E. E. Barton Papers

Pendleton County Marriages


FHL US/CAN A-G, Film # 358489

Cooper, Henry - Crawford, Jno., Jr.

Groom Bride
Cooper, Henry Flynn, May
Cooper, J. H. [ or W.] Page, Ethelder
Cooper, James McMullin, Lyda
View Cooper, Myrtie Simpson, Cora C.
Groom Bride
Courtney, Wm. H. Phillips, Clersey M.
Courtney, William Martin, Sarah
Courts, Bradley Haley, Mary Frances
View Cover, Nathan G. West, Elvira
Cooper, Ralph Emmerson Simmerman, Mary Madlyn
Cooper, Robert C. Kennon, Lizzie May
Cooper, Roy Taft Ballinger, Hazel
View Cooper, Walter Saxton Scott, Nancy Belle
Cowan, John Dean, Eliza
Cowles, Charles M. Antrobus, Eliza J.
Cowles, O. W. Ducker, A. M.
View Cox, A. S. Greenwell, Lola
Cooper, William Draper, Emely
Coots, Jacob Thomas, Sarah
Copeland, B. Clem, Bettie
View Copens, Hollis W. Parker, Ella L.
Cox, Alfred Thomas Gerber, Fanny
Cox, Daniel M. Lucket, Josephine
Cox, Daniel M. [no name given]
View Cox, Frank Green, Eliza M.
Coper, J. T. Dougharty, Ida
Cople, Philip Race, Malinda E.
Coppage, Baldwin Lightfoot, Margaret
View Coppage, Chester Joel Afterkirk, Edna Mae
Cox, Harrison Kirby, Lula C.
Cox, James B. Wilson, Osey
Cox, Jeremiah Mockbee, Lizzie
View Cox, Jeremiah Harod, Catharine Ann
Coppage, John Reed, Sarah J.
Coppage, Wm. F. Keith, Catharine M.
Corbin, Allen B. Kaiser, Emma
View Corbin, John B. Kidwell, Carrie
Cox, John J. Seitz, Clara E.
Cox, Luther Henson, Minnie
Cox, Talton Matthew Lower, Sylvia May
View Cox, Warren Arnold, Clara
Corbin, Joseph K. Perry, Catharine
Cordery, Reuben Thornberry, Elizabeth
Cordery, William U. Davis, Cordelia S.
View Cordray, Harvey Richard Shelton, Louise Elizabeth
Cox, Samuel McCall, Barberry [w/o Ross McCall, dec'd]
Cox, William Dawson, Martha A.
Cracraft, Adron C. Beagle, Lodema Clay
View Craddock, Clarence Chiles, Fratie
Cormady, John McDonald, Mary
Cornelius, Banister Hall, Mary A.
Cornelius, Henry L. Stephens, Laura
View Cornelius, James Chalfant, Elveria
Craddock, Clarence Lemmon, Mayme
Craddock, Comadore Ravenscraft, Ida
Craddock, Stanley Penick, Ester
View Craddock, Stanley Delaney, Lillian
Cornelius, Jno. T. Utter, Lucy
Cornelius, Richard L. Smith, Hallie C.
Cornelius, Russell J. Roberts, Mary Martina
View Cornelius, Samuel F. Stephens, Bertha
Craddock, Thomas W. Porter, Mary J.
Craddock, Wm. Arnold, Mary A.
Craddock, Wm. G. [widower] Porter, Sarah F.
View Crafford, Jas. W. R. Fryer, Ellen F.
Cornelius, William T. Downard, Blanche
Cornett, Boyd Colwell, Margaret Blanche
Cornett, Herman Lee Gardner, Frances
View Cortney, Hugh Routt, Lavina
Crafford, Patrick Wyatt, Lucy
Craig, Carson W. Crawford, Maude E.
Craig, David Pettit, Nancy
View Craig, David W. Hall, May E.
Corwin, Francis D. Garrard, Harriett C.
Corwin, R. F. Hume, Ida
Cosby, John [col'd] Reneker, Fannie
View Cosby, Marvin P. Hopkins, Lela
Craig, Edward Burt, Flora Belle
Craig, Francis S. Woodworth, Rebecah
Craig, George M. Chalfant, Georgiana L.
View Craig, Roy H. Schaffer, Ethel Marie
Coshnitzke, Alfred A. Varner, Lucy
Cosley, Edwin M. S. Neal, Jennie M.
Cothran, Alvin Roscoe Mote, Margaret Helena
View Cotton, Ben Harvey Orr, Goldie Lillian
Craig, Stanley Lelan Clark, Anna
Craig, Thos. Mountjoy, Phebe [w/o Genl. Wm. Mountjoy, dec'd]
Crail, Absolom Tate, Lyddia
View Crail, John Stephens, Rachiel
Coughlen, Charles Peelle Waffenschmidt, Doris Opal
Courtney, A. T. Milner, Eliza
Courtney, Albert M. Wiley, Flora F.
View Courtney, Andrew J. Sanders, Hockin
Crail, John McGill, Sarah
Crail, Lilburn Stevens, Henrietta
Crail, Samuel Peters, Nancy
View Crail, Wm. H. Nichols, Orlinda
Courtney, Beckham Roberts, Lola B.
Courtney, Charles T. Northcutt, Betsy M.
Courtney, Clarence Gray, Velma
View Courtney, F. M. Bailey, Minnie
Crael, Wilson Purday, Polley
Crain, Albert V. Yelton, Myrtle
Crain, C. S. Greenough, Agatha
View Crain, Isaac N. Bonar, Sallie H.
Coutney, Ferd A. Turner, Wanda Louise
Courtney, Ferdinand Moore, Hattie C.
Courtney, Floyd D. Rankin, Goldie B.
View Courtney, Francis M. Chiles, Leatha R.
Crain, Jos. S. Byrd, Jennie
Crain, W. H. Fardo, Mary E.
Crain, William H. Jr. Bagby, Ruth
View Crain, William H. Jr Mastin, Hallie T.
Courtney, G. W. Mains, Ora M.
Courtney, Harry Davis King, Addie Pearl
Courtney, Henry Miley, Lizzie
View Courtney, Henry C. Stroub, Bessie F.
Crain, Andrew Jackson Hunter, Lettie J.
Cram, C. C. Sanford, Arminta
Cram, E. A. McGill, Mary K.
View Cram, Edward Wright, Sarah
Courtney, Hiley Cummins, Edna
Courtney, Hugh Porter, W. P.
Courtney, Hugh Porter, Elizabeth
View Courtney, James H. Elliott, Liza Ann
Cram, John W. Mills, Harriet E.
Cram, L. H. Thornton, Sarah E.
Cram, Leonard H. Lucas, Margaret E.
View Cram, W. G. Newkirk, L. M.
Courtney, John Wallace, Lola
Courtney, John H. Bowman, Rosa
Courtney, John N. Woods, Icie
View Courtney, John T. Miller, Elizabeth Frances
Cramer, Marvin Boss Smith, Eugina Josephine
Crane, Thomas Daherty, Mary
Crane, Thomas Manning, Hannah
View Cranston, A. B. Turner, Elizabeth C.
Courtney, John W. Cox, Arabell
Courtney, Joseph Workman, Disie
Courtney, Martin L. Lovelace, Eliza Jane
View Courtney, Michael S. McMurry, Leeaner
Crawford, Charles Hall, Clara
Crawford, David Hardin, Matilda
Crawford, F. M. Hotton, Phebe F.
View Crawford, Geo. M. Fields, Mina
Courtney, Noah Case, Laura
Courtney, Oral Cleveland, Edith G.
Courtney, Patrick Earles, Delila
View Courtney, Pearl Mattox, Maggie
Crawford, Henry E. Morehead, Katie Lee
Crawford, James A. Browning, Mollie
Crawford, James Harold Robertson, Ruby Pauline
View Crawford, James R. Routt, Ella K.
Courtney, R. L. Ballenger, Eva
Courtney, S. T. Boone, Ollie A.
Courtney, Virgil Johnson Newkirk, Marie
View Courtney, Wm. Dawalt, Martha J.
Crawford, Jas. S. Dicken, Stella M.
Crawford, John Daugherty, Rosanna
Crawford, John McGrail, Annie
View Crawford, Jno. Jr. Rourk, Maggie


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