E. E. Barton Papers

Generously Contributed by Gayle Reizes

William Riley Huff, Jr.

Name                Wm Riley Huff Jr

Wife            1st   Caroline Sanders

When Born          Mch 27, 1876

When Born

Where Born

Where Born

When Died

When Died          Oct 14, 1935 , age abt 60


Buried                Butler

Church Mbr

Church Mbr



Military Service


Occupation          Stone Mason


Father               Wm Riley Huff Sr.

 Father               Alcanah (“Cain”) Sanders


Mother                Jennie Warren

NOTE:       Took out marriage license Nov. 18, 1943 for a

 second wife.

Information By:   Wm Riley Huff Jr.

P.O.         Cold Spring            11/18/43

Children & P.O.



  Wallace Lee, age 44.  m in Cinti to Lavura …

  Ernest Augustine d. age 30+ buried Chicago        m Dorothy Whipper of Cinti    (4 children)

  Wm Carlos  d. age 36, bur Butler (1 child- Wm Riley 3rd))   m Harriett Harrison of Cov.

  Burlis Cain (Alkanah) d. age 23  not married    buried Butler


Note:   Alkanah Sanders was an older half bro of Ace Sanders