Charles Falmouth wd lft leg $8.00 ----------
King, John W. Falmouth w r foot $4.00 Nov 1876
Johnson, James Falmouth loss vis left eye $4.00 Jan 1867
Colvin, Nancy Falmouth widow 1812 $8.00 Jan 1879
Swoope, Chas. T. Falmouth g.s.w.l. hand and wrist $2.00 Oct 1882
Twenty, William Falmouth w r arm $4.00 Feb 1868
Ramsay, Henry M. Falmouth g.s. wd. neck and r forearm $3.00 Aug 1879
Pebwroth, William Falmouth injury to abdomen $18.00 ----------
Purdy, Callen Falmouth g.s.w. left leg $2.00 Dec 1881
Shanks, Jane Falmouth dependent mother $8.00 July 1879
Anderson, Ellen Falmouth widow $8.00 July 1875
Boone, Mary Falmouth Widow $8.00 July 1867
Hardin, Francis E. Falmouth Widow $14.00 Apr 1877
Jett, Mary F. Falmouth Widow $8.00 Feb 1867
Keith, Marann Falmouth Widow $8.00 June 1882
Blackburn, Dorcas N. Falmouth Widow 1812 $8.00 Feb 1879
Buoy, Elizabeth Falmouth Widow 1812 $8.00 Sept 1882
Cookendorfer, Angelina S. Falmouth Widow 1812 $8.00 Jan 1879
Turner, Hannah Falmouth Widow 1812 $8.00 Apr 1879
Brandford, John L. Falmouth w l arm g s w l elbow and l forearm $4.00 ----------
Brown, Geo. W. Falmouth dis. of lungs $18.00 ----------
McClanahan, James A. Falmouth w l arm $8.00 ----------
Martz, Adam Falmouth g.s.w.l. foot $2.00 June 1877
Miller, Adam B. Falmouth injury to abdomen $6.00 ----------
Oetzel, Valentine Falmouth Pulmonis phithisis $6.00 ----------
Lantry, Thomas Falmouth dis. of lungs $4.00 Oct 1882
Lee, Robt. S. Falmouth dis. of heart $6.00 ----------
Lindenburg, Jos. S. Falmouth injury to abdomen $6.00 ----------
Greb, Valentine Falmouth w l knee $4.00 ----------
Watson, Mary A. Falmouth widow $8.00 Nov 1867
Wicks, Mary Falmouth Widow $8.00 Jan 1864
Smith, Elvira Falmouth Widow $8.00 Jan 1868
Mattox, Clarinda Falmouth Widow $8.00 Mar 1871
King, Nicholas Falmouth w head $8.00 July 1865
Stuck, Jno. Falmouth g s w r shoulder $2.66 2/3 Dec 1863
Dougherty, George Falmouth burns $4.00 Sept 1875
Fields, Leven Falmouth g s w r shoulder $4.00 July 1871
Donohue, John Falmouth g s w l foot $2.00 July 1880
Eyer, Elijah H. Falmouth g s w r shoulder and arm $4.00 Nov 1881
Field, Henry O. Falmouth diarrhea and bronchitis $2.66 2/3 June 1866
Casey, Thomas Falmouth surv 1812 $8.00 Nov 1871
Abercrombie, James Falmouth scurvy, general debility $4.00 Dec 1882
Spegal, Martin G. Gardnersville -- l arm $6.00 ----------
Denny, Rice W. Goforth g s w l leg $6.00 ----------
Tomlin, Mary J. Goforth widow $8.00 ----------
Simmons, Martin V. Knoxville g s w l shoulder $4.00 Apr 1882
McClaine, Haney A. Knoxville mother $8.00 May 1868
McCormic Susanna Knoxville mother $8.00 May 1871
Ashcraft, Elizabeth A. Knoxville Widow $8.00 Mar 1867
Bell, Emarilla Knoxville Widow $8.00 Mar 1867
Edwards, Peter S. Knoxville dis. heart $14.00 ----------




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