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Posted 04/06/08

Surname: Craig

I'm looking for information on Henry A. (probably Albert) Craig, my great grandfather, who was born in Pendleton County, KY, in Oct. 1858. He shows up in the 1900 Census in Harrison County, KY. He was married to Minerva
(Minnie) Sturgen (approximately 1877) and fathered William Albert Craig, born in 1878 in Mason County, KY. He married Mary Thomas in 1885 or 1886 and fathered five more children between 1887 and 1895. I need verifiable
records, plus information on who his parents and siblings were. This has been a true Brick Wall search, so please help if you can. Thanks, Sharon Karnes,


Posted 08/08/08

Surname: Whalen

Looking for the parents of Lucy Ann Mckinney (Whalen) born 1862 near Mckinneyburg, married William Taylor Whalen 1881, son of George Washington Wesley Whalen, son of John William Whalen, son Of Henry Whalen. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks, Dub Whalen WTDUBWHALEN@NETSCAPE.COM

Posted 04/06/08

Surname: Jacobs

I've been having quite a time locating the ancestors of Charlie D. Jacobs or Charles, born 1853.  He is the nephew of Charles Demtrius, I believe and his father was George Jacobs, also not sure. But, past that, I'm stumped. Charlie was married to Mary Jane Stephens and moved to Rushcreek Township, Logan county Ohio.  I'd like to know for sure who his parents were and where they were born, etc.  Thanks, Judy Jacobs,

Posted 04/06/08

Falls of the Licking River

Was there a "falls of the Licking" in the 1820s in what is now Pendleton County? The reference comes from an unpublished autobiography by John Russell Kelso in which he states that his father, Robert Sylvester Kelso, attended school near the falls of the Licking.  Since Robert Sylvester Kelso was born in 1806 and resided in Morris Co., NJ with his parents John and Hanna (Sylvester) Kelso until 1814, I think his schooling near the falls was say 1815-1820.  I have seen reference to “three mile ripple” on the Licking just before it joins the Ohio River.  There are Corps of Engineers references to several other ripples between Falmouth and the Ohio River.  Perhaps a ripple was seen as a falls in an earlier day? Any help appreciated, Ron Worley,

Posted 03/23/08


I am searching for the burial site of William Merris Fish & his wife Eunice Keeler Fish in Pendleton Co. They owned land there about 1802, Their daughter Eunice Keeler Fish married John Allen McClure, Other children were Isabelle, Mary, Ezra, Thomas, William, and more. Any help will be appreciated,  
Mary Bishop


Posted 02/26/08


I am looking for anything on William Lilly who was born in March 15, 1839 in Ky. ( Do not know where), he died Feb. 10, 1926 in Grant Co., Ky. He married Margaret Works in 1870 in Pendleton Co., Ky. He was in Prison from 1878 to 1880. I would like to find out who his parents were. There were a couple of William's in Pendleton Co., about the same time frame. Does anyone know where I might look for answers or have any information on this family? Thank you for any help, India J. Wolf

Posted 02/17/08


Daniel Brawley/Brolley/Brolly bought land in Covington, KY from the Western Baptist Theological Institute in 1846.  He sold this property to Israel Foster on 3 Feb 1850. and evidently moved his family to Pendleton County, KY.  I do not have a copy of the 1850 Federal Census so I cannot tell you where the Brawley/Brolley/Brolly family was living at that time.  The 1860 Federal Census shows them to be living in Pendleton County, KY in the Motier area.  I don't know if the bought land in Motier.  It should be in the Pendleton County records, but I have not had the opportunity to look at those records.  I believe that Daniel died before the 1870 Federal Census was taken.  Mary Foley, his wife, died some time after the 1870 Federal Census was taken. I would very much appreciate any information you might have concerning this family. Thank you, Bill Howard

Posted 02/09/08


I am looking for information that anyone can provide me on the Iles surname. Samuel Iles served in the Maryland Militia during the Revolutionary War. At some point he and his family moved to Pendleton County, Kentucky. He
was in the 1820 Census for Falmouth Township. He had a son (Samuel) who was born on 14 Sep 1810 in Pendleton County. Two of his daughters (Elizabeth & Sarah) were married in Pendleton County, Kentucky. He had
another daughter, Hester (Hettie, who I believe was born in Maryland, but may have been married in Kentucky. Melissa J. Iles was born in Kentucky on 30 Jan 1818, but I don't know who her parents were. The entire Iles
family ended up moving to Fayette County, Indiana sometime in the 1820's. Any help that anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Tom Iles,


Posted 01/08/08


I am looking for any information on Uriah Ravenscraft born abt 1841 in KY.  Married to Sarah J Blackburn born 10/12/1850 in Pendleton Co., KY died 7/1/1937 in Cynthiana, Harrison Co. KY.  I need to know who Uriah's
parents were.  Thanks for any help! Mindy Richie,

Posted 12/12/07


Josephus Caldwell 1850-1928. I am trying to locate information on Josephus Caldwell as I continue to
build my family tree on  I have found his death record and it states he was buried in Butler, Kentucky.  I have searched through the cemetery records online and have not found a record.  Josephus was born in 1850 and died in 1928.  Anyone have any ideas on where I go from here? Thanks for any help, Richard Caldwell,

Posted 12/12/07


My grandmother Willa was a Daughter to James Wiliam and Ida Mae Sievers Cockayne. I am looking for additional information about the Cockayne family. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks Teresa Mondelli,

Posted 11/25/07


James Presley JONES was born 1824 in KY--parents unknown--they may have been born VA.  James married Lucinda Ann BINGHAM nee HUTCHI(N)SON,--parents unknown,-- in Pendleton county 1847. They were in Grant county 1850; Pendleton county 1860 and 1870  Sold land on Grassy Creek after 1870 In Kansas 1871.  Oldest 2 daughters married Thomas A. DENNIS, son of Anderson T. Dennis, and William Lewis ASHCRAFT, son of Job Ashcraft, in Pendleton county. Any help on parents of  James Presley JONES and Lucinda Ann HUTCHI(N)SON
would be greatly appreciated... thanks, Constance Schofield,

Posted 11/21/07


I'm looking for help on my William A. Ashcraft born 1849] son of Samuel and Caroline Ashcroft[Ashcraft who married Sallie A. Landrum daughter] of Richard and Nancy Cantrell born around 1853-1854. Am   looking for any death dates and burials places on them. Can any one please help in my search along these lines with info? Thanks, Deb in Miami

Posted 09/17/07


I am looking for burial information on two children, Nolan and Oakley Cummins. They were brothers of my late father-in-law, Melvin Cummins. Is there any way of knowing where they are buried? Oakley was born in 1905 in Kentucky and lived five hours. Nolan was born 1902 in Pendleton County, KY and died in 1907 in Ohio (drowned).  
Their parents were John Bascome Cummins and Ora Alice Bishop. Thank you, Jan Cummins

Posted 09/04/07


My mother's father was Daniel Boone Purdy and her mother was Amanda Catherine (Katie) Childers.  They were married in 1874 in Falmouth. I am looking for any additional information about this couple and their families. Any help would be really appreciated.  I do have their marriage license and some of the Barton Papers on the Purdy family. Thank you, Sharon Rush

Posted 03/26/06


I am having trouble finding my great great grandparents, William Jones and Nancy Lightfoot.  I have documents suggesting that they had a son, William R. Jones (the "R." may have stood for Robert) who was born in Pendleton County, Kentucky in 1826.  I do not have a date, just the year.  I have other documentation suggesting that my Nancy Lightfoot was a daughter to Philip Lightfoot and Susannah Smith.  Philip died during the War of 1812 at the Battle of Fort Meigs, Ohio.  His widow, Susannah, then married Thomas Wells in Pendleton County, Kentucky, the marriage bond being filed on February 14, 1815 (I have a copy of the document). 
Can you give me some advice?  I am trying to find the birth record of William R. Jones and/or the marriage record of William Jones and Nancy Lightfoot.  Any help with this would really be appreciated. Larry M. Jones