Shared with me by Audrey Wooten Combs of Buckhorn, KY
Audrey passed away a few months ago. Her obituary will be posted shortly.

Richard 'Craig' Combs
Richard was married to Orlena Deaton; d/o Edward Deaton and Jemima Spicer.
Richard was the s/o of Edwin Combs and Sylvania Herald
 William 'Buck' Combs  John L Combs
 Edward 'Ned' Combs  Richard Craig Combs
 Clinton Combs  Leander Combs
 Gemima Combs  Alexander Combs
 Jeopardy 'Jepp' Combs Robert 'Rob' Combs 
 Breckinridge 'Brack' Combs  Greenberry Combs
 Nathan 'Curleyhead' Combs Lillie Belle Combs 
 Dora Combs  Mary Combs


William 'Buck' Combs



John L Combs is my great grandfather. He was married to Sarah Sally Deaton; s/o Thomas and Eliza Little Deaton.
They were the parents of my grandfather,
Goley Combs md to Adina Combs.
Note by: Golden Combs Ferguson

Edward 'Ned' Combs

Clinton Combs

Clinton and Malinda Stidham Combs

Standing: Paul, Delbert and Chester Combs
Seated: Cora, Hulda, Mae and Alice


Alex and Roberta Wooten Combs
Alex is the s/o Clinton and Malinda Stidham Combs
Roberta is d/o
Harlan and Mae Combs Stamper
Harlan is the s/o George and Millie Sebastian Stamper;
Mae is the d/o Clinton and Malinda Stidham Combs
Kelly Combs
Kelly was married to Edna Wooten

Kelly Combs with Cora Combs 

Dave Combs;
s/o Clinton and Malinda Stidham Combs
Lester and Alice Combs McIntosh
Lester is the s/o of
Alice is the d/o Clinton and Malinda Stidham Combs
Gemima Combs
Alexander Combs

Jeopardy 'Jepp' Combs

Robert 'Rob'and Ella Deaton Combs


Breckinridge 'Brack' Combs

Greenberry Combs
Nathan 'Curleyhead' and Amanda Keene Combs

FLoyd and Lillie Belle Combs Noble

Mary Combs
Delbert; Malinda and Mae
Standing to the left is Dewey and Dora Combs Edwards;
with son, Dillard standing in front of them.
Not sure of two ladies standing on the right.
L - R: Audrey and Chester Combs; and Paul and Jessie (Burns) Combs
Chester and Paul are brothers.
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