E. E. Barton Papers

Generously Contributed by Gayle Reizes

William Riley Huff

Name                  Wm Riley Huff

Wife                    America Elizabeth Moore

When Born

When Born

Where Born           Campbell Co

Where Born

When Died

When Died



Church Mbr

Church Mbr



Military Service




Father               Enoch Huff

Father                Moses Moore

Mother               Patience Jane Woods

Mother               America Sellers

Information By:    Mrs. Ollie J. Finley

P.O.                   Butler                7/10/1939

Children & P.O.


  Frank     d age abt 4. buried Gardnersville

  Alice Marie       m Wm Owens of Butler          Bur. Butler             Alice lives Cold Springs

  Cora Jane  d.    m Wm Natley Maddox or Mattox of Campbell Co. Alexandria    Lived at Chelticothe, O

  Ida May           m Hiram Mitchell               Butler

  Benjamin Franklin, d.     m 1 Mattie Williams (d) of Lebanon , O.

                                         m 2 Ida Yelton of Concord , dau. Sanford Yelton     Ida lives in Butler

  Wm Riley, Jr.                 m Carrie Sanders, d., dau. Carie Sanders & Warner, dau. Geo Warner

                                         Cold Springs Spanish Am. War

  Emma Ellen d. Bur. Butler                m John Murphy

  Enoch Moses    m Hattie dau. Wm M. Yelton                  Butler

  Abbie Bertha  d.     m Geo Helbig, a soldier            Bur Butler

10 - Lammiah Lee,       m Ollie “John” Finley, son John Finley and Lida Hornbeck            Butler

11 -  Simon Peter        m Josephine Ferrick of Cinti                           Cinti

  NOTES:  # 4 Ida May & Hiram Mitchell had a son Wm Mitchell who was killed in Cov. Dec. 6, 1939by auto 

  #10 Lammia L.  b 1884 Oct 17 at Butler m Mch 24 at Fal. By Rev John Lemmon.   Ollie John b Aug 25, 1883 at Butler  “John” added by his wife.  Lida Hornbeck, dau John….. Hornbeck & Sarah Cook of Campbell Co.  John Finley b. in Campbell Co.


Name                 William Riley Huff

Wife                America Elizabeth Moore

When Born         

When Born

Where Born         Campbell Co

Where Born      Campbell Co.

When Died           1932 ?                            age 89+

When Died       1922 or 3          age 72

Buried                 Fl. Crk.

Buried             Fl. Crk

Church Mbr          Chr. & last, ME

Church Mbr      Chr.



Military Service     Said no

Married           Proby in Campbell Co.

Occupation           Stone & Brick Mason


Father                 Enoch Huff

 Father            Moses Moore


Mother            America Sellers



Information By:    Enoch Moses Huff

P.O.              Butler                             12/14/38

Children & P.O.


1 – Franklin , d age 2 or 3

2 – Alice      m Willis son of Eph Owens       Butler   now Lives in Cov.

3 – Cora Jane, died               m Wm Natley son Chas. Mattox of abt Grants Lick

4 – Ida May                   m Hiram Mitchell of Flem Co.              Butler

5 – Benj. Franklin, d.       m 1 Mattie Williams (She m. before)

                                    m 2 Ida dau. of Sanford ? Yelton of Fal.

                                        Ida, bro.

6 – Wm Riley Jr.             m Carrie      dau. Carie Sanders of Gr Crk                    Cold Spring

7 – Emma Ellen   d.         m John Murphy of Campbell Co.  Was raised by Billy Caldwell of Plum Crk

8 – Enoch Moses    b Aug 19, 1879             m Hattie Alice, dau Wm Yelton

9 – Abbie Bertha, d.        m Geo Helbig d. of Germany

10 -  Lammia (next after Moses)    m Ollie son John Finley and Lida Hornbeck                 Butler

11 – Simon “Peter”          m Josephine Ferrick of Cinti                           Cinti


Note:   think Ezra Sellers, a bro of America