O Surnames

Delayed Birth Certificates Contributed By: Mary Hatton.

OEDER, Carl W., born 17 Dec 1913 to mother Maggie Wayland.

OEDER, Charles B., born 30 Aug 1919 to mother Maggie Wayland.

OEDER, Luster L., born 6 Apr 1911 to mother Maggie Maylands.

OEDER, Pauline G., born 14 Jul 1916 to mother Maggie Wayland.

OEDER, William Taft, born 14 Jen., 1909 to mother Maggie Oeder. (Delayed Birth Certificate #205 93655)

OEMLER, Max Emerson, born 18 Feb 1887.

OGRADY, Barry, born 27 May, 1927 to mother Lottie Acree.

OHARA, Wiley, born 17 Jun 1914 to mother Mary Delaney.

OLDHAM, James Albert, born 15 Jun 1881.

OLDHAM, Theodre T., born 17 Dec., 1907 to mother Thedocia Lightfoot. (Delayed Birth Certificate #220 48847)

OLVEN, Dora C., born 29 Nov 1917 to mother Fannie Martin.

ORR, Elwood M., born 2 Jan., 1930 to mother Stella Lilly.

ORR, Helen M., born 1 Sept., 1929 to mother Elsie Piercefield.

ORR, Raymond L., born 18 Sept., 1927 to mother Elsie Piercefield.

ORR, Russell E., born 11 Sept., 1924 to mother Elsie Pearcefield.

ORR, Virginia W., born 18 July, 1923 to mother Elsie Pearefield.

ORR, Wendell M., born 7 July, 1926 to mother Elsie Piercefield.

OSBORN, Clayton H., born 12 May 1911 to mother Florence Stone.

OTT, Walter S., born 16 Feb 1918 to mother Louella Yelton.

OTTER, Richard M., born 7 Nov., 1921 to mother Virgie Roult.

OVERBEY, Ada B., born 16 July, 1928 to mother Hannah Johnson.

OWEN, Donald D., born 26 Feb 1911 to mother Jossie Musselman.

OWEN, Wilbur, born 20 Apr., 1921 to mother Elizabeth Ryder.

OWENS, Bernard, born 8 June, 1924 to mother Anna Haley.

OWENS, Bernice, born 8 June, 1924 to mother Anna Holey.

OWENS, Clara P., born 2 May, 1921 to mother Georgia Haley.

OWENS, Clara P., born 23 Feb 1911 to mother Daisy Elinor.

OWENS, Earl, born 8 Apr., 1926 to mother Eva Owens.

OWENS, Helen M., born 24 Aug., 1910 to mother Bessie Perkins. (Delayed Birth Certificate #176 47100)

OWENS, Louis D., born 26 Nov., 1925 to mother Bettie Sweet.

OWENS, Mark, born 25 Nov., 1925 to mother Blondine Young.

OWENS, Maryet L., born 8 Nov., 1925 to mother Marie Hamilton.

OWENS, Mildred E., born 18 Nov., to mother Carrie Ryder.

OWENS, Mildred L., born 12 Feb., 1924 to mother Fanny Martin.

OWENS, Mildred V., born 4 Dec., 1927 to mother Bettie Sweet.

OWENS, Mildred, born 18 May 1919 to mother Anna Haley.

OWENS, Vesta B., born 29 Nov 1919 to mother Marie Ham.

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