The diaries of Artie Lee Foster are being contributed by her niece Debbi Cooper.

In these journal entries you will find deaths, marriages and day to day details of living in Casey County that you may not find anywhere else. The entries date back to 1932. Artie Lee, married Finley Foster of Casey County and died in
1990 at the age of 86....... So take a trip back in time and visit a slower gentler way of life... Enjoy!!

Monday 4, April 1932

Well me and Fin and Bill all went over to Alice Ross this evening  Taken Aron home.  Odell came back with me.  She  stade with Ma this eve Well its now 830pm Odella and me went to church have just  got back. bless the Lord Louie Foster got saved to night.  So guess  this will be all.   


Tuesday 5, April 1932

Well Odella and me warshed to day and Fin fixed the garden we planted potatoes, peas and sowed cabbage and tommates.Pate came out with the mail this eve.  Allen Wallace is here to night.  So guess  this will be all.     


Wednesday 6, April 1932

 Well Fin and Allen fixed my little room.   Odella ironed some for me.  Well we had company this after noon Ballard and  Agnes  Al Baley and Fortch Patterson all came and made music and taken  super with us. I made Agnes a dress.  Well its now 8pm Just got back  from church. Pate stade home with ma.. Thanks be to the God Louie and me made  friends to night.  So just ask the Lord ti Bless him and Ruth and May he  ever hold out faithful to the end. So  by by


Thursday 7, April 1932

 Well Allen and me papered the little room this morning.  Ruth came over this eve.  I let her take 2 if my feather  Pillers home with her to keep for a while.  Well Bill and Clyde  is over here to  night. Odella is here to   so  by 


Friday 8, April 1932

Well I am feeling tuff today. Think I must have the  flue from the way I feel.  Odella got dinner.  Allen went Squarl  hunting killed one.  Well its now bed time.  Fin and Allen and Odella  have all gone over to the School house to a speaking.  So guess this will  be all for the  to night. 


Saturday 9, April 1932

 Well I can't write much to day I'm feeling to  bad.---


Sunday 10, April 1932

 Am feeling worse to day  had Dr. Wesley.   So I can't write no more.