James F. Hunt Letter

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Copy of letter from James F. Hunt, 1863, written to John G. Hunt and forwarded to William Hungate & Wife. Marion County, Ky. Feb. 28th, 1863

Dear Brother & Sister

I seat myself this evening to write you a few lines to inform you that apart of us are yet alive on the land among the living and are in the enjoyment of common health at the present time hoping these few lines may find you with all in good health. I received (sic) your letter a few days since dated the first of this month. Was glad to learn that you was (sic) yet alive. I had almost come to the conclusion that you was dead or in the Southern army, not having heard from you since this rebellion broke out; I wrote you a letter last Spring. But received no answer. Have received two or from E. B. Hunt and he said could not hear from you, the last I heard from Lige he was Captain of a Calvalry company in the State service.

As I said apart of us are yet alive. Death has visited our little family and swept from us some of our nearest relatives, even a dear Mother and Aunt, on the 29th of Oct Mother departed this life. She was confined to her bed about four weeks with numonia (sic), suffering greatly all the time. She expressed a perfect willingness to die all the time. Finally in her expiring moment when perfectly in her right mind she clasped her hands and said rejoiced that the time had come that she would meet her Savior and shouted victory over death in a dying hour. She often talked of you through the last year. She felt like you was dead. Said she would be glad to see you once more in this life, but as life is uncertain and death sure, friends are often separated to no more in this world. Old Aunt Milly died the 24th of January lacking five days of being three months diference in their deaths. I was at the burial of Cordelia Reed this evening. These with numerous of our old friends have died since I wrote to you, Old Richard Parrott, Jesse Morris, Wm. Carlile, Jim Mat Rivers, John Feather Jr., John Short and others.

I havenít any news of importance to write at the present time. We have had some troublesome times in Old Ky. with the Rebels through the past year, but the flag of the UNION still floats victoriously over our old native State. Produce provisions and money plenty. Corn is worth 2.00 dollars per barrel; pork 4 cts per pound; wheat 75 to 100 per bu stock low.

You requested to know our ages---
Father was born Apr 1st 1788, making him 75
Mother was born Oct 4th 1793, making her 69
I was born Apr 18th 1835, making me 28
Lizie was born Aug 28th 1833, making her 30
Lissa was born June 13th 1841, making her 22
Billy was born Sept 5th 1845, making him 17

Inclosed you will find a lock of Motherís hair which you will keep in remembrance of a kind and loving Mother and now dear Brother my prayers is that we may be prepared to meet that Mother in the sunbright clime of endless glory. I must close for want of room. Write just as soon as you get this. I am as ever your true Brother
                            James F. Hunt                                 to John G.


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