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 Judge Wm.H.H.(Baker) Blanton's
1878 Bond for J.Peace

Submitted by Teresa Blanton Burton
of Fort Worth, TX
 Tilden Blanton is s/o Wm H H Blanton
& Nancy Ann Burton; Picture taken ca 1954

Shared by Teresa Blanton Burton
of Fort Worth, TX


William Harrison Blanton Jr son of William H Blanton Sr. Sr was the first
millionaire of Jackson; also was a Judge.,......boy in photo unknown;
then William Jr's wife, America Johnson



The Commonwealth of Kentucky

We, W.H.H.BLANTON , as Judge of Breathitt County Court, and
J.W.Lindon & A.H.Hargis & S.Cardwell , his Sureties, do hereby covenant and agree with
the Commonwealth of Kentucky , that the said W.H.H.Blanton will faithfully discharge all the
duties of said office , and pay over due time, to the proper person , all money which may
be received by him, as Judge aforesaid, for fines, taxes, judgements rendered, or executions.

Given under our hands this 9th day of August, 1886.



A.H. Hargis

T.C. Terry

Approved in Open Court Aug. 9, 1886, Breathitt Circuit Court.

Commission papers of Wm H H Blanton as Justice of Peace in Breathitt Co Ky.
The document was 1878...and shows Wm Blanton had changed name to Baker in 1874

Wm H H Blanton was a law partner with William Combs before he became Judge.
Both buried in Combs Cemetery.

Combs Cemetery Listing

 Blanton Family
 Samuel Tilden Blanton & wife Doshia HOWARD. DOSHIA HOWARD, (md. Samuel Tilden Blanton) & was
Note ... In the Blanton Family picture, sons John H. Blanton & Benton Blanton were Sherriff Deputies and were shot and killed.
They are buried in the Combs Cemetery in Jackson., behind the Library. Blaine Blanton was Jailor in Jackson in 1950's.
Grover Cleveland "Cappie" Blanton was also known as ..." in flagrante delecto" (womanizer). He moved with his family from
Jackson to Frozen Creek. Another brother moved to Lee Co. Several of these brothers were known to womanize.


 Doshia Howard as older woman. She was married to
Samuel Tilden BLANTON, s/o
Wm H H Blanton & Nancy Ann Burton.
Samuel Tilden Blanton & wife Doshia HOWARD
as older couple.
 Thomas Hounchell & wife, Alice LOVELY...with dau.,
Hattie Hounchell who married Blaine Blanton.
 Blaine Blanton & wife Hattie Hounchell,
Teresa's grparents.

Tilden Blanton
Tilden is s/o Wm. H H Blanton & Nancy Ann Burton.

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Blaine Blanton and Tildens fox

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I believe the identity of the men in the photo attached has been confused in some of our correspondence. The older man in the center it Tilden Blanton my great grandfather. The man leaning on something on the right is Blaine Blanton, Tilden's middle son and my grandfather.

I just wanted to send this to you and get it straight.

How is it going?

Thomas Tilden Blanton..son of Blaine Blanton & Hattie Hounchell
Ward May Joseph & Mollie Mae Fletcher...grandparents of Teresa Blanton Turner
Maxine JOSEPH, dau of Ward May Joseph & Mollie Mae Fletcher. Maxine is Teresa's Mother.  
 Submitted by Teresa Blanton Turner of Fort Worth, TX
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