E. E. Barton Papers

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Enoch Huff

Name          Enoch Huff

Wife        Patience Jane Wood

When Born    June 5, 1816

When Born     April 3, 1825

Where Born   Adams County , Ohio

Where Born   Campbell Co., Kentucky

When Died

When Died



Church Mbr

Church Mbr



Military Service

Married     July 3, 1840 in Campbell Co.


                By McMahan







Information By:    Robert E. Huff

P.O.     Butler                          9/5/1945

Children & P.O.


  Mary Janet b. April 8, 1842 in Campbell Co. , Ky

  Wm Riley b. Jan. 7, 1844 in Campbell Co.

  John Marion b. April 2, 1846 in Campbell Co.

  James Washington b. Jan 5, 1848 in Campbell Co.

  Susanna Elizabeth b. Feb. 24, 1850 in Campbell Co.   d. March 3, 1851 , age 1 yr. 9 da

  Isaac Chelton b. Dec. 25, 1851 in Campbell Co.

  Joseph Granville b. March 6, 1854 in Campbell Co.

  Henry Newton Jasper b. April 11, 1856 in Campbell Co.

  Maria Isabell b. Dec. 16, 1857 in Campbell Co.

10   Rebecca Jane b. Sept 26, 1859 in Campbell Co.

11   Sarah Eliza b. Aug. 4, 1861 in Campbell Co.   d. Oct 5, 1866 , age 5 yr.2 mo 1 day

12   Serena Ann b. Aug. 10, 1863 in Campbell Co.

13   Robert E  b. Feb. 3, 1867 in Pendleton Co.    d. April 18, 1948 ; bur. Butler Cem

14   Margaret Armilda b. March 17, 1869 in Pendleton Co.

                     The marriage of Enoch Huff & Patience Jane was at Wein Kenadys. 

                     He and G. W. Wood were witnesses to the wedding.

                    The last two children Robert E. and Margaret A. were born on Harris Creek on the farm of John Bradford Sr.

                   #13 Robert Enoch Huff married Maude Arrella Lucas, daughter of Thomas Lucas and Mary Ann Ross. 

                   Maude A. born Aug. 20, 1872 at Sine’s Crossing.    Died June 10, 1949 at Butler .    No children.

Name                 Enoch Huff

Wife            Patience Jane Wood

When Born

When Born

Where Born Across from Maysville in Brown Co.Ohio

Where Born                      Came from PA

When Died

When Died

Buried        Flour Creek

Buried        Flour Creek

Church Mbr      Baptist Butler

Church Mbr       Baptist Butler

Education    in Campbell Co. schools


Military Service


Occupation      Farmer


Father        William Huff

Father   The Woods came to Campbell Co. from PA.  Ab. 2-12 miles.



Information By:  Henry N. Huff

P.O.    Butler                             7/29/1936

Children & P.O.


Enoch’s farm was on Irvine’s Branch, a tributary of Lick Creek; 1-1/2 mi west of Butler  Bought the farm from Wm. L. Barton, but paid the money to James Ellis.  Robert E. has his family Bible.

  Mollie (d) m Wm Johnson (d) of Campbell Co. (his 2nd wife)

  William, (d) m Elizabeth , dau. Of Mose Moore

  John, (d) m Hannah Clark of right below Alexandria

  James (d) m Mollie, daughter of Wm (Billie) Williams, who lived abt Boston , across from Becketts.  Lou Kirby owned the place later

  Isaac Shelton m Jennie, dau. of Wm. Johnson, by his 1st wife

  Joseph, m Annie, dau. Wm. (Billie) Williams

  Henry Newton, b. April 11, 1856, m Emma Forward, b Feb 14, (cannot decipher year) of Butler , dau of Chas. R. Forward and Elizabeth Boggs.  Boggs owned largest interest in a paper mill.

  Mariah (d) m Thos. Connelly, of Kenton Co.  He was a bro. of Logan Connelly, Police Judge of Butler

  Jane, (d) m Jerome McElfresh of Ohio

10 – Annie, m Rev James E Wright, a Methodist preacher and Campblesburg school teacher.  Annie went to school to him.

11   Lida, died age 2

12   Maggie m. George, son of Cain Sanders of Grants Creek

13   Susannah, died small age 1-1/2 yrs., bur. Under ME. church at Alexandria  The church was built over her grave.

14   Robert E. Lee, born Feb. 3, 1867 , married Maude, dau. of Thos. Lucas. 

 Enoch Huff was a good hunter and good marksman.  He was a small man, not over 5 ft. and 2 or 3 inches high, slender build; small blue eyes.  He went into butchering business in Campbell Co. , and went to school to learn to handle his business.

                    Enoch’s children were born in Campbell Co. except Maggie and Robert.

                    Enoch would relate interesting stories about the early days.  He said his father would let him have the rifle to hunt squirrels, but required that he bring in a squirrel for each bullet he took out.  The bullets were counted to him.  Also, the squirrels must not be shot except in the head. Any violation of instructions would result in a whipping.

                   One day, he missed his squirrel, so he waited until he got his chance, and seeing two squirrels together, he maneuvered so that, getting them lined up right, he shot both through the head with one bullet.

HUFF, ENOCH                               APRIL 1941                      Handwritten text by McMaham


 Enoch Huff, born June fifth in the year of our Lord 1816, in Adams County, Ohio .

            Patience Jane Huff, born April third in the year of our Lord 1825, in Campbell County , Kentucky .

Be it known that on the Twenty Third day of July, 1840, at the home of Wein Kanadys in Campbell County , Kentucky , the Subscriber United in Marriage Enoch Huff and Patience Jane Wood by me, McMaham. Witness was Wein Kanady and G. W. Wood.

          Children of Enoch and Patience Jane Huff are:

1)                  Mary Janet Huff, born April eighth in the year of our Lord 1842, in Campbell County, Kentucky .

2)                  William Riley Huff, born January seventh in the year of our Lord 1844, in Campbell County, Kentucky .

3)                  John Marion Huff, born April 2, in the year of our Lord 1846, in Campbell County, Kentucky .

4)                  James Washington Huff, born January fifth, in the year of our Lord 1848, in Campbell County, Kentucky .

5)                  Susanna Elizabeth Huff, born February twenty fourth, in the year of our Lord 1850, in Campbell County, Kentucky .

6)                  Isaac Chelton Huff, born December twenty fifth, in the year of our Lord 1851, in Campbell County, Kentucky .

7)                  Joseph Granville Huff, born March sixth, in the year of our Lord 1854, in Campbell County , Kentucky .

8)                  Henry Newton Jasper Huff, born April eleventh, in the year of our lord 1856, in Campbell County, Kentucky .

9)                  Maria Isabell Huff born December sixteenth, in the year of our Lord 1857, in Campbell County, Kentucky .

10)               Rebecca Jane Huff, born September twenty sixth, in the year of our Lord 1859, in Campbell County, Kentucky .

11)               Sarah Eliza Huff, born August fourth, in the year of our Lord, 1861 in Campbell County, Kentucky .

12)               Serena Anna Huff, born August tenth in the year of our Lord 1863, in Campbell County, Kentucky .

13)               Robert Enoch Huff, born February third in the year of our Lord 1867, in Pendleton County, Kentucky .

14)               Margret Armildia Huff, born March seventeenth, in the year of our Lord 1869, in Pendleton County, Kentucky .