Pendleton County 1860 Census Index 

Transcribed By and Property Of: Suzanne Shephard

The 1860 Census is Indexed by Page Number and Written Page Number. When you are looking for family members, use the Page Number to find them in the Census records. All names were transcribed "as written" and to the best of my ability. If you have any corrections, let me know!

In 1860, Aspen Grove PO also covered a portion of Campbell Co., KY. If you know your family lived in this area but do not find them in the Pendleton Co. census, check the Campbell Co. index & pages below.

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Aspen Grove PO - Campbell County

Surname Page # Written Page #
Ackerman 775 129
Allen 776 130
Bate 774 128
Baynum 774 128
Bradbury 774 128
Bushhart 775 129
Bushhart 776 130
Caster 777 131
Chalk 777 131
Childs 775 129
Chong 777 131
Chong 778 132
Condon 777 131
Cramer 775 129
Daniels 775 129
Decker 776 130
Dial 776 130
Eiseman 778 132
Fisher 778 132
Fugate 776 130
Gosney 777 131
Harrison 777 131
Harrison 778 132
Hesteffer 776 130
Hobner 778 132
Johns 776 130
Lenz 777 131
McGinty 778 132
Newkirk 774 128
Newkirk 778 132
Parsons 777 131
Philips 774 128
Powers 774 128
Preston 775 129
Randolph 774 128
Rankin 778 132
Rossman 778 132
Rouse 774 128
Rouse 775 129
Schump 776 130
Shaw 777 131
Slate 775 129
Smith 777 131
Steger 776 130
Strickland 775 129
Yelton 778 132

Aspen Grove / Campbell County Census Pages


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