The diaries of Artie Lee Foster are being contributed by her niece Debbi Cooper.

In these journal entries you will find deaths, marriages and day to day details of living in Casey County that you may not find anywhere else. The entries date back to 1932. Artie Lee, married Finley Foster of Casey County and died in
1990 at the age of 86....... So take a trip back in time and visit a slower gentler way of life... Enjoy!!

Monday 25, April 1932

Well this sure has been a rainey day me and Fin and Uncle John Williams all went to town. Agness stade here while we were gone. Berta Helms and 2 children came over awhile to night , oh yes Ruth and Louie is here to night and Agnes and Ballard and Al and Forsters (?), the gittar and banjo Pickers. So by


Tuesday 26, April 1932

Well me and Agness warshed today we sure had a warshing to. So guess this is all for to day
Wednesday 27, April 1932:Well I cleaned the frunt room this morning. Ironed this eve. So guess this will be all for to day


Thursday 28, April 1932

Well this sure has been a lovely day. Fin and me went visiting. Last night we spent the night with Mamma and Dad.(This would not had been her Dad,this must have been her step-dad) I go me a new pair of Slipper from Mr. Garner to day


Friday 29, April 1932

Well me and Fin and Allen all went to Lebanon by the way of the Fork and came back by the way of Campbellsville. So I am tired am going to bed so by by


Saturday 30, April 1932

Well this is Nettie's birthday. Louie and Ruth is here to night and also Irene so by by


Sunday 1, May 1932

Well this is a lovely morning. Ruth and Irene is Playing the Victrola. Well Fin and me and Bill Foster al went over to Arons today and Fin and me went over to Bill Leighs. So guess this is all for to night


Note:John Dave Lee was Artie's father and Judie Cochran was her mother, they were divorced in 1902. Aron and Bill Leigh were her half brothers.