The diaries of Artie Lee Foster are being contributed by her niece Debbi Cooper.

In these journal entries you will find deaths, marriages and day to day details of living in Casey County that you may not find anywhere else. The entries date back to 1932. Artie Lee, married Finley Foster of Casey County and died in
1990 at the age of 86....... So take a trip back in time and visit a slower gentler way of life... Enjoy!!

Monday 1, Nov. 1943 :

Well Kinneth Gertie and Miss Ida all left for Cincinnatie so by by


Tuesday 2, Nov. 1943 :

Well I made my new print dress to day  Am sure  tired out 


Wednesday 3, Nov. 1943 :

Went to Campbellsville Well me Fin and Mr Jim  Brown Went to Campbellsville took a eye treatment  


Thursday 4, Nov. 1943 :

Well I made Cord a Dress to day and I sure am tired to night So by by


Friday 5, Nov. 1943 :

Well Mom came out to Berthas this eve and I went down there a while 


Saturday 6, Nov. 1943 ;

Well I went to Berthas me and her went to town and Mom stade with Hazel  So by 


Sunday 7, Nov. 1943 :

I am at Sis and so is Eric I stade 2 nites with  Berthy Hellms My God Bless us and help us all