Orchard Cemetery

Located above the road leading to Jerry Baker's old farm,

where he & Amilda Mosely lived all their lives; before

moving last up Little Jerry's Branch @ Lucky Fork.

There were 15 old graves with 3 graves fenced in until about 25 yrs. ago. The fenced in ones had ELIZA SANDL1N MOSELY'S relatives (3).
Robert Caudell said the best way to get there would be up Little Jerry's Branch & cross the hill, approximately 5 miles. It is rough. No car can go there.

At one time, there were a lot of graves here. People were buried all around & all the way to Cindy Hollow & Clint Bottom.
John Harve Sandlin & Ma's (Mary Jane Baker) grandmother are buried here as well. There was a flu epidemic in 1915 that killed many who are buried here.
Cotton Head Sandlin (?) is buried here. He died in a smallpox epidemic. There were many Gabbard's buried here over a hundred yrs. ago
who died in another smallpox epidemic. The Gabbard's settled in here about 200 yrs. ago, & many are buried here.
The Orchard place was a large area burial ground for the Gabbard's, Foxes & Freeman's.
They say there are Indians also buried above the White's. It is too bad that all those graves are lost.

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