Casey  County Cemetery Newsletter



VOL. 5   OCTOBER 2007



 My goodness there is a lot to report since the last newsletter!


First of all JOHN HARMON reports from his recent visit to Casey County:

 “On Ky. Highway 49 at the Marion/Casey County line you proceed several miles into Casey Co. until on the left a side road with a marker reading "Malone Cemetery Rd." appears. I drove as far as I could and asked the Occupants at a Mobile Home of this Cemetery. They said that after you cross the Cattle Guard take the immediate right Road to the Cemetery so I retraced my route to this spot and proceeded up the Hill a far distance but did not find the Grave Yard. I would say the owner who mows this area with a "Bush Hog" Mower has eliminated the Markers etc. Most cemeteries of this age did not have any thing other than a large Rock for a Stone if they had that. I was told of another Malone Cemetery. closer to Jacktown but did not have time to go there.

 “Also the Second right turn from Marion Co. on Highway 49 is the James Belden Cemetery Rd. I traveled as far as I could but had to refrain from going way back up on some forested Hills of about a Mile of walking thru Rattle Snake infested tall Weeds and Grass after being warned of them by a Mr. Johnson who has lived up this road all his life. He says that this cemetery is destroyed by a very large White Oak Tree which has grown up right in the middle of the Grave yard. Did not get to inspect these old Grave Yards but am happy that they exist and I know of some of the people buried there.”

 MAX TURPIN also made a trip to Casey County and this is his report:

I did (photographed) all of Elder cemetery -  It’s in Casey County ( but not really Liberty)  its closer to Gravel Switch in Marion Co.  I have over 300 on now with still lots more to do. 

 I did Simpson Cemetery  - I went on Maxey Valley road and couldn’t get to some as I didn’t have four wheel drive but I found Simpson Cemetery  off that road and did all of that.  I haven’t had time to start adding them.

  I looked and couldn’t find either Rodgers or Rogers.

 MIKE DENIS writes:

“My roommate and I went up to the Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge this afternoon just for a walk in the woods.  It's about 3 miles up the road from our house.  On the way back, we stopped to see if I could locate the "Whitehouse" or "Hafley" cemetery (depending on which source one uses).  It's supposedly just off Elk Creek Cave Road (aka Buck Branch) about 1/4 mile from Carpenter Creek Rd (aka Butchertown Rd).

Well, to make a long story short, we found it.  But it's at the end of a road called the "Maddox Cemetery Road" -- a totally new road on me! Anyway, I photographed all the stones, took down info on those that didn't photo well, and am going to be uploading those to as soon as I get the chance.

It's a good thing you didn't try to get to it -- my truck, going slowly, in 1st gear, with the pedal as far down as I could get it to go without spinning the wheels on the gravel, barely made it!  But once at the top, what a beautiful view -- the cemetery is on top of a knob, and one can see in all directions.  How I'd love to get a telescope up there one moon-less night to do some astronomy!”

 Before I got to Casey County, Brenda Sanders and Linda Peters were able to photograph Rice Cemetery in Dunnville and have been working on Middleburg and Whited Cemeteries. They also photographed Maxey Valley.

 From October 8-11 various combinations of BRENDA SANDERS, LINDA PETERS,  RALPH PETERS, MIKE DENIS and myself met and photographed the following Casey County cemeteries:        

Cold Springs

Jone’s Chapel

Peavey Cemetery

Scott’s Chapel

Beard Cemetery/Bland Cemetery

Sulphur Run


Calhoun Creek

Mason Creek

George Pitman

Corinth First Church of God


Mullins/Piney Grove





McDonald Family Lot


South Fork


Baldock Chapel



Clearview Church

King (Jacktown)

Adam/Dogwood Gap


Noe Family lot

Old Willow Springs

 Many of these were quite challenging as we needed to battle heavy undergrowth, sunken graves, broken stones, electric and barbed wire fences and many other obstacles.

    I have begun compiling a list of all the cemeteries with their GPS coordinates that I will make available in the next newsletter.

 RICHARD HOLLIS has been very busy helping with the editing. He sends me additions and corrections on a daily basis.

 The locals (Brenda, Mike, Ralph and Linda) will continue to locate and photograph cemeteries. In addition, Brenda has been scanning and adding the 2007 obituaries. Now that the weather is cooling down along with the treat of rattlesnakes, Brenda has made contact with Fern Drake Baldock Thomas and in the future will get the cemeteries on the Baldock farms (Sweeny and Henson). She has also made arrangements for a Scout group to clean the Rice Cemetery in the next few weeks.

 There are still thousands of photos that have been taken but need to be cropped and uploaded to Find a Grave. Mike has volunteered to do Glenwood and Salem, while Brenda and Linda will do Bethelridge.



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