Pendleton County Bulletin Board


Thanks to everyone for their support and donations since our roof blew off back in February. As of June 18th we have the building back under roof for the first time since the disaster. This is great news for the community and all of you. We have the Ritter brothers of Butler doing the construction and I've added a photo of the completed work on the news page of our web site. The guys do excellent work for a fair price and I hope were successful raising enough additional funds to purchase materials so we can hire them to do some more work our old bones are reluctant to do.

Our next big target for donated money is to either replace or repair the weatherboarding so if you have friends who can save us money on this purchase, please dont be bashful telling us. This step is important. We do have a plan to reuse the old stuff, but it would be nice to rip off the old and replace it since the walls are full of mice and bird nests as well as bee hives and wasp nests. If we remove the old stuff, we wont have to leave these pests in our cozy walls.

 Since we are now designated a Historic Kentucky Landmark,  we want to get the exterior looking good as soon as possible.

Come by and see us sometime. Well still work mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but were pretty flexible and may be there on different days as well. Its a treat to walk through the cemetery now and see what weve accomplished. Weve done this for all of you and the others who have family ties to our property. Its our pleasure.


 Charlie Pyles

Vice President-Bethel Cemetery Company, Inc.