Shared by Jackie Walker Burton (unless otherwise specified) ...
 Elizabeth Bowling Amis  Susan Baker  Ella Hacker Daniels Burton
 w/o Wiley Horton Amis
Shared by Jess Wilson .. ca 60's
D/o Andrew Jackson and Margaret Riley Baker. She was the first wife of George 'Gooty' Baker.

Third wife of Robert
'Preacher Bob' Burton ...
 Mary Alice Baker  Charity Mays Herald   Ceatta Bradley Stacy
(April 8, 1880 - April 16, 1969)
was the d/o Robert 'Black Bob' Baker and Mary 'Pol' Gabbard. She was married (1st)
to Price McIntosh, divorced him;
and married (2nd Robert 'Fox' Baker
(Oct 22, 1880 - April 16, 1962.

Married to Alexander Herald
 W/o Shadrack Ellsberry Stacy
 Louviney 'Viney' Woods  Harriett McLemore  Marg Baker Turner
D/o Hiram and Margaret Fairchild McLemore. Harriett married McCager
'Big Foot' Napier

D/o Robert 'Black Bob' and
'Widow Pol' Gabbard Baker;
and wife of Charlie Turner
 Lucy Margaret Hensley  Jeanette Thomas Skene Lucy Baker 

D/o Theo Hensley and Lucinda Baker Bowlin Hensley. ... granddaughter of Boston Bob and Sarah Rogers
Shared by Terri Califar

w/o John A Skene
Buried in Carter Co Cemetery,
Carter Co, Ky
D/o Andy and Betty Amis Baker
Lucy is a sister to Will Baker;
married to Joycie 'Mucker' Baker
 Eliza Sandlin Baker Sizemore Mosley Emaline Baker   Hannah Fields Baker
Mother of Kelly Mosley, Mary Rose Baker Sanford
 D/o Robert 'Black Bob' and Pol Gabbard Baker. Emaline was a sister of
Marg Baker Turner.
Shared by Tony Whittaker
w/o Daniel Boone Baker
 Margaret 'Marg' Baker Turner  Margaret 'Marg' Baker Jane Baker 

w/o Charlie Turner;
d/o Robert 'Black Bob' and
Pol Gabbard Baker

w/o Charlie Turner
of Perry Co, Ky 
d/o Hense Baker ...
w/o Alexander Whitacre
 Mary Turner Johnson  Dulcenia Turner Burton  Elizabeth Skene Vitatoe Schneider

d/o Sigel Turner
Shared by Wilma DePriest

wife of John Burton
This is Larry Burton's grandmother
(married to Clarence Vitatoe).
 Nancy 'Aunt Nance' Baker Gabbard  Nancy Baker Gabbard   Anita Gabbard Caudell
 Nancy is sister to Martha Baker Burton;
and daughter of Robert 'Red Bob' and Margaret Baker Baker. They lived on Bald Head Hollow of Buffalo Creek in Owsley County, Ky. Nancy married Grant Gabbard.
Shared by Vicki Robinson, Franklin, Oh
Wife of Arthur Caudell, Buffalo,
Owsley County, Ky.
 Mary Rose Baker  Mary Rose Baker Sanford,  Eliza Louise Baker
 d/o Will and Mary Jane Baker Baker.
Married to John D Sanford from
Louisville, Jefferson County, Ky.
nursing graduation picture.
 sis/o Mary Rose Baker Sanford.
They were the d/o Will and
Mary Jane (Baker) Baker. Parents sent
both girls to Louisville, Ky for nursing school. Louise married a doctor ? Mahafferty.
Mary Rose married John D Sanford,
Louisville, Ky.
 Virginia 'Aunt Ginger' Salyers Walker  Minnie Whittaker Turner  Anita Gabbard Caudill
She married James Walker, brother to
John Mitchell Walker
wife of Earl Whittaker;
mother of Larry and Tony Whittaker

Mother of Karen Caudill McGraw. Anita was married to Arthur Caudill
from Buffalo, Owsley County, Ky
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