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Amis, John Horton   Wiley Horton Amis Calloway Baker 
 s/o Wiley Horton and Elizabeth (Bowling) Amis .. Served in the Civil War. He had two more wives after Elizabeth Bowling.  Half-brother of Lucinda Amis; who
md John Hammons 'Mucker Jack' Baker
... s/o Thomas Horton and Catherine Bowling-Amis (weren't married).
Thomas was from Knox County, KY;
to Clay County. He died in 1811.
He was on the census 1810 census;
Descends from the 'Buffalo Bakers' of Owsley and Clay Counties, Ky 

 Baker, George 'Little George Baldy' Baker Alfred Baker  Clay Baker 
 s/o William Baker.
Shared by Clyde Bunch Collection
   Born Sept 11, 1903 - died Aug 26, 1980;
last one to have the Robert Baker Journal.

Baker, Harrison "H. H."   Hemmy Baker  Baker, James S. (1840 - 1893)  
 March 25, 1844 (also age 6 in 1850 Owsley Co census, house #494); died Jan 23, 1891 (Minnesota or Boone Co, IN). He is the s/o Robert 'Boston Bob' and Nancy Burns Baker. Md 1st to Sarah 'Sal' Sandlin ..
had daughter, Lucy. Sal div Hemmy
for Ike Bowling. Hemmy used to live off
and on with Daniel Boone and
Hannah Fields Baker.
Later, married someone else.
s/o Adoniram Baker and Nancy Abner 

 James 'Todd Fox' Baker   Jim Baker   John "Hungry John" Baker, (Will's brother)
   Brother to Mary Jane Baker;
(md to Will Baker). He is uncle to
Mary Rose Baker Sanford

  Jason Walker Bowling Morris M Baker  Riley Baker 
He was born as Jason Baker. His grandfather, John H Baker took him to Nicholasville, Kentucky and adopted him to
his father, Jesse B Bowling when he
was one month old.
Born Oct 28, 1843; died Mar 2, 1884;
s/o Job and Hannah Morris Baker.
 s/o George 'Gooty' Baker and first wife,
Susan Baker Baker.

Robert R 'Old Bob' Baker  Robert R 'Old Bob' Baker Robert R 'Old Bob' Baker 

Thomas 'Tom' Baker  Unidentified Baker from Owsley Co Ky.   William 'Will' Baker
 s/o George W 'Baldy' Baker and Emma Lyttle    S/o Andrew Jackson and Betty Amis Baker. Father of Alsom Baker md to Cora Combs.

 Samuel Barker, Jr  Samuel Barker, Jr Harley Tucker Bowling
 s/o Samuel Barker, Sr and his wife,
Christina Baker Barker
Shared by Barney Baker, Dayton, OH
Samuel, Jr is the s/o Samuel Barker, Sr
and Christina Baker. Christina is the
d/o Robert 'Boston Bob' Baker and
Sarah Rogers. Christina is a sister
to Lucinda Baker Hensley and
George W 'Baldy' Baker and
Vicey Baker (md to Perry Bishop).
  Shown holding the 1812 Journal of
Robert 'Julius Bob' Baker

 John Burton Kash Burton   Wilson 'Whick' Burton 
 h/o Dulcenia Turner (d/o )..... He is the s/o
Robert Burton and Mary Jane Deaton.
S/o Greenberry and Martha Baker Burton. This is Lawrence Burton's father. Kash was married to Roxie Ellen Vitatoe of McCreary County, Ky and Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio  Brother of Greenberry Burton; s/o Robert 'Robin' Burton and Mary Jane Deaton.
Shared by Family of Whick Burton of Harlan and Breathitt Counties, Ky.

Ezekial 'Zeke' Dean   Grant Gabbard  Lee Deaton
 From Buffalo, Owsley County, Ky Grant Gabbard married Nancy Baker,
d/o Robert 'Red Bob' and Margaret Baker Baker.
His suicide is well known. He cut
his throat with a razor.
Shared by Vicki Robinson of Franklin, Ohio
 Simeon Frost from Owsley County, Kentucky  Sydney 'Sid' Gabbard  Reverend Sam Hall
  Sid was killed in the 1938 'election shootout' on
Buffalo Creek along with
Albert McIntosh and Kelly Mosley.
Brother to Aggie Hall (md Alexander Herald). 
 William McKinley Hall aka 'Gransir Mack'  Alexander Herald Alexander 'Coon Man' Herald 
 s/o Hezekiah and Rebecca Farmer Hall
of Harlan County, Ky; md to Emily Turner,
d/o Roger and Sarah Turner.
 md to Charity Mays Herald  s/o Thomas and Malinda Deaton Herald; Jackie's maternal grandfather.
 Preacher around in Decoy, Vest; BrRobert 'By The Lord' Howardeathitt County.
His daughter, Rosa Howard md Wm 'Dutch Bill' Combs
 Married to Louviney 'Viney' Woods; mother
of James Wood Baker. James Wood Baker
was born out of wedlock to Viney.
 John B Vitatoe of Perry County, Ky
     This is Larry Burton's great grandfather
Jeremiah 'Pete' Walker  William 'Fiddler Bill' Herald Enoch Watts 
Is a brother to James Walker; being sons of John and Polly (Combs) Walker of Walkertown in Perry County, Kentucky   s/o Ambrose Watts and Armina Herald Watts. He was born 1903; died Sept 19, 1927
from a ruptured appendix; and is buried
at the Sam B Watts Cemetery.

 Clarence James Vitatoe in younger days.  Clarence James Vitatoe  Clarence James Vitatoe of Perry County, Ky
 Married to Elizabeth Skene; died December 11, 1967;
and is buried at Blue Ridge Cemetery in
Beckley, West Virginia.
 This is Larry Burton's grandfather at the age of
ca 25 - 28. He is the s/o John B and
Ellen Marlowe Vitatoe; md to Elizabeth Skene.
This is Larry Burton's grandfather in his younger day
 Cale 'Kail' Turner  Roger 'Rog' Herald  Price Turner
 Married Amanda 'Mandy' Burton.  s/o Thomas and Malinda Deaton Herald.
Lived on Bowling's Creek, Breathitt County, Ky
 s/o Charley Turner and Margaret Baker Turner.
He was shot and killed at Calloway Baker's
on Buffalo of Owsley County, KY
Shared by Tony Whitacre

 Curtis Jett  Henley Mays  George McIntosh
 Breathitt County feudist. Was a 'Herald'
on his mother's side.
 Md to Julia Turner; 1/2 sister to Malinda Deaton (md to Thomas Herald);
daughters of Polly Turner.
 Father of Simon McIntosh.
George married Regina Noble.
George was the s/o Peter McIntosh.

 Kelly Mosley  Elihue Riley  James 'Jim' Riley
s/o Jim and Eliza Sandlin Baker Sizemore Mosley of Owsley County .. he was killed
in the 'election shootout of 1938'.
Shared by Hazel Moyers and mother,
Maggie Baker
 s/o 'Gentleman' John and 1st wife,
Jennie Johnston Riley. Elihue md 2nd to Maxline 'Mass' Baker .. (her 2nd marriage also). She is the d/o John H Baker
and Lucinda Amis
 born June 27, 1827 (great grandfather of Leon Sandlin). James married Nancy Price,
born May 1824.

 Asbury Sandlin John D Sanford   Bill Turner
   Md to Mary Rose Baker.  s/o Sigel Turner. Bill is buried in the
Bob Turner Cemetery. He never married.
Shared by Wilma DePriest

 Earl Whittaker  Earl Whittaker  Baker, Green
(son of Robert 'Old Bob Baker' and Emma)
 Married to Minnie Turner,
d/o Marg Baker Turner
 Shared by Tony Whittaker
 md to Minnie Turner Whittaker
Shared by Tony Whittaker
 Shared by Nettie Baker, Indiana
   Tom 'Humpy' Turner
 Preacher 'One-Eyed Ike' Gabbard of Owsley County, Ky
  Gary Caudell  Harlan Woodrow Baker
 s/o Arthur and Elva Turner Caudell of Buffalo, Owsley County, KY.
Gary was teaching at the West Point Academy/
Shared by Tony Whittaker
Alexander Whittaker 
 husband of Jane Baker of Perry County, Ky.
Shared by Tony Whittaker

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