E. E. Barton Papers

Alvin & Edmund Mountjoy

Transcribed By: Suzanne Shephard

Bond of Alvin Mountjoy of Campbell county, July 23rd 1795. (To the trustees named Here) __ sum of 1000 pounds . . . if shall pay one third of all money arising from the sale of Lotts in the town of Falmouth, to any person establishing a more legal or equitable claim to said town Land than __ Richardsons Military survey including said Town Land . . . .

Witnesses:                                                        Alvin Mountjoy

Peter Moore                                                     John Mountjoy

William Anderson

Be it remembered that the true intent _         Wm Anderson

                                                                         Elijah McClannahan



Bond of Alvin Mountjoy and Edmond Mountjoy of Campbell County July 23rd 1795 (to the trustees of the town of Falmouth; 1000 pounds; to keep the said trustees from all costs and damages that may arise on account of this, the said Mountjoys receiving one third of the purchase money of  said town in lieu of William McDowell the person named in the law establishing said town.

Witnesses:                                                        Alvin Mountjoy

John Cook                                                       Edmund Mountjoy

Miche. Harrison

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