Deed of Bargain & Sale

Isaac Ruddell to Abraham Byrd - 1794

Submitted by: Crystal Dingler

This document spelled exactly as written. When a letter was in doubt a (?) was used. Capitols and punctuation noted as used.

Bourbon Co., KY, Deed Bk B, pgs 517-518
Deed of Bargain & Sale
From:  Ruddell, Isaac
To:  Abraham Byrd
Date: 1 Jan 1794
Extract: 750 acres on the Forks of the South Fork of Licking, part of 2000 acres surveyed for Isaac Ruddle and Maurice Byrd, known as Fallmouth, on the lines of Isaac Ruddle, George Russell's Preemption, the cliff of the creek, the creek's meanders, and Nesbeth's Preemption



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