Historical Markers in Breathitt County

"Bloody Breathitt"
(Marker Number: 641)

County: Breathitt
Location: Jackson, Courthouse lawn

Description: The courthouse that stood here, 1899-1963, was a landmark of Kentucky's "feudin' 'n' fightin'." Stemming from Civil War, family feuds and political disagreements, unnumbered slayings, ambushes and assassinations occurred between 1870-1920. In 11 months, 1901-02, 40 men were slain. Probably 100 Breathitt County officials were killed in that era of the past.

Breathitt County
(Marker Number: 961)

County: Breathitt
Location: Jackson, Courthouse lawn, KY 15, 30

Description: Formed from parts of Estill, Clay, Perry counties, 1839. Named for Gov. John Breathitt, who died in office, 1834. Breathitt born in Va., 1786. Family came to Logan County, Ky., 1800. Representative in Ky. Legis. 3 terms, Lt. Gov. 1828, Gov. 1832-1834. County seat first named Breathitt; changed in 1845 to Jackson, honoring hero of New Orleans, the 7th U.S. President.

Breathitt Volunteers
(Marker Number: 904)

County: Breathitt
Location: Jackson, Courthouse lawn, KY 15, 30

Description: During World War I, this county attained national prominence by filling its quota of service men by volunteers. No men had to be drafted from Breathitt, the only county in U.S. with this record. During war 3,912 men registered, 405 volunteered; of 324 called, 281 were inducted and 43 rejected. Kentuckians ranked among highest in nation in physical fitness.

(Marker Number: 841)

County: Breathitt
Location: Quicksand, Jct. KY 15 & 1111

Description: Part of Co. I, 14th Ky. Inf., USA attacked Confederates camped here, night of April 5, 1864. CSA loss: eight killed or wounded, three prisoners and 24 horses taken. Gen. John Hunt Morgan's CSA men, on tragic last raid into Kentucky, moved by here. After two battles at Mt. Sterling, they met defeat in Cynthiana, June 12, 1864, and retreated to Va. Map other side.

Sam and Nola of Morris Fork
(Marker Number: 1289)

County: Breathitt
Location: At Morris Fork Presby. Church, Morris Fork, KY 28

Description: Samuel VanderMeer came here from New Jersey in 1923. "Uncle Sam" to generations of Ky. youngsters, he became pastor of the Morris Fork Presbyterian Church in 1927, the year he married nurse Nola Pease. Missionaries, community builders. They gave a total of 98 years of service and love to this area, until retirement in 1969. Church and Community Center, 1 mile

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