Indenture of Brice Thomas Fields, 1819 - 1901

Submitted by: Michael Redden

This document spelled exactly as written. When a letter was in doubt a (?) was used. Capitols and punctuation noted as used.

Whereas B. T. Fields of Pendleton Co. State of Ky. died seized and possessed of

about 127 acres of land lying in county of Pendleton and state afsd and whereas

said decedent left surviving him two sons and two daughters to wit Jasper Fields,

Alexander Fields, Matilda Bonar later Fields and H. B. Bonar her husband and

Annis White later Fields and Charley J. White her husband and the above heirs

agree to divide said lands between themselves waiving all due process of law.


Therefore this indenture, made and entered into this 12 day of March 1906 by and

between Matilda Bonar and H. B. Bonar her husband, Alexander Fields and Emma A.

Fields his wife of Pendleton Co. and state of Ky. and Annis White later Fields

and Charley J. White of Campbell Co. and state afsd party of the first

part  and Jasper Fields of the same county and state afsd party of the second

part. Witnesseth that the said party of the second part in consideration of one

dollar to them paid by party of the second part and the further consideration of

the said party of the 2nd part releasing unto the party of the 1st part all of

the right and title there. The party of the 2nd part has in and to all of the

land herein referred to have sold and conveyed unto the party of the 2nd part

to him and to his heirs and assigns forever.


The following described boundary of land lying in the County of Pendleton and

the state afsd on the waters of Kincaid Creek Beginning at a wild cherry stone

and white oak stump corner to Harrison Fields and in Colemans old line. Thence

with Colemans line N70 & 115 poles to a stone and stake on the Southeast

side of county road and corner Askerns and Dillon also corner to part set apart

to Matilda Bonar. Thence up co. road N41 & 12 poles to a stone; thence N55

& 32 4/5 poles to a stone on South East side of road and corner to Matilda Bonar

also in a line of Annis White.


Thence with Whites line N4 3/4 & 27 poles to a stone on the N. west side of

said road near a white oak in Said H. B. Bonars line; thence with H. B. Bonars

line & 61 W 175 poles to an ash, Buckeye and dogwood corner to said Bonar and

in Fields line. Thence with Fields line & 19 & 22 poles to the beginning to

have and to hold said track of land unto the sd Jasper Fields party of the

second part his heirs and assigns forever together with all the priviledges and

apportenances to the same belonging and the party of the first part will warrant

and defend the title of the lands hereby conveyed against the lawful claims of

all persons whomsoever. Being a part of track of land deeded to B. T. Fields by

R. McCarty and wife and recorded in Deed Book L page 94 Pendleton county

records. Witness the hands of the grantors this day and date first above



Att: H. B. Bonar                                                                          H. B. Bonar

                                                                                                      Matilda Bonar

                                                                                                      Alexander (X his mark) Fields

                                                                                                      Annis White

                                                                                                      Charley White

                                                                                                      Emma (X her mark) Fields

Att: H. B. Bonar

State of Kentucky

Pendleton county Sch {schedule ?}


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*My Note : afsd = aforesaid

                    sd = said



Additional information from the KY Land Office:

Surveying Measurements:
1 pole or 1 rod = 16.5 feet or 25 links
1 link = .66 feet or 7.92 inches
1 chain = 100 links, 4 rods or 66 feet
80 chains = 1 mile, 320 rods, 1760 yards or 5280 feet
1 acre = 1 sq. chains, 160 sq. rods, 4840 sq. yards, or 43,560 square feet
1 square mile = 1 section of land or 640 acres
Township - 36 sq. miles (36 mile sq. sections)



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