Casey  County Brick Wall Queries

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Please Note: When you compose your Brick Wall query, please make sure you include the family connection to Casey Co. Queries sent without this connection will not be posted. I apologize for this but I am receiving many queries with no obvious connection to the county. If you are not sure where in KY your ancestor was from, you can post a query here; ... Thanks

Posted 09/02/17  Surname: Bell

I'm looking for info on my great-grandfather Joseph G. Bell, who was the Toll Gate Keeper S.W. OF Liberty, Ky. & also became High Sheriff for Casey Co, Ky, (for 2 Terms,) when he was in his 60's. Would love to find a photo of him!!  Any help will be appreciated, Bev Fisher,

Posted 10/07/16  Surname: Jones/Noe

Looking for parents and siblings of John James Jones, born abt. 1823 in KY and Susan Noe, born 1826. They married in Casey Co. in 1844 and later moved to Pike Co., IN. Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks, Richard

Posted 03/16/13   Surname: Grier/Greer/Grear (any spelling)

Hello, my great-grandfather was born in Casey county KY, his name was Columbus Grier b. 1850. I don't know if he was born free or not, or if his family were slaves or not either. He was mulatto, and the story handed down to me was that his mother was killed by night riders because she had an interracial relationship and child. I am searching for any if his ancestors or his immediate family name. Any help appreciated! Sincerely, Tammy Grier Ross,

Posted 10/10/12 Surname: Good/Goode & Wolford

I am stuck --- Tracing my Goode line --- I have James Lucien Good born 25 may 1898 in Gravel Switch, Marion Kentucky. His Father is Robert Leslie Good and Mother Inez Nora Wolford, Robert was born about Aug 1876 in Kentucky. Nora is the daughter of Richard G. & Elizabeth E. Wolford and was born in Boyle Co. in 1879. But I can’t locate Robert’s  parents – I am hoping someone can see if they can locate any records of the Goode Family that lived there in 1898. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks  Dan Hebert, (This query is cross-referenced between Adair, Casey & Marion counties)

Posted 05/14   Surname: Spalding / Leannartz (various spellings)

My great great great grandfather was J B (possibly Joseph Benedict) Spalding – a shoemaker who lived in Marion county per the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census and was born about 1828 in Marion County. He married Isabelle Lennartz or something close to that.  Various birth and death records suggest the name could have been Bell Lenento, Eisbelle Lennsartz, Lena Artz, etc. They both show up in the 1850 and 1860 census, in the latter with children Thomas, David, Laura, Martin and Joseph. Isabell is not in the 1880 census and may have died during or shortly after the birth of her last child. Am trying to find out more about Isabella Lennartz. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, R. Gregory Breetz, Jr.

Posted 04/17   Surname: Gaddis

I need to find out some information about my great-great grandparents William Gaddis and his wife Rebecca Jane (Coffey) Gaddis. He was born in 1854 in Casey Co. and died Feb. 19, 1916 in Lincoln Co. Rebecca was born Aug. 23, 1859 and died July 14, 1911 in Casey Co. My great-grandfather Ulysses S. Gaddis was born March 31, 1875 in Adair Co. and died Feb. 1, 1945 in Mitchell, IN. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeremiah Jones

Posted 02/09   Surname: See Below

I am looking for information on the following surnames; Brown, Black, Dye, Floyd, Hamilton, Randolph, Adams, and Wylie. If anyone has information on these lines I would like to hear from you! These names are mostly found in Casey, Lincoln and Pulaski counties. I'm new to genealogy and would be appreciative of any help! Thank you, Melinda Flemmer

Posted 08/07   Surname: Horton

I'm trying to find a death cert. for my Great Aunt Meacy (Horton).  She died Jan 4, 1959 in Walltown, Casey, Ky.  She is buried in Dunham Cemetery with her second husband David Walls.  She remarried after he died her 3rd marriage was
to Gerald Keller.  I don't know what name may be on the Cert. Her father was Henry Franklin Horton (1845-1926) Casey Co..
I would like to find her Death Cert. if possible. The Horton's were around Casey for a long time but I can't hardly find
anything about them. Thanks, Glenn


Posted 05/12   Surname: Wheeler

Looking for Louis Franklin Wheeler aka Frank Wheeler b. Oct 1887. Son of Richard and Lucinda Ann Wheeler. First married Dovie Mae Cannon . Their first son Kelly b. 1908 died abt. 1915, grave unknown. Lucinda thought to be daughter of Stephan and Susannah Wheeler. Wrongly listed on some sites as being d. o. Nathaniel and Mary Ann Wheeler, but no documentation to show it. Frank remarried a Lora (Lola) Miller in 1927 witnessed by a Silos Miller. Nothing found on any of these characters since 1930. Would appreciate any additional on life or death of these. Thanks, Mike Wheeler

Posted 09/13   Surname: Cochran


I am looking for my grandmothers grave. I believe she is buried in Casey County. at Poplar Grove Cemetery. The date she died is 1984 or 1989. Her name is Mary Cochran. I have been looking for months. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Mark  Meiners

Posted 09/11   Surname: Scott

I am seeking information on Benjamin Terry Scott and his son John Scott that were in Casey Co., Kentucky abt 1810 to 1819.  Benjamin Terry Scott is to have been buried in Casey Co., Ky about 1812 and we have transcribed copy of his will. Any help will be appreciated, Barbara Craig (Family Group Sheets for these men)

Posted 07/12   Surname: Taylor

My great-grandfather lived in Casey county. His name was Cicero Taylor. I would be most grateful for any info on him.  Thank you, Rick Lawson

Posted 04/15   Surname: Cole

I'm looking for information on my grandfather, Anderson Preston Cole.  He married Violetta Johnson on 1/1/1888 in Casey County and they raised their children Ludie Louise b. abt. 1892, Lucille Ann b. abt. 1895, Hulda Mae b. abt. 1898, Cordelia Jane b. abt. 1900, Mary Francis b. abt. 1901 and William Clem b. 1908 there.  Have been unable to locate anything on
him prior to his marriage.  I have been searching desperately for concrete information on his parents and any brothers or sisters he may have had.  Any information will be greatly appreciated.  You can contact me at
Dave Cole

Posted 04/15


Looking for Robinsons 1850-1890's. John Nelson Robinson married Elizabeth Moore. John Nelson Robinson drown while moving slaves down river on a barge. Mose Barlow drown at same time. Elizabeth Moore remarried a man named Farmer. Don't have any more information, must be cousins, or other relatives of the Robinson line. Lived in Garrard County, Crab Orchard area or other nearby areas. Don't know who parents of Elizabeth Moore were? The marriage must have been 1860's or prior, because John Nelson Robinson died from 1860-1865 I am guessing. Please email M.Robinson, with any information.

Posted 04/15


My great grandparents were Martin and Betty Brown.  They are buried somewhere around McKinney. Martin (as the story was told) was shot and killed.  He had 2 sons, George Alvin, born 8/4/1899, and Louie E., After Martin's death Betty remarried someone with the last name of Walls.  She had another son by him and they named him Chester.  I cannot find any information anywhere and I don't know where they are buried. My grandpa (George Alvin) was raised by the Gooch family and Uncle Louie was raised by his maternal grandparents.  If anyone has any information, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, Jo Carr,

Posted 04/02


Searching for the parents and siblings of Mary Ann Jeffries who some believe ancestors came from Casey Co.,KY into Russell Co.,KY  Where she married a Milton Robinson and had 4 children by Robinson and they lived in Wayne co.KY.  Robinson went to Civil War, and did not return for 10 years, meanwhile after he was missing for 5 years he was declared deceased and she married Alexander Smith and had several children living, died, buried in Clinton Co. KY

Any/all help appreciated.  Census lookups for Jeffries/Jefferies in Casey/Russell County appreciated also. Cheers, S. S.

Posted 03/31


I am looking for information regarding my great great grandparents Joseph and Mary Catherine Branson Wilkinson. They both were born in Casey County and raised their family there. Their son, John Cager Wilkinson is my great-grandfather. Any information is most appreciated. Pam Gaines,

Posted 02/27


I am looking for information on Mollie Enyard, born about 1893.  I believe this Mollie Enyard was adopted by James "Clay" Brown and his wife, Annie Belden Brown.  They had no children of their own.  From 1900 to 1930, Mollie is with Clay and Annie Brown, lastly under Brown and not Enyard and was listed as their adopted daughter.  Clay and Annie Brown are both buried at Brush Creek Cemetery and there is a Mollie B. Copley buried there with a single stone that has the dates of born 9 May 1893 and died 1 March 1960.  I am hoping this is Mollie B. Enyard.  I think she waited until after the death of both Browns before she married.  I don't think she had any children of her own either, but someone had to have put the stone up for her unless she arranged it before she died.  I need some help!!! Thanks for your time, Brenda Richardson Waters of Louisville, Ky.

Posted 02/11


I would like information about a grave at Salem United Methodist Church in Rheber. I clearly remember a old headstone of a woman named Theodora or Theodocia Evans. The grave was on the right side of the church near the cedar tree.It was near the huge headstone of Alfred Garrett that has been replaced with a smaller one. If anyone has information about this Evans headstone, who it belonged to and why it was removed I would really appreciate it.
Thanks Phyllis,

Posted 01/23


I am looking for  a death record for a William Murphy, believed to be colored, died around 1892, wife was Nellie. Was there black areas in Casey Co. Also Henry Giles married Nellie, they had two children< Johnny b. 1895, Middleburg and Ethel b. 1899. Both families are black and might be linked to coal mining, did Casey Co have coal mining? Is there anyone who does researcher for hire?  I really need assistance.  Thanks Shelley,

Posted 01/08


I am looking for the maiden name of Lida L. , wife of Welby Woodrum.  They were listed in the 1900 census of Casey County, in the Casey Creek District. He is also listed on other documents as George W. Woodrum.  Any help would be appreciated.

Posted 01/01


I am searching for information on my grandparents.  They were Thomas Milton "Milt" Long, and Nettie Bell Long.  They were residents of Casey County Kentucky.  I am especially interested in information pertaining to their childhood, marriage, and any additional children they had. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rhonda Lucas,


Posted 12/29

Combs / Pendleton

I am trying to find information on my great great grandmother Rosa/Rosie Bell Pendleton Combs., She was born in 1894 and was present on the 1900 census for Casey Co., but no parents are listed. By 1914, she had my grandfather, was married and is a Combs. I am trying to get her parents names and trace her American Indian heritage. She lists herself as white on all census, but family lore has it differently. Any help would be appreciated. Lisa,

Posted 12/05

Lay / Wheeler

Looking for the burial site of Richard or Malinda Lay. They were from Jackson County Al. They moved into Bledsoe Co Tenn in 1860 , and on to Casey Co before 1880. She is living with her son Stephen there as a 70 year old blind widow, and is not on any later census.  I have searched all the cemetery list I have available with no luck.

I am looking for additional info on Lucinda A. Wheeler b 1853 in Casey County. She married Richard Wheeler 3-14-1873 in Casey. She was noted in one line as being the daughter of Nathaniel Wheeler and a Mary Ann Jacobs. I have yet to find any documentation that reflects that fact. I have, however found a Lucinda with Stephan and Susannah Wheeler in Casey in 1860 (Middleburg) . I have no further on this bunch of Wheelers either. Any help will be appreciated, Mike Wheeler

Posted 12/05


Also looking for  Sarah or Sallie Wheeler that married Andrew Wheeler in Casey 1-26-1852. Sally was supposedly Cherokee, but we have no documentation to verify that as of yet. Andrew, son of Stephan and Margaret Wheeler came from Russell Co Va. Any help will be appreciated, Mike Wheeler


I am researching the McKinney family from the Casey County area in the late 1700's. I would be interested in hearing from anyone researching this line. Thanks, John McKinney

Posted 07/28

Weatherford / Drye

My husband's ancestors lived in Casey and Lincoln counties.  His great grandfather was born in Hustonville 18 January 1837)and an official in the National Bank of Hustonville.  He was Col. James W. Weatherford who fought for the Union and married Susan Drye who claimed to have been  born in the area (February 15 183_.  We do not know her parentage.  They were married 15 November 1855 and I believe were Baptists.  We spent just one day in Frankfort and I feel we should return there.  If you have any ideas for filling these gaps, I would appreciate it.  We drove through that beautiful valley at Crab Orchard and found his gggrandfather, Archibald Weatherford was living there in 1820.   Thank you for any crumbs.  Phyllis H. Womack

Posted 07/05


Looking for a researcher to do a couple of lookups for me, I am seeking info on a person named 
William Michael Murphy who might of died in Casey County, his wife  was named Nellie.  He would of died around 1894-95. William and Nellie had three kids, only one lived, his name is William Columbus Murphy born btw 188501887. Nellie remarried a man named Henry Giles, they had two children born in Middleburg, KY, Johnny Giles born 1896, Ethel Giles born in 1899. They are not there in the 1900 census, they are in Buckhorn Illinois, 
Henry Giles is a coal miner per the 1900 census. Any help with this lookup would be very appreciated, thanks Shelley

Posted 07/03

Sharp / McDonald

Benjamin Sharp; His father was Louis Sharp, 1833-1900 and mother was Phoeba Johnston Sharp 1834-1887. Married in Russell Co. in 1855. Louis was in Co. D, 3rd US Regt. KY. Vol. Inf., and died in Casey Co. I believe Louis is from Russell County and may be associated with a Mark Sharp family but I am basing that on circumstantial evidence with no primary sources. That is my brick wall. We have no record on who his parents were. His wife Phoeba is the 2nd daughter of Benjamin and Rachel Johnston of Russell Co. Any help on some primary sources for Louis Sharp would be greatly appreciated. His name usually appears as Louis, but it was also John Lewis and Lewis. He moved to Casey by 1860. Three of Benjamin Johnston's daughters married Sharp's. Two appear to be sons of Mark, but I am not sure about Louis. The Mark Sharp and Benjamin Johnston farms proximity to each other on at least one census indicates they may have been neighbors. Mark is I believe the son of Isham and Mary Polly Holt Sharp. Isham was a Rev. War veteran and served in the NC militia from Guilford Co., moving to Russell Co. c. 1813. Benjamin's wife was Nancy Ann McDonald Sharp, whose parents may have been George W. and Rachel McDonald of Casey Co. Any help on John Louis Sharp or the McDonald family would be greatly appreciated. I know he died in 1900 in Casey. Thanks, Jeffrey Sharpe

Posted 07/03


I am trying to find out if a photo which was submitted to the Casey County Kentucky Archive project; casey/photos/gph157mygreatg.jpg  is our relation. her name is Jane Turpin and I have a Jane Turpin In my family I only just found out about.  She married Solomon Turpin and her maiden name was Long.  She was sister to my Great, Great, Great, Grandfather David Long from Virginia.  The Turpins in my family lived in Madison County KY until about 1820, when they moved on to Decatur IN.  Does anyone have additional information on the lady in this photo so that we can determine if it is the ancestor we are looking for? Any help appreciated... I look forward to hearing from you soon. Gary Wiles


Posted 05/25


I am trying to find the cemetery where Fannie Berkley is buried. My Mother-in-law is a Berkley. Any help would be awesome, Danny DeZarn


Posted 05/07

Various Surnames

I am looking for information on Vaughns, Scotts, Wheelers, Faircloths, Gaddis, Farris, Godbeys & Self, all are from Casey County, Liberty, Kentucky area. They are my family member's and some are buried in Whited Cemetery. Any and all information would greatly be appreciated, Sincerely, Linda


Posted 05/07


My brick wall is my Wall family!   I am looking for information on the James Wall/ Polly Martin marriage in Casey County 30 Oct 1817.  I hope to find a marriage record with her father’s name.  There’s a lot of conflicting information on the couple & I hope to find documents to prove one way or another and to connect to my Walls family in Pulaski County years later.  Thank you for any help you might give! Susan Norton 

Posted 05/07


Hi, I'm Jamie Johnson looking for information on Elias Johnson (b.~1812) who is buried in Caney Fork Cemetery.  He's the Granddad of my Great Grandpa Jess Johnson.  I've been researching for some time now and can't find much on him.  I know he fought in the Civil War with the 13th Calvary, but before that is a mystery and I haven't found a date of his death.  If anyone can help me I'd much appreciate it.


Posted 04/22


I have a really big “Brick Wall”  I am searching for the parents of my gr great grandmother Frances Elizabeth Edwards. She married Levi Fair[s/o Edmund and Catherine BELL FAIR] on 21 Dec 1852. Some say she was the child of Langhorn and Kezziah FALCONBERRY EDWARDS. Does anyone know where  I can find the will of Langhorn. She was said to have has as many as 16 children and she died before 1850.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. E-mail me:  

Posted 02/26

Hadley / Campbell / Marples/ McDonald

My name is Sonja  Horn. I am interested in researching my family tree. Almost everyone on my mom's side is from Casey County.  I would love any info on this. Pictures would be great!  
I have a lot of second cousins in Casey County. I am sure they have lots of pictures and such.  
The names in the family tree are: Campbell, Marples, McDonald, Hadley
My grandfather was Clifton Hadley. He married Ora Campbell - daughter of James Perry Campbell and Delimia Marples. My grandfather's parents were Leathea McDonald and Roscoe Hadley. Any info. on these people would be greatly appreciated!!  Especially Roscoe since he abandoned his family. Sonja Horn
Posted 02/26


Looking for any information on Benjamin Dawson Sr (his wife's name, dates of birth/death, descendants, parents, etc).  According to the below, he was the first sheriff of Casey County, KY.  Might this be the same Ben Dawson who was born in 1761 and is husband to Mary Ann Martin and is the son of John Dawson and Sarah ?  My ancestor, Elizabeth Dawson Powell, is listed by Watkins (below) as one of his children-- ie. "Betsey Ann md. A Powell."  Would appreciate any information out there.  Pls e-mail me at:

Posted 02/26


My grandfather was Clifton Hadley. He married Ora Campbell - daughter of James Perry Campbell and Delimia Marples. My grandfather's parents were Leathea McDonald and Roscoe Hadley. Any info. on these people would be greatly appreciated!!  Especially Roscoe since he abandoned his family. Thanks,

Posted 02/26


I am looking for information about my GGG grandfather, J. W. Dewees, who may have come to Gallatin Co, Illinois, from Casey Co, KY, in the period 1815-1820.  From family records we know that he taught school in Illinois in 1823.  He was married to a Blair and had one son, John Blair Dewees, born in 1827 in Gallatin Co. Illinois.  J. W. Dewees died about 1834 in Illinois. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Andrew Dewees


Posted 02/05


I am looking for Information on my grandmother Ethel Marie Payton family, born in Casey county in 1920's, fathers name was Ben Wallace Payton, born 1883, died 1975 and Mothers name was Belle Sears Payton. Ben's  second wife was Bertha Long Payton. Also would like any information on Ben Wallace Payton's parents. Fathers name Christopher Payton and mothers name was Janie Clarkson. I have looked for any information on these two and the only thing I can find is their names listed in Ben Wallace obituary. I would appreciate any help. Debbie Matthews

Posted 01/10


My dad, James Remus Muse and his siblings were born in Cincinnati Ohio to James Francis Muse and Geneva Maupin (Muse). Geneva had a sister, Pat and a brother Roy (or Ray) Maupin.  It is believed Pat married Roy Watson and lived in Cincinnati in the Mt Healthy area. A relative of theirs used to own a small grocery store - Coy Cain (Cains Grocery). Geneva died about 1951 or 1952 and is buried in or around Liberty - Russell Springs.  Her youngest son, John Leon Muse is supposedly buried in the same cemetery. I am the last in this line as there were no sons to carry on the name and I would like to gather all the information I can in order to pass on to my children as well as gain the knowledge for myself. As a young child, I vaguely remember visiting members of the family that lived across the street from railroad tracks - it seems there was a gas station or grocery on the property.

Thanks in advance for any information you might have Darlene Kohler,

In Addition: MAUPIN - RAYBORN - CAIN  Looking for relatives of Lucille, Geneva, Mary, Ray and Altie, Evalie (married Coy Cain and ran Cains Grocery)  Liberty, Russell Springs and Yosemite areas.

Also - Does anyone have information on how to reach someone at Old Willow Springs Church-Cemetery.  Looking for odd records or where they might be. Please contact


Posted 01/10


I'm looking for information on my father relatives from Casey, KY. My father Roy Edward Luttrell, birth date 12/26/1923, Death 10/01/1996. Mother Geneva Luttrell, father Russell (I think that's their names)? I need to know if we have any Indian blood? For my nephew, research for college. Plus I would like to contact living relatives. My father did not mention his family, but I do know he had a sister and brother, brother died during WWII, I do not think it was related to the war. Maybe someone can tell me were to look? I appreciate any help,
Christine Lee Luttrell-Jankord

Posted 12/29


I am in possession of a Civil War era walking stick carved by someone in my family. It is inscribed "Sour Wood Cut at Neeley Gap Casey County KY Nov 4, 1862". Would love to have more background on where this was in Casey Co. and what the dates might indicate. Thanks for any help, Karl Herzog For details and photos of this walking stick, click here.


Posted 12/21


My John Cooley, who was in Casey county by the time in was formed, probably died there ca 1811. How origins and death have long been a mystery. I've been involved with the search myself for nearly 30 years. I've decided it's finally time to go out there my self and do some poking around. But before making my
trip I need to know a little bit more about what I'll be looking for. It seems clear that the earliest Cooleys in the area, perhaps going back to the 1790s, occupied the northwestern part of the county, near Marion and Boyle
counties. Of interest to me right now is learning what cemeteries may have existed in that part of the county that early on and what burial sites might in fact be on private land. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Any help will be appreciated! Michael

Posted 11/15


Conrad Russell's date of death...I'm searching for the date of death of my gr-grandfather, Conrad Russell.  He was married to Adelia/Della Peyton, and in the 1880 Casey Co. Census they were listed in District 5, along with children James R, Jacob H, George F (my grandfather - George Franklin Russell), William T, Thomas C and John W.  They lived near her parents, Robinson and Amanda. It is believed that he died rather suddenly, possibly of pneumonia, between 1880 and 1890.  (I've seen a reference to a "Coonie", believed to have been his nickname, buried in a Watson Graveyard, without any more information.)  Does anyone out there have any information on him?  The family's been searching for this for years, and will appreciate any help.
Sandy Russell Kassen,

Posted 11/02


My GG Grandfather George W Huff lived in Casey County Kentucky with his wife
Malinda Denton around 1850. I have been to Casey County and found a few records that shown he owned 50 to 70 acres of land. Most sources I have say he was the son of Phillip Huff of Wayne county Kentucky and Virginia but I have to real proof. In some of the records I found It seems Huffs have been in Casey co since before their was a Casey County. So I was wondering if any might be related. I have found records of a Jacob Hoofman 1789 Lincoln Co Ky; Jacob Hoffman 1790 Lincoln Co Ky; Jacob Huff tax lists 1812 through 1819 Casey co Ky; and Jacob Hoof 1820 census Casey co Ky. By the misspellings I would guess these all to be the same person. I have tax and census records that show George W Huff owned land between 1846 and 1851 in Casey co but no record of how he acquired the original 50 acres. He and his descendants sometimes spelled their name Huft and Hufft. Any help with who his parents were or how he acquired his land would be appreciated. Ronald Huff


Posted 9/28


My father is Norman J. Godbey from Middleburg, KY. His parents are Cyrus W. Godbey and Aletha (Eletha) B. Frederick Godbey, who are both deceased. I have some information but am looking for anything that can be added. I have already downloaded the birth records which are on the library site and the family trees that are listed under Godbey and Frederick. I will be making periodic trips to Middleburg to visit my father and research the information. Could anyone please let me know how I can find additional information? Maybe just some guidance would be helpful. Thank you for your consideration, Penny Howell


Posted 9/28


I am trying to find information about my great grandfather, James L Campbell.  He married Maud Combs on Feb. 11, 1891.  James died on May 9, 1949.  Maud died on December 22, 1958. 

Children were Logan, Della Ray, Frank, Etta.......I think. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Robert Campbell,

Posted 7/22


I am searching for the parents of Susan Drye, b. 2-15-1839 in Casey County; d. 6-14-1903 in TX.  
She married James Wallace Weatherford 11-14-1855 in Casey County.  They had 7 children, 3 of whom died before 1880.  James Wallace was a Col. in the 13th KY Cavalry.  James, Susan and their 4 children moved to Texas in 1883.  Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sherri Weatherford,

Posted 7/22


I am researching the ALBERT HOLLARS family. Any help will be appreciated!

Posted 6/12


I am trying to prove that Lewis Pigg, Jr, born 28 June 1818 in Lincoln, Ky ; married Margaret Hamerick in Louisville 4 Jan 1838; moved to Sullivan Co, Mo about 1840; and died 7 Aug 1855, Putnam Co, Mo, is the son of Lewis Pigg born 8 Oct 1783 in Pittsylvania, Va; died 20 Feb 1848 in Ray Co, Mo, and Sarah McWhorter born 17 Jan 1786 in South Carolina; died in Ray Co, Mo.  They were married 21 Jun 1805 in Lincoln Co, Ky.  I know that there were Piggs in Casey County in the 1800s.  Thank you.  Mary Hoyt

Posted 6/12


Looking for information about the Fitzpatrick families that lived in Casey County, 1830-1840, and to what county and or state  they moved to. I would appreciate the smallest clue. Thanks, Deb

Posted 6/12


I still need info on following families that lived at some point in time in Casey; especially,  who the parents were /or grandparents and where they were prior to Ky. and where some of their families went or when and where they died. I've checked  all the Census and such that is available for Casey.
> Jonathan Anderson and Elizabeth Pettijohn
> Sophia Butt and Lewis K. Anderson
> Nancy Lucas and John Durham
> William J. Durham and Hannah Eliza Morgan
> John Madison Black and Amanda Matilda Stansberry
> John Morgan and Hannah Humphrey
> William Morgan and Mary Ann "Molly" Humphrey
> David Humphrey and Jane Jones (?)
> John Humphrey and "Polly" Jones
> Elizabeth Whitaker and John Samuel Rayborn
Family stories or suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks,  Jenny

Posted 5/15


I'm looking for information on John Louis Sharp, 1833-1900. Married Phoeba Johnston Sharp 1834-1887. Married in Russell Co. in 1855. Louis was in Co. D, 3rd US Regt. KY. Vol. Inf., and died in Casey Co. I believe Louis is from Russell County and may be associated with a Mark Sharp family but I am basing that on circumstantial evidence with no primary sources. That is my brick wall. We have no record on who his parents were. His wife Phoeba is the 2nd daughter of Benjamin and Rachel Johnston of Russell Co. Any help on some primary sources for Louis Sharp would be greatly appreciated. His name usually appears as Louis, but it was also John Lewis and Lewis. He moved to Casey by 1860. Three of Benjamin Johnston's daughters married Sharp's. Two appear to be sons of Mark, but I am not sure about Louis. The Mark Sharp and Benjamin Johnston farms proximity to each other on at least one census indicates they may have been neighbors. Mark is I believe the son of Isham and Mary Polly Holt Sharp. Isham was a Rev. War veteran and served in the NC militia from Guilford Co., moving to Russell Co. c. 1813. Benjamin's wife was Nancy Ann McDonald Sharp, whose parents may have been George W. and Rachel McDonald of Casey Co. Any help on John Louis Sharp or the McDonald family would be greatly appreciated. I know he died in 1900 in Casey. A death certificate would really help!! Jeff Sharpe


Posted 4/18


Looking for first husband of ELIZA CHRISTIE who married second Josiah DERTING and was living Casey County in 1900.  Don't know Eliza's maiden name.  Thank you, Daniel Burke  

Posted 3/25


Looking for any information on Robert Samuel Hatfield. I think that he was born and died in Casey County Kentucky. He served in WWI as Robert Samuel Hatfield, but his death record states only the name Sam Hatfield.  Age at death was 71, died on 11/10/61. Any info you can provide would really be appreciated. Mary Beth (Hatfield) Stein

Posted 2/26


Looking for info on Nancy Lucas born 1801 Lincoln co., KY married John Durham 1819 died 1838 Casey co., KY. Her parents - John Lucas (1770 - 1837) / Sarah Jones (1767 - 1820). Anyone with info on this family, please let me know. Thanks! Steven

Posted 2/26


My great grand mother was Ella Lee Denton. She was born in 1891, probably in Liberty. By the 1900 census she is living with her grandparents near Elizaville, Fleming Co. I have no idea who her parents were. We had always thought she was born around Elizaville, having lived there until she died at the age of 99. But recent info from a cousin says she was born in Liberty. if anyone has information about this query, please get in touch! Thanks, Mary Hysong, researching Denton, Hysong, Guthrie, Benson & Shaw

Posted 2/19


Thomas K. Harris Beaty (Beatty) died sometime after 1880 and was buried in Casey Co. Any information is appreciated, Susan Beatty Dillard

Posted 2/05


John Hutchison died 1847-48 and was buried in Casey Co KY. Grave may be on what was at that time his property, it was  somewhere on the green river drainage. He and his wife Jane moved to Casey Co KY in 1802-7 and remained there till his death. His property was sold in his death year. I need to locate his grave. Any help appreciated, Louise Heap

Posted 1/22


I am searching for Frances Amanda Shope who married Thomas Warren in 1856. and Laura Lee who married James Warren of Casey Co. Thanks for any information, Pam 

Posted 1/22


Asa Wells Evans was my grandfather. I am interested in knowing if Claude Evans (a photo you recently posted on the Casey Co website) have 5 brothers and 4 sisters?  More specifically, a brother named Asa? I'd like to hear from anyone researching this line. Thanks, Beverly (Evans) Sturgeon

Posted 12/02


I have a brick wall! My gr-grandfather was James W. Randolph, he was born in KY 1855-58 and he died in TN.  He married Parzidia Hughett July 14, 1878 in Casey Co., KY.  I would like to know who his parents were. I have some info on this line of Randolphs from James W. on down, and also some on the Hughett family and photos. I hope someone can help me!  Nancy Malcom

Posted 10/26


I am looking for any info on Nora Ella McElfresh date of birth  Nov. 1881. Born in Ohio but lived in Casey county KY at the time of the 1900 census. Her father was Jerome McElfresh date of birth April 1858. Any info appreciated, thanks...  Sherry Reynolds

Posted 9/26


My name is Mark Testroet and I am looking for information about a friend of mine from Dunnville.  We were stationed together in the Air Force in Las Vegas in 1983.  The last I heard was that he was killed in a trucking accident sometime around 1994-1995.  His name was James Ezra Roark.  I know his parents were tobacco farmers from Dunnville.  Jim, as we called him, married a girl from Las Vegas, Brenda, and I don’t know where they went from there.  I would love to get in touch with his parents or Brenda. Thank you,

Posted 8/5


I am trying to find my family history. My grandfather and his family were from Casey county. There surname is Price. My grandfather was Arthur F. His mother and father were Oscar and Lottie. If you have any information please let me know... thanks. Regina Partin,

Posted 8/2


I am looking for the burial site of J. Frank Cole, if you can help I would appreciate it. Paul Sutherlan Frank was my grandfather and I have no info on him except that he was from Casey county. Any help appreciated, Paul


Posted 7/24

I am searching for a family that lived in Casey county in 1860.  Lafayette Gill,  who ended up in Indiana, but was married to 1. Eliza Barton Gill, and possibly 2. Ashley Gill, and possibly even a Elsie Jane Thompson.   He is in the 1860 census in Casey, with wife, Ashley, and several children.  I believe that wife 1 or 2 may have died in Casey.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Amy Terry

Posted 6/22


Looking for Jefferson Luttrell and Emily McDonald. They moved from Casey County in the 1880's. They moved
back and both died of the flu in 1918. Who is Jefferson's father? I found a Jefferson, son of Joshua and Polly?, in the 1850 Census. In the 1860 Census Jefferson, age 21, is still with Joshua and Susana. New wife? In the 1870 census Jefferson has started his own family. The names include my grandmother Mary S. Luttrell age 3. That would be about right for her to be born in 1866. Who was Joshua's Father? Is Joshua Mary Susan McDonald's husband? Is Susana Mary Susan? On the Luttrell linage chart, which I just found on this si