E. E. Barton Papers

Generously Contributed by Gayle Reizes

John Marion Huff

Name                John Marion Huff

Wife                Hannah Clark (?)

When Born

“John M. separated from his wife and ran off with Ell Moore of Butler  Think she was a sister to Ike Moore.”

Where Born

Where Born       Campbell County

When Died

When Died

Buried               Hamilton Ohio

Buried              with husband

Church Mbr

Church Mbr



Military Service

Married   Separated when children were small

Occupation        Farmer


Father              Enoch Huff






Information By:  John Huff

P.O.      Falmouth                        2/13/1937

Children & P.O.


1 – James Milton, died age 31, not married

 - Mariah  Louisa, lived Cold Springs, married Tom Marcum of Campbell Co (alias Thos Morgan)

      Thomas’s mother married #1          Marcus and had son, Thomas.  She married #2 Mr. Morgan and Thomas was raised under name of his stepfather.

2 -  Mary lived Miami , Ohio , married Reuben Stephenson of Bracken Co   (numbers shown are Barton’s)

3 – John married Lena Sizemore in Ind.   She was from Mountains of Kentucky .

        John raised about Alexandria , moved to Butler with his parents when a boy.  Went to Trapp School in Campbell Co.; Ben Harris was first teacher; and to George Prickett of Grants Lick. 

4 – Charley married Rowena, daughter of Harrison Baldwin, died at Hamilton, Ohio, of  flu during World War