Contributing Your Postcards Return to:
KyGenWeb Special Collections

If you have a Kentucky postcard you would like to contribute, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Email addresses are not put on the website. If you want to be recognized as being the contributor of a postcard, please go to
    The Registry and register your name and email address. Normally you will receive the number within 24 hours.
  2. Scan the front of the card only.
  3. Attach 1 card to 1 email.
  4. In the subject line of the email put "KyPostCard" and the name of the file you are submitting, for instance: KyPostCard - rupparena.jpg
    Failure to do this will result in my deleting the email unopened because of the unknown attachment [viruses are spread by opening attachments.
  5. In the email put whatever is on the back of the card that you want to appear with the card on the webpage. If there is a date please include it as well.
  6. If the card is one that has been mailed to someone, you may include the name and address of who it was addressed to and the date of the postmark and whatever they wrote. I reserve the right to not publish that information at my sole discreation.
  7. At the top or bottom of the email, put the following:
  8. Submitted by: your name
    and the URL for your registry number
    [For instance, mine is: ]

    Please note that you may submit a postcard without including your name and registry number, however, I WILL NOT go back and add it later!

    Send your email and the attached image to: