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Enterprise Publishing Co.         BUTLER, KY., July 6, 1889               Volume V1. No. 8

TERMS: Sixty Cents a Year, in Advance.
Published at Falmoth.

The Enterprise was entered May 11, 1889, at the Post Office at Falmouth, Ky., as second class matter.

The Wisest Gift.

"I bought my wife a velvet sack."
Thus proudly boasted Mr. Brown.
"She'll be, with that upon her back,
The best-dressed dame in town."
But velvet sack or diamond ring
Can bring no balm to suffering wife.
Favorite Prescription is the thing
To save her precious life.

The great and sovereign remedy, known the world over, for all female troubles, inflammation, cruel backaches, and internal displacements is Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It is the only guaranteed cure. See guarantee on every bottle-wrapper.

Dr. Pierce's Pellets - gently laxative or actively cathartic according to dose. 25 cents.

The authorities in Holland have decreed that women can not serve on a school board. In Sweden, it has been decided that they can.

Oregon, the Paradise of Farmers.

Mild, dquable climate, certain and abundant crops. Best fruit, grain, grass, stock country in the world. Full information free. Address Oregon Immigration Board, Portland, Oregon.

The slave trade may be accounted extinct in Egypt. During the last sixteen months only four slaves have been imported into that country.

For 24 years, Dobbins' Electric Soap ha been imitated by soap makers. Why? Because it is best of all and has an immense sale. Be sure and get Dobbins' and take no other. Your grocer has it, or will get it.

Piccadillies of red and green cloth came into fashion at the close of the fiftteenth century.

Ere the Farewell is Spoken

On the deck of the steamer, or on board the train that is to bear you away from those dear to you, you will, if you are wise, have safely stowed away in your luggage a sufficient supply of that safeguard against illness -- Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. Commercial travelers, tourists and pioneer emigrants concur in testifying to the fortifying and saving properties of the great tonic. Use for constipation, biliousness, malarial and kidney complaints and nervousness.

Tow Scotch worthies were lately criticising the new minister very severely. Said John, the discontented, about the reverend gentleman: "Well, ye see, frae Monday to Saturday he's inveesible, and on Sabbath he's incomprehensible."


Having done business in the United States for years, our reputation and responsibility is established. We want three men in your vicinity to represent us, to whom exclusive territory will be given. Handsome outfit free. Salary and expenses or commission paid weekly, previous experience not required. Hardy stock a speciality. Write at once for terms to May Brothers, Nurserymen, Rochester, N.Y.

The sumptuary laws of Richard Il. prohibited collars from being worn. The law was never enforced.

Any one can take Carter's Little Liver Pills, they are so very small. No trouble to swallow. No pain or griping after taking.

Gray hair is by universal custome prohibited in Persia and is never seen.

All cases of weak or lame back, backache, rheumatism, will find relief by wearing one of Carter's Smart Weed and Belladonna Backache Plasters. Price 25 cents. Try them.

Never whisper in company. If what you wish to say can not be spoken aloud, reserve it until another time.

Half-cured eruptions will return. Eradicate them with Glenn's Sulphur Soap.

Hill's Hair and Whisker Dye, 50 cents.

Never appear indifferent when others are talking. Listen politely to every thing, and don't interrupt.

A 10c. smoke for 5 c. -- "Tansill's Punch".

The standing collar had its origin in Germany in the reign of Otho IV., 1218.

A plant has been discovered the juice of which will make people laugh. The editors of the funny papers ought to send a bottle of the juice to each of their subscribers.

A naturalized citizen of English birth, being asked how he liked the birthday of the father of his adopted country, told this story, according to the New York Tribune: "The day before the Fourth of July last year the teacher to whom my boy goes to school explained to her class why the day was celebrated, giving full particulars. The next morning the boy, who was born in this country, said to me: 'Dad, this is the day we licked you.'"

The largest of the pyramids is 461 feet high, and 653 on the sides. Its base covers 11 acres. The stones are about 30 feet in length, and the layers are 380. It employed 33,000 men in building.

A bride must not, for four months after marriage, enter any house in which there has recently been a death or a birth, for if she does so there will surely be a quarrel between her and the groom. If a young mother goes to see a bride, the visitor is looked upon as the cause of any calamity that may follow.

Nineveh was 15 miles long, 8 miles wide and 30 miles around, with a wall 100 feet high and thick enough for three chariots abreast.

A new industry is developing on the island of Guadalupe. There are now about 50,000 wild goats there, and they are being killed for their skins and tallow. Streamers have already arrived at San Diego, Cal., with cargoes of goatskins and tallow.










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