The diaries of Artie Lee Foster are being contributed by her niece Debbi Cooper.

In these journal entries you will find deaths, marriages and day to day details of living in Casey County that you may not find anywhere else. The entries date back to 1932. Artie Lee, married Finley Foster of Casey County and died in
1990 at the age of 86....... So take a trip back in time and visit a slower gentler way of life... Enjoy!!

**These are not in any kind of order, just where there was a space on the piece of paper
Dec. 20 1954 :

 Well Fin and went to town hot me a pair of shoes all so got my button hole attachment from Demmey  10.00 Thank the Good  Lord    


Dec. 24, 1954 :

 Well I went up town helped mom fix a fat Hen so cook   had a light heart attack not bad  Thank the Lord So may God be with us is  my Prayer  love


Christmas Day 1954

 Well Thank the good Lord This has been a beautiful  day. Fin and me have been home all alone.  I went down to Bertha a  while after dinner Glynyy and his wife was there also Margrett and Jimmie   So by Prase the Lord I hope we live to see sevel more Xmas days   


Sunday Dec. 26, 1954

 Well Fin and me stade home all day  I went down  to Berthas Just a few minutes  So by



Well Nancy Brown and Don Land boy was married on Nov. 2,  1956

March 28, 1959 

Well Betty Fae Atwood and David Davis of Louisville  were married to day  March 28, 1959

Friday April 17, 1959 

Well Fredie Burkhard gave us Lassy to day shes 6 weeks old when we got her  calley dog

Death  Feb 5  1957

Joyce Sherrel and Husband died last night got  gassed to death

Bertha Helm died to day  Feb 26 1964  Bless her heart