The diaries of Artie Lee Foster are being contributed by her niece Debbi Cooper.

In these journal entries you will find deaths, marriages and day to day details of living in Casey County that you may not find anywhere else. The entries date back to 1932. Artie Lee, married Finley Foster of Casey County and died in
1990 at the age of 86....... So take a trip back in time and visit a slower gentler way of life... Enjoy!!


In the back of this Diary Artie has written down Notes of Births and Deaths etc. 


Third child Born to Mr and Mrs Earl Withington a baby girl on Dec. 27  1942
Born to Marie Atwood Holt a baby boy on Deb. 22 1943 his name Ernest  Ray second child
Born to Euel and Doney Lee a baby girl on Feb 23 1943  second  child
Born to Mr and Mrs. Burl Cochran a baby girl on March 5, 1943  a  second Name Coney  Gail.
Born to Mr and Mrs Tunkey Lee a baby boy on Dec. 16. 1944 Name Charles  Mackeral
Born to Mr and Mrs Preston Henson a baby girl on Feb. 25. 1945  Joeburdia
Born to Mr and Mrs Nick Foster a baby boy in Feb. 12, 1946 Name Dannie  Lee
Born to Mr and Mrs Wilder Brown a baby boy on July 9, 1946
Born to Mrs Marie Holt a baby boy on Dec. 30, 1946 his name  Russell


Jesse Simpson got killed April 19, 1943 he fell in a air plane
Judge Cunduff died Oct. 26, 1943
Mrs Thomas Griffen died Jan. 1 1944
Bessie Williams died June 6, 1944
Jenettie Atwood Holt died July 19, 1944 Burryed  at Lebanon, Ky on  July 21, 1944
Jim Helm died Oct. 1, 1943  with a stroke
Jim Peck Campbell Died Nov. 15 1944 with a stroke
Irene Grant and Sylvia Lynn got drowned on Dec. 27, 1945 about 11:30 car  ran off In to River
Mrs Hester Grooms died Sept. 10, 1946
Our President of the United States President Rosevelt  Died April 12,  1945
Well Mr Jim Brown died Sept. 13, 1945
Poor Little Helen Campbell Died on May 8, 1946 with  T. B.
Mr Sherman Allen died July 5, 1946 In Louisville Hospital
Bill (tick) Foster died Sept 22, 1947
Aunt Rane (Rone) Neff died Dec. 28 1949 with a heart attack


Hardward Woodrum and Virginia Edwards were married March 27, 1943
Paul Foster and Margie Carson were married April 2, 1943 on Friday
Tunkey Lee and Bea Popwell were married  March 5, 1944  The day  he was 18
Gean Murphy and Anna Grace Lee were married March 13, 1944
Nick Foster and Inia (?) Popwell were married Jan 11, 1945
Preston Henson and Hazel Helm married April 29, 1944
Evertt Lee and Alice Edinrington (?) Nov. 16, 1945
Mary Helen Hogue and Dentis Wethington was married Jan. 15, 1946
Elmer Brown and the Wethington girl were married Jan. 9, 1947
Betty Redfonds (?) boy and Irene Haffley were married Jan. 11 1947
Otis Campbell and a Wethington girl  married Feb. 1,  1947

Odds & Ends:

Fin took Wilders Calf Jan. 29, 1947
Mom and me got a stand of lard Jan. 23, 1946
Wanda Fay left Paulines Feb. 10 1945 went to Thelmas
Clyde Foster moved down to his place Oct. 8 1943
Allen Bell moved over here at Bill's Place on the same day
Charlie Hages moved to Henry Norfleet Place  Nov. 1, 1943
I quit snuff Jan 10, 1944   Praise the Lord
Mrs  Less Sanders took Wanda Fay today  Feb. 15, 1945
Dixie went to Blans March 21, 1945
Wilder sold his car March 10, 1945
Ralph and Myrtle moved to Ind. Jan 22, 1946
Wanda Fay come back on Sunday Oct. 21, 1945
Fin took Jersey to Wilder on Nov. 9, 1945
Wanda went back to Wilders on Dec. 9, 1945
Fin took Jersey to Tunkeys March 31, 1948