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 Miles Back and Family  Miles Back and Family on 'wedding day'.  Miles Back and Family 

This is (TOP ROW, Left to right)
William Everett, Price Edward, Evaleace,
Sarah E. and James. (Middle Row) Miles, and
Priscilla (Kieth). (Bottom Row) George Burnum,
Julia Easter, Miles Rodney, Mattie M.

Children on the top row are from a previous
marriage to Clementine Spurlock.

Everyone pictured here are Backs.
They lived in Quicksand, Ky

 This is Miles Back & Lenora Watson
on their wedding day.  The children in
the photo are from previous marriages.
Sarah, on the balcony, was the
daughter of Miles & Clementine Spurlock.
The others are the children of
Miles & Priscilla Keith.

Sarah and George Burnum are on the balcony.
On the ground, left to right, are Mattie,
Minerva, Wilgus, Troy, Julie, Miles and
Lenora Watson, his third wife.

George Burnum is my great-grandfather.
This photo was taken about 1908. 

This picture was taken about 1905.  

Top row is Mattie, Julie and Minerva

Middle row is George Burnum, Miles & Rodney

Bottom row is Troy and Wilgus.  

Rodney died shortly after this picture
was taken. He fell off a horse and
broke his neck.

 Burman Back and sons Stephen and Amanda Conley Carpenter Lily Carol Carpenter  
 This photo of Burnam Back and sons,
Alfred & Jerry was taken about 1915 in
Breathitt County.
   I like this one....This in my great great great
grandparent Stephen and Amanda Carpenter
circa 1935 in Noctor Ky.
 This is my grandmother at age of 5.
I believe it's a school picture; ca 1926.
Her name was Lily Carol Carpenter.
She married Price Back in 1939.

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