Burton Cemetery

 Ode To This Cemetery

Old Burton Cemetery, Burton's Fork of Breathitt County, Kentucky

Dear Ancestors, Your tombstone stands among the rest,

Neglected and alone -

The name and date are chiseled out of old stone.

It reaches out to all those who care.

It is too late to mourn for you.

You did not know that we exist.

You died before we were ever born.

Yet, in each of us are cells of you --- our flesh, our blood, our bone.

Our heart contracts and beats a pulse that solely is not our own.


Dearest Ancestor, the place you filled so many years ago

Reaches out and touches the ones you left, who would have loved you so.

We wonder how you lived and loved.

We wonder if you knew ...

That someday we would find this spot, and come and talk with you.


Author Unknown

Sept 2003 @ Burton Fork, Kentucky

Located on Deaton Rd., off Hwy. 28 from Booneville,
Ky. Located abt. 1/4 ml. from Rt. 315, traveling towards Buckhorn & Gay's Creek.
Cemetery has been cleaned several times. We last cleared it in Sept., 2003. It is on the Fred Deaton Property, previously Langley Deaton owned it. Located on the hilltop to the point overlooking Langley & Minnie Mae's old house. Deaton Rd. is caddy-cornered from the Robert Turner Cemetery on Hwy. 28.
Those Buried there are:
1. Robert BURTON ( a.k.a. 'Preacher Bob' ) - B. October, 1824; D. 18 June, 1886
2. Mary BURTON (1st wife Said to be Mary (nee): Gay) - B. Jan., 1823;D. 3 Nov., 1853
3. Susan BURTON ( 2nd wife, nee: Susan Baker, d/o John Hammons Baker & Lucinda
Amis from Buffalo) B. 2 Jan., 1830 ; D. l7April ,1867
4. W.P. BURTON (Will Press) (W.P. is s/o Robert & Mary Jane Deaton-Burton)
B. 4 Aug., 1887 D. 20 Aug., 1899;
5. M. DEATON (Matthew) B. 4 Sept., 1884; D. 19 Dec., 1907
6. Beckham BURTON B. 26 Nov., 1900; D. 27May,1910
7. (Mary) Jane BURTON (wife of R.R.Burton) B. 21 April, 1856; D. 31 Dec., 1921
8. Robert (Robin) BURTON (c.o.d. Complications from Diabetes) -B. 24 Oct., 1854;
D. Dec., 1924
9. M. B. (Mary Burton) B. 7 Jan., 1879; D. 22 Dec., 1913; Never Md. But she had 8 CH by Robt. D. "Bud" Thompson, s/o Dan Thompson & Louise Deaton; she had 2 children by John Morris from Morris Fork.
10. Martha Burton-Turner B. 2 Nov., 1878 ; D. Dec. 1, 1899 She md in 1898 to Arkansas Turner, b. 7 Aug., 1877, s/o Wm. "Big Berry" Turner & Orlena Bowling.
11. Mitchell Sebastian B. Aug. 29, 1919 ; D. Sept. 16, 1919
12. Asberry Burton (s/o Robert & Mary Jane) B. Aug., 1884 ; D. 1928
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