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Simon Peter McIntosh Nancy Short McIntosh 
Andrew and America Turner McIntosh with their son, Hubert

 Andy McIntosh Family

This photograph was taken in 1925 on Turkey Creek
in Breathitt Co., KY at the homestead of Andrew and
America (Turner) McIntosh.  The little boy first at
the bottom is my father, Hubert McIntosh. 
He passed away 08 Dec 2000.

Children in front row - left to right -
Hubert McIntosh, Allie Fair Bates, Woodrow Bates
Adults - left to right - Andrew McIntosh,
wife America (Turner) McIntosh,
David Bates, Pearly (McIntosh) Bates,
Hayes McIntosh, Nannie (Spencer) McIntosh

 The Homeplace of
Andrew and America Turner McIntosh.

Photo of my grandparents' home.
This was taken in 1986 and is located
on Turkey Creek in Breathitt County.

   Geo Wash Noble and Arrena
and their family
Back row from L to R are
Solon Noble, Olive Noble, Jubah Noble,
Omega Noble

Front Row are: L. to R.
Mollie Noble Day, holding Tina Day
George Washington Noble holding
Francis Day, Arrena Noble
and Victor Noble.
 George Washington and
Arrena (Noble) Noble family
  Robert 'Robin' Burton b 1856 
 Parents of Arrena Noble are: James Noble and Mary Polly Turner,,,
Parents of Mary Polly Turner are Edward P. Turner and Susannah Stamper Turner...
 Wilma DePriest and her grandmother,
America McIntosh
James 'Dutch' Burton Family
Taken at Wolfcoal, Talbert, Breathitt Co, Ky
Daughters, Ella Deaton, Alice Turner, Bell Turner,
Susie Turner, Elizabeth Turner, Martha Turner,
Grandma Burton, Jenett Burton and Janie Adams.

L to R: John C Turner (b/o Dulcenia Turner):
John Duff, (married Pauline Turner);
Steve Turner (s/o Granville Turner);
Clay Turner (s/o Steve Turner);
and Newton Turner (bro of Dulcenia Turner). ...
John C Turner and Newton Turner were
the sons of Big Berry Turner and Orlena Bowling.
 Susie, Evaline Deaton and granddaughter,
Nannie Adams
Charlie Burton, Evaline and daugter, Nannie Adams

 Andrew and America Turner McIntosh

Andy was born on Friday, January 16, 1885, as the sixth of twelve children of Simon “Peter” and
Nancy (Short) McIntosh. Birth probably took place at their house along Turkey Creek.

Meanwhile on other side of the mountain, America (Turner) nicknamed Merie, was growing up as the
second of six children of John and Nancy (Bowling) Turner.. She was born on July 18, 1883. During her youth,
America was said to have had bright red hair. Perhaps, America’s name was a gesture by John who had a younger
sister America, who by age 35 had no children of her own.

Sometime in 1902 or 1903, Andy and America, joined the Turner and McIntosh families together in marriage…
The ceremony was part of a double wedding as Andy’s older sister , Malvery married America’s older brother,
Curt Turner, on the same day.

Marriage life for the new couple meant trying to make a living farming the bottom lands along Turkey Creek.
Their house which still stands; but is abandoned, was up the creek from his father’s, Simon and marks the path
to the McIntosh Cemetery. It is believed to have been built about 1920.

The morning activities in the house begin says son Hubert with the sound of America using a wooden spoon
against her wooden bread bowl, preparing the dough for biscuits. The bowl, itself was made from buckeye wood
and believe to has been made by someone in the Short family and passed down to Simon and then to Andy’s family.
Apples were often served at breakfast.

Among other things that America did that might seem strange in today’s world included; knitting, wool stocks for
the family. Making soap, from hog scraps, making shoe strings from hog skins, boiling may apple with corn to set
along the cornfield to kill squirrels, and using ashes from the fireplace as cleansers, America also used the family
rifle to shoot many a chicken hawk and squirrel from the cover of her front porch.. She also helped the mission
school by doing the wash of the children of logging families in the dormitories there,

The school at Houston run by Presbyterian missionaries was supplied with lumber by Andy, like his father had done.
The school was attended by son Hubert and others for 50 cents; often paid in produce.

One of the dangers of living in the area was the ever presence of copperheads.. However their population was
controlled by the hogs that were allowed to run wild and kill the snakes. Those pigs also ate chestnuts they found
and would become very mean, as they returned to a wild state.

On May 31, 1952 Andrew collapsed behind the tool shed and died at 7:15 p.m. of an apparent heart attack..
He was buried beside his father in the family cemetery,

America was to pass away on Nov 1, 1958 as son Hayes, and his wife drove her to the doctor in their pick-up truck.
The Thursday, Nov 6, 1958 edition of The Jackson Times carried the front page headline and story:


Five injured as Auto-Truck Collide on straight stretch of highway 30 near Shoulder blade in Middlefork Section:

Two persons were killed and five seriously injured Saturday in a truck-car head-on collision on Ky 30,
six miles west of Jackson.  

Dead on arrival at Lewis Hospital here were America McIntosh 75, Houston, Ky. And Gracie Spencer 51,
Jackson Rte 1. The injured persons treated here and taken to Good Samaritan Hospital, Lexington, Ky are :
Morton Pennington, Rte 1 Jackson, Ky. Who received lacerations of the forehead and possible head injury:
listed in serious condition: his wife, Ethel Pennington, 34 , whose condition are serious, suffered lacerations of
the forehead and possible head injury: Martha Jo Spencer 10, daughter of Gracie Spencer, is listed in critical
condition, having received possible head injury and lacerations of the left knee. Hayes McIntosh 52, Turkey
Creek listed in fair condition, suffered broken left leg, laceration of the chin, and broke right jaw and his wife ,
Nannie McIntosh, 51, listed in fair condition, suffered chest pains, laceration of the forehead and possible
fracture of the right leg.

State Trooper Sam Simpson, who described it as a freak accident. Said the 11:30 a.m. mishap occurred on
a straight stretch of the highway and that both drivers had 250 feet of good visibility. 

Trooper Simpson said the 1953 model car, driven Morton Pennington, was headed east toward Jackson and
the pickup, driven by Hayes McIntosh , was going west.

The investigating officer said the crash happened in the automobile’s traffic lane. Both vehicles, thrown backwards
several feet after the impact, were across highway. Simpson described the vehicles as being almost demolished.

The fatally injured, each riding in one of the vehicles were sitting in the middle of the front seat.

Mrs. Pennington, Mrs. Spencer and her daughter, were passengers in the Pennington car. McIntosh,
his wife and mother were in the truck.

Mrs. McIntosh buried Tuesday Nov 4th,

Funeral services were conducted for America McIntosh 75, Tuesday, November 4th at 1:00 p.m. at the
McIntosh Cemetery, Houston, Ky. With Rev. Willie Spencer and Rev. Estill McIntosh officiating.

She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Pearlie Betz, Norwood, Ohio, and Clara McIntosh, Houston.
Four sons, Kelly McIntosh, Peebles, Ohio, Hubert McIntosh, Winchester, Ohio, Roy McIntosh, Kalamazoo,
Michigan. Hayes McIntosh, Turkey Creek, Three sisters: Mrs. Alice Stamper, Miamisburg, Ohio, Jalia Sebastian,
Longs Creek, and Sally Woods of Morris Fork, Two brothers: Curt Turner, Kentucky, and Elijah Stamper,
Morris Fork; twenty six-grandchildren and twenty-seven great grandchildren.

Interment followed under the direction of Begley and Eversole Funeral Home.

The children of Andrew McIntosh born Jan 6, 1885 died May 31, 1952 and America Turner
born July 18, 1883 died Nov 1, 1958 were:

I. Pearlie McIntosh born March 28, 1904 died June 12, 1983 in Hamilton County, Ohio : buried in the Rest Haven Cemetery,
Cincinnati, Ohio married July 7, 1920 to William David Bates born October 27, 1890 in Lee County Kentucky, died
Dec 23, 1967 in Lee County, Kentucky; buried in the Stonecoal Cemetery, Lee County, Ky. married 2nd Harry Betz, died
April 13, 1960 buried in the Rest Haven Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio married 3rd on Jan 14, 1963 in Hamilton County, Ohio to
Edward Darmondy, died June 13, 1974 in Phoenix, Arizona; buried in the Vine Street Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio married 4th
to Samuel Carra Sr. married on Dec 6, 1975 in Coffeyville, Kansas died 1980.

Children” of Pearlie & Dave Bates are:

A. Allie Fair Bates born Feb 26, 1922 died Sept 27, 1969 married Dec 7, 1941 to Jessie Miller born Jul 11, 1924 died Sept 27, 1969

B, Woodrow “Doe” Bates born May 22, 1924 Owsley Co, Ky 1st married in Fayette County, Ky. to Linda Haggard 2nd married in Fayette County, Ky. To Maxine Ellen Wethington. Married 3rd on February 9, 1943 in Bartheomew County, Indiana, Columbus to Pauline Lucile Mathis born July 7, 1924 in Adair County, Ky.

C. Clara Beatrice Bates born May 7, 1927 Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Ohio married Feb 17, 1945 in Campbell County, Ky to Clarence Head. Born June 15, 1928 in Adair County, Ky.

D. Lillie Mae Bates born Sept, 6 1929 Hamilton County Cincinnati, Ohio married on Aug 28, 1948 to Melvin Howard Manger born April 26, 1926 in Delaware County, Indiana.

E. Rudolph Bates born April 22, 1931 in Hamilton County Cincinnati, Ohio married Dorothy Teater born June 22, 1931 in Madison County, Ky.

F . Ruby Bates born Oct 31, 1933 Hamilton County , Cincinnati, Ohio died May 1999 married William Doan.
Born March 26, 1929.

II. Hayes Mc Intosh born Oct 13, 1907 in Owsley Co, Ky died 1972 in Breathitt Co, Ky. Buried in the James Johnson Cemetery, Breathitt Co, Ky. Married June 11, 1924 Owsley Co, Ky marriage bond 1/50A, to Nancy “Nannie” Short. Born 1906 in Breathitt Co, Ky died 1973 in Breathitt Co, Ky. buried in the James Johnson Cemetery. Breathitt Co, Ky.


A James Mc Intosh born Dec 16, 1928 Died Dec 18, 1947, buried in the
James Johnson Cemetery, Breathitt Co, Ky.

Note: Death of a veteran here leaves bride-to be stranded in New York:
An attractive Italian girl awaits arrival of James McIntosh , crash victim
An attractive young Italian woman sat patiently aboard a trans-Atlantic liner in New York Harbor today from 9:30 this morning until 2:30 this afternoon waiting the arrival of the young Breathitt County ex-soldier who was to become her husband, only to be told that he had met his death in an automobile accident 10 days ago.

James McIntosh, son of Hayes McIntosh of Guerrant was one of the two young men who met their death in an auto-truck collision near Quicksand early on the morning Dec 6, 1947 The young man had purchased the car a short time previously to drive to New York to meet his fiancé. In a telephone conversation this afternoon with Joe martin of the New York Daily-News: this newspaper learned of the arrival of Miss Formicola in the nation’s metropolis. Everyone of the 70 other bride-to-be who accompanied her on the voyage to America, as well as shipped port officials knew of young McIntosh’s death but had not the courage to tell the vivacious young lady who had left her homeland toward her life in a new country. While we talked with martin a Dailey-News reporter brought word that a line official had broken the news to her.

Able to speak broken English, the young woman realized that the officials was trying to convey bad news to her, but couldn’t understand until an interpreter was called in to repeat the message in Italian. Stunned for a moment, she broke down as she realized that she not only lost her sweetheart, but was along among strangers in completely , foreign land. A catholic Chaplain aboard the ship came to the pursuer’s officers to console her.

Young McIntosh ‘s parents were in Jackson yesterday to confer with Red Cross officials regarding fund to bring Miss Formicola to Guerrant. They were advised that such funds were not available and sadly remarked that it would be impossible for them to bring her home.

Martin stated that she would be given a hearing, possibly tomorrow, with immigration
officials regarding her rights to remain to America.

B Raleigh Edward McIntosh

C. Ellen Marie McIntosh married Clyde Waters

D. America Louise McIntosh

III. Kelly McIntosh born February 19, 1910 in Breathitt Co, Ky died Nov. 10 1959 in Ripley ,Ohio ( he went
to sell his tobacco, and drop death of an heart-attack at the tobacco Warehouse,) Married Dec 23, 1931 in Breathitt Co,
marriage bond 52/42, to Hattie Turner born August 15, 1911. D/o Robert “Bob” Turner & Isabelle Burton.


A Sylvester McIntosh born Nov 3, 1932 Breathitt Co, Ky married Cara Mae Mapes. Married 2nd to Ruby ? Married 3rd to Christine ?

B. Sylvia McIntosh born Sept 9, 1937 Breathitt Co, Ky died July 28, 1940 Breathitt Co, Ky buried
in the Andy McIntosh Cemetery, Turkey Creek, Breathitt Co, Ky. Died of the Flux

C. Kelly Jr. McIntosh born Feb 14, 1940 Breathitt Co, Ky married 1st to Carol Blair;
married 2nd to Marylyn M. Waddell.

D. Edna Mae McIntosh born Nov 14, 1942 Breathitt Co, Ky married 1st to Elmer Ray Fields;
married 2nd to Daniel Thomas; married 3rd to Daniel Thomas, married 4th to Robert Campbell,

E. Robert Lee McIntosh born Dec 26, 1946 Breathitt Co, Ky married 1st to Susan Ogden;
married 2nd to Linda Rogers Young.

IV. Clara McIntosh born Oct 9, 1914 Breathitt Co, Ky married Sept 21, 1933 in Breathitt Co, Ky marriage bond
55/85 married James “Jim” McIntosh born 1902 Breathitt Co, Ky died Dec 16, 1988 in Newport, Ky.
Buried in the Grants Lick Cemetery, Ky, s/o John “Bud” McIntosh and Nancy Ann Stamper.


A. Marie McIntosh

B. Charlie McIntosh

C. Nancy Lou McIntosh

V. Roy McIntosh born May 9, 1918 Breathitt Co, Ky died July 28, 2004 Kalamazoo, Michigan;
married Betty Bugbee

VI. Hubert McIntosh born August 15, 1922 Breathitt Co, Ky died Dec 8, 2000, buried in the Ashridge Cemetery,
Ashridge, Ohio; married Feb 3, 1942 in Breathitt Co, Ky to Jeanette “Nettie” Turner born Feb 9, 1924 Long Creek,
Breathitt Co, Ky. D/o Robert “Bob” Turner and Isabelle Burton.


A. John McIntosh born Feb 19, 1943 Breathitt Co, Ky died Nov 2, 1996 at Home Winchester, Ohio
married June 8, 1969 to Shirley Reid born Oct 31, 1949 

B. Lillie Mae McIntosh born February 17, 1947 Breathitt Co, Ky. Married March 24 1972 to Kenneth C. Ritchie

C. Wilma Lee McIntosh born Jan 28,1950 Breathitt Co, Ky married 1st to Rodger Dale Blake;
born June 24, 1945; married 2nd to Charles Robert DePriest born May 2, 1934. Ironton, Pedro, Ohio.

D. Isabella McIntosh born may 11, 1951 Breathitt Co, Ky married Gary Lee Bennington

E. James Hubert McIntosh born Sept 9, 1955 Adams Co, Ohio died June 21, 1972 of
a tractor accident.

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