Delinquent Tax List for Pendleton County  



Court Order Book B

Note: The year given is the year the delinquency was recorded by

the court. In most cases the taxes were for the previous year.

The 1800 Delinquent Tax list is for taxes levied in 1799 , etc.Original spelling has been retained. James R. Baker, Jr.

1813 (list no. one)Delinquent Tax List Where Removed To:

Coleman Asberry no property

Milley Angell Harrison County

Thomas Beard Clark County

Joel Brown no property

William Barkly Harrison county

Willaim Butler Bourbon County

James Crail Campbell County

Joseph Conover no property

Elijah Delaney Fleming County

James Earls Bracken County

Jesse Ford Harrison County

Jesse Green Detroit

Isaac Hendricks Scott County

Thomas Hand not known

James Holmes no property

James Howlett Mason County

Henry Jolly Pennsylvania

Jacob Johns Bourbon County

William Kenneday Boone County

Joseph Kinman Scott County

David Kinman Sr Scott County

Thomas Lawson dead, no property

Edward Lightfoot Bracken County

James McLaughlin Bourbon County

Richard McKindry Gallatin County

Alexander McLane not known

William Masy Campbell County

John Minor no property

Joseph McGriffin Bourbon County

Levy McClane no property

James Minor no property

William Owens Campbell County

Joseph Powers

Nath'l Points no property

Edward Points no property

Amitt Robinson Harrison County

Benjamin Smitt Territory

Daniel Smith Virginia

Francis Turner

John Wilson Jr. Gallatin