S Surnames

SMALLEY, Mary F., born 28 Sep., 1911 to mother Ella Meffoed.

SMART, Virgil A., born 19 Aug., 1912 to mother Jennette Haggard.

SMITER, Bettie, born 28 Mar., 1914 to mother Parl Amerson.

SMITH, female child, born Jul 1910, parents Mr. & Mrs. Hub Smith.

SMITH, Carl W., born 8 Sep., 1918 to mother Mary Fogle.

SMITH, Charles V., born 18 Dec., 1914 to mother Dora Thomton.

SMITH, Chester L., born 20 Feb., 1915 to mother Gracie Plummer.

SMITH, Dortha C., born 6 June, 1917 to mother Flavie Sharon.

SMITH, Earnest C., born 23 Dec., 1915 to mother Eva Woodyard.

SMITH, Edward, born 26 Mar., 1913 to mother Eva Woodard.

SMITH, Ewell Shipp, born 17 Sep 1894.

SMITH, Hazel, born 4 Oct., 1919 to mother Doris Harper.

SMITH, Henry, born 23 Aug., 1912 to mother Martha Cummins.

SMITH, Howard C., born 20 Sept., 1919 to mother Iva Varmenr.

SMITH, John Wesley, born 25 Nov 1888.

SMITH, Lawrence H., born 30 Mar., 1913 to mother Lauina Varner.

SMITH, Merle, born 11 Aug., 1914 to mother Belle Edwards.

SMITH, Nellie B., born 13 Apr., 1918 to mother Stella Wolf.

SMITH, Ora E., born 21 July, 1911 to mother Dora Thornton.

SMITH, Roy B., born 12 Sep 1896.

SMITH, Viola A., born 11 Jan., 1912 to mother Floire Sharon.

SMITH, William T., born 9 Mar., 1913 to mother Grace Plimmer.

SMITH, Zefy, born 4 Oct., 1913 to mother Dora Thornton.

SNIDER, Hazel M., born 26 July, 1917 to mother Pearl Ammerman.

SNODGRASS, Mildred L., born 21 Oct., 1918 to mother Hattie Sharp.

SORREL, Albert, born 7 Sep., 1914 to mother Mary Ashcraft.

SORREL, Raymond L., born 28 Apr., 1916 to mother Minnie Ashcraft.

SORRELL, Benjimen, E., born 9 June, 1916 to mother Nola Wolfe.

SORRELL, Charley, born 24 Dec., 1912 to mother Minnie Ashcraft.

SORRELL, Georgia H., born 15 June, 1912 to mother Fannie Steward.

SORRELL, Hattie M., born 15 Apr., 1920 to mother Velva Lovelace.

SORRELL, James E., born 7 Sep., 1918 to mother Nola Wolfe.

SORRELL, Mabel L., born 14 Sep., 1914 to mother Belva Lovelace.

SORRELL, Oliver D., born 27 Feb., 1918 to mother Velva Lovelace.

SORRELL, William Everett, born 25 Sep 1895.

SOUDER, Andrew, born 13 June, 1919 to mother Effie Monson.

SOUDER, Cannon, born 25 Jan., 1918 to mother Effie Monson.

SOUTHARD, Walter Louis, born 10 Feb 1886.

SPAULDING, John R., born 8 Nov., 1913 to mother Cora Bellew.

SPAULDING, Wm. H., born 18 May, 1911 to mother Cora Belew.

SPEGAL, Bernard, born 10 Mar., 1913 to mother Florence Glacking.

SPEGAL, Bertha M., born 12 July, 1915 to mother Bertha Bobb.

SPEGAL, Bertha M., born 4 Jan., 1911 to mother Florence Glacken.

SPEGAL, Blanche E., born 22 May, 1918 to mother Florence Glacken.

SPEGAL, Chester, born 9 July, 1913 to mother Bertha Babb.

SPEGAL, Eugene C., born 26 June, 1914 to mother Bertha Bubb.

SPEGAL, Helen L., born 12 Jan., 1915 to mother Mollie Acre.

SPEGAL, Herschel R., born 12 May, 1913 to mother Mollie Acree.

SPEGAL, Lucy E., born 12 July, 1916 to mother Bertha Bobb.

SPEGAL, Norma L., born 5 Dec., 1916 to mother Mollie Acree.

SPEGAL, Ruby F., born 3 Oct., 1917 to mother Bertha Bobb.

SPEGAL, Sherman E., born 12 Apr., 1911 to mother Bertha Spegal.

SPEGAL, Theodore E., born 29 Oct., 1918 to mother Bertha Bobb.

SPEGAL, Vernie L., born 9 Feb., 1916 to mother Florence Glacking.

SPENCER, Hellen L., born 26 Sept., 1917 to mother Nellie Wedding.

SPENCER, James M., born 1 Sept., 1920 to mother Nellie Wedding.

SPENCER, Mary L., born 26 Nov., 1915 to mother Nellie Wedding.

SPENCER, Reeder, born 15 June, 1911 to mother Marget Ralley.

SPRAGUE, Robert S., born 6 Mar., 1920 to mother Lady Thomas.

STABEL, Ruby E., born 27 Sept., 1917 to mother Nola Vastina.

STAFFORD, Lucien Charles, born 7 Feb 1893.

STAHL, Donald A., born 6 Oct., 1918 to mother Nola Vastine.

STAHL, Henry Thomas, born 20 Apr., 1918 to mother Myrtle Ackman. (Delayed Birth Certificate #E04141986)

STAHL, Raymond V., born 27 Dec., 1920 to mother Nola Vastine.

STAINFIELD, Florence, born 15 Nov., 1912 to mother Mary Vicroy.

STANFIELD, Howard E., born 5 Mar., 1915 to mother Mollie Vicray.

STANFIELD, Virgiline, born 22 June, 1916 to mother Mollie Vicroy.

STATEL, Henry T., born 20 Sept., 1918 to mother Ella Ackerman.

STATEN, Ercel F., born 22 Sept., 1919 to mother Maude McMillin.

STATER, Alma M., born 6 Aug., 1916 to mother Maude McMillin.

STEINFORT, Marjorie E., born 17 Apr., 1913 to mother Ethel Ewing.

STEPHENS, Dora M., born 15 Sept., 1918 to mother Lula Caldwell.

STEPHENS, Edward,k born 8 Jan 1883.

STEPHENS, Gladys L., born 25 July, 1912 to mother Margaret Smith.

STEPHENS, Harlan V., born 4 Feb., 1917 to mother Anna Campbell.

STEPHENS, James F., born 10 Jan., 1915 to mother Anna Campbell.

STEPHENS, Lillian, born 19 May, 1913 to mother Ella Stith.

STEPHENS, Paul W., born 15 Mar., 1917 to mother Ollie Cox.

STEPHENS, Rozella M., born 29 May, 1919 to mother Ava Campbell.

STEPHENS, Ruby I., born 28 Dec., 1915 to mother Ora Thornton.

STEPHENSON, John, born 21 May 1890.

STEPHENSON, John W., born 18 Oct 1885.

STEPHENSON, Noah Chipman, born 6 Jul 1895.

STEPHENSON, Pearl I., born 16 Mar., 1913 to mother Carrie Johns.

STEPHENSON, Thomas Richard, born 25 Oct 1892.

STETH, Bernell L., born 26 June, 1911 to mother Isebelle Milcham.

STETH, Nellie C., born 8 Jan., 1912 to mother Cora Smith.

STEVENS, Alfred, born 22 Aug., 1911 to mother Rosa Breeze.

STEVENS, Arthur R., born 22 Aug., 1911 to mother Rosa Breeze.

STEVENS, John William, born 15 Oct 1895.

STEVES, Jenetta M., born 28 Mar., 1917 to mother Elva Tharp.

STEWART, Wilma M., born 5 Aug., 1912 to mother Lora Showmaker.

STIDGHAM, McCleken, born 18 June, 1911 to mother Rhaey Spencer.

STILLHAM, Ishmul, born 27 June, 1911 to mother Betty Maris.

STITH, Alex E., born 18 Oct 1889.

STITH, Clarence Edward, born 9 Jan 1894.

STITH, Edwin E., born 28 Nov 1896.

STITH, Wilbur R., born 22 Feb., 1914 to mother Myrtle Scroggin.

STOKER, Roy, born 19 Mar., 1912 to mother Eva Gunsanlieo.

STONE, Earnest W., born 18 May, 1920 to mother Bessie Stone.

STOOSHER, Harry C., born 14 Sept., 1920 to mother Vergie Logen.

STRAUB, Annie M., born 24 Sept., 1912 to mother Mary Tomash.

STRAUB, Frank, born 27 June, 1916 to mother Emma Barton.

STRAUB, James, born 23 Dec., 1915 to mother Eva Gross.

STRAUB, Lou, born 9 Sept., 1916 to mother Julia Middleton.

STRAUB, Mary C., born 12 Apr., 1918 to mother Rose Hannah.

STRAUB, Minnie M., born 13 Sept., 1912 to mother Julia Middleton.

STRAUBS, Laura E., born 20 Jan., 1913 to mother Emma Barton.

STREBEL, Louis H., born 7 June, 1920 to mother Bertie Newdigate.

STROUB, Dora A., born 30 Jan., 1915 to mother Flora Draper.

STROUB, Earl K., born 9 Sept., 1918 to mother Flora Draper.

STROUB, G. W., born 24 Feb., 1912 to mother Anna Slade.

STRUBBEL, Nellie W., born 22 Apr., 1919 to mother Nellie Hamilton.

STUMPP, Elizabeth M., born 23 July, 1916 to mother Emma Rosensteil.

STUTZ, John Frederick, born 19 Feb 1894.

SUIT, Nora K., born 21 Jan., 1913 to mother Alva Sparks.

SULLIVAAN, Frances W., born 24 Mar., 1913 to mother Oggie Klobes.

SULLIVAN, Carrie M., born 9 Sept., 1912 to mother Rina Sornell.

SULLIVAN, Clyde Thomas, born 26 Apr., 1920 to mother Marlene Sorrell (B01181977)

SULLIVAN, Elizabeth, born 22 Oct., 1914 to mother Rena Small.

SULLIVAN, Fern, born 27 Apr., 1918 to mother Mary Lawnaker.

SULLIVAN, John Lawrence, born 29 Sep 1895.

SULLIVAN, Loretta, born 10 Oct., 1917 to mother Rena Smith.

SULLIVAN, Maggie, born 14 Aug., 1916 to mother Agnes Klaber.

SULLIVAN, Mary E., born 21 Jan., 1918 to mother Dora Martin.

SULLIVAN, Wesley O., born 12 Jan 1895.

SWAILS, Edna May, born 3 Oct., 1913 to mother Dora Martin, father William S. Swails.

SWAILS, Lester Herbert, born 1 Oct. 1903 to mother Dora Martin, father William S. Swails.

SWAILS, Stella Marie, born 30 Sep. 1911 to mother Dora Martin, father William S. Swails.

SWAILS, William Leo, born 1 Aug 1906 to mother Dora Martin, father William S. Swails.

SWIFT, William M., born 23 July, 1919 to mother Lucille McGee.

SYKIND, Trrdir, born 11 Apr., 1911 to mother Hsttiryy Ford.




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