1895-1900 Births
Surnames Beginning with P-R

These records were transcribed from FHL film #1843008 by Sherri. Information is transcribed as on the original record to the best of my ability. There are most likely some errors between bad spelling and bad handwriting.

Name of Child
Date of Birth
Dead or Alive
Place of Birth
Birthplace of Father
Birthplace of Mother
Residence of Parents
Parker, Francis 11 Jun 1896 M A Four Oaks Parker, William Clark, Sarah W KY KY Four Oaks
Parker, Franklin B. 23 Apr 1897 M A McKinneysburg Parker, J.F. Rainey, Martha A. W KY KY McKinneysburg
Parker, Hallie 15 Jan 1895 F A McKinneysburg Parker, Edward Rawlings, Ida W KY KY Penshurst
Parker, Lotta M. 15 Jan 1897 F A McKinneysburg Parker, E.S. Blackburn, Martha W KY KY McKinneysburg
Parson, Charles 18 May 1897 M A Boston Parson, J.W. Lovelace, Martha W KY KY Boston
Parsons, Lucian 22 Aug 1895 M A Morgan Parsons, Willis Courtney, Martha W KY KY Mains
Payne, Gilbert 10 Feb 1897 M A Levengood Payne, W.R. Doan, Rosa W KY KY Levengood
Payne, Harry 15 Oct 1896 M A Morgan Payne, F.M. Lowe, Maggie W KY KY Morgan
Pendergest, John A. 28 May 1895 M A Kincaid Pendergest, J.W. King, Samantha E. W West Virginia KY Kincaid
Pendergest, John A. 28 May 1896 M A Kincaid Pendergest, J.W. King, Samantha E. W West Virginia KY Kincaid
Perrin, Rufus 23 Sep 1896 M A Boyd Perrin, T.J. Lail, Maud W KY KY Boyd
Perry, Carter 8 Jul 1900 M A KY Perry, W.M. Carter, oletta        
Perry, Ella 3 Mar 1897 F A Doudton Perry, Walter Brown, Mary W KY KY Marcus
Perry, Harley M. 16 Feb 1897 M A Doudton Perry, Jas. H. Clemons, Cora T. W KY KY Marcus
Perry, Harry J. 26 Oct 1896 M A Morgan Perry, William Carter, Stella W KY KY Morgan
Perry, Jane 9 Mar 1895 F A Boston Perry, John Sharron, Lizzie W KY KY Boston
Perry, Jas. L. 19 May 1897 M A Boston Perry, J.L. Sharon, Lizzie W KY KY Boston
Perryman, Jno. R. 20 Feb 1897 M A Mount Auburn Perryman, J.B. Thompson, Letha W Tennessee Tennessee Mount Auburn
Phillips, Bessie 15 May 1895 F A Morgan Phillips, J.H. Wadsworth, Lola W KY KY Morgan
Phillips, McKinley 24 Jan 1897 M A Carntown Phillips, J.W. Wilmoth, Eva L. W KY Ohio Carntown
Plummer, Arva 15 Oct 1897 F A Portland Plummer, Louis Loomis, Minnie W KY KY Portland
Plummer, Emma V. 1 Mar 1895 F A Portland Plummer, Louis Bethel, Nora W KY KY Gardnersville
Plummer, Margaret 21 Feb 1897 F A Boyd Plummer, D. Booher, Ida W KY Ky Boyd
Poe, Ashael 17 Nov 1897 M A Lenoxburg Poe, W.P. Rice, Martha W KY KY Lenoxburg
Poe, Josephine A. 15 Dec 1900 F A KY Poe, J.S. Bowey, Elizabeth A.        
Pogue, Alexander 17 Apr 1896 M A Morgan Pogue, A. Hobs, Ellen W KY KY Morgan
Polly, Mary M. 13 Feb 1897 F A Catawba Polly, Brock Sargent, Margaret W KY KY Catawba
Porter, Flossa F. 10 May 1895 F A Doudton Porter, J.W. Whaley, Ida F. W KY KY Doudton
Powers, Nellie 27 Feb 1896 F A Mount Auburn Powers, J.L. Hopkins, Hattie W KY KY Schuler
Pribble, Burket 25 Aug 1897 M A Boston Pribble, Geo. Houston, Nellie W KY KY Boston
Price, Chas. 10 Nov 1895 M A McKinneysburg Price, B.F. Johnting, Mary W KY KY Morgan
Price, Flora 3 Oct 1897 F A McKinneysburg Price, B.L. Hodge, Sophia W KY KY McKinneysburg
Purdy, Geo. C. 19 Apr 1898 M A Pendleton Co. Purdy, Thos. B. Cockerall, Ella W KY KY Pendleton Co.
Purvis, Lucille M. 13 Nov 1897 F A Butler Purvis, F.M. Moore, Alfa W KY KY Butler
Race, Dollie M. 20 Apr 1897 F A Morgan Race, Jas. Artman, Belle W KY KY Goforth
Race, Richard 17 Aug 1895 M A Morgan Race, Jas. Merrill, Lizzie W KY KY Doudton
Radenhymer, E.F. 11 Jul 1895 M A Carntown Radenhymer, Geo. Bonar, Katie W KY KY Carntown
Ramsey, Stella 2 Oct 1897 F A Mains Ramsey, W.H. Woods, Sally W KY KY Mains
Rand, (not named) 28 Dec 1897 F A Falmouth Rand, Robt. ---, Frances W KY KY Falmouth
Rand, Anna 3 Apr 1895 F A Gardnersville Rand, P.G. Cahill, Maud W KY KY Gardnersville
Rand, Anna 30 Oct 1896 F A Gardnersville Rand, Peter Stephens, Fannie W KY Ky Gardnersville
Rankin, Edna 8 Nov 1900 F A KY Rankin, J.F. Dennis, Emma E.        
Rarrick, Frederick 26 Feb 1896 F A KY Rankin, John Shotwell, Sarah W Germany Ohio Carntown
Rath, A.M. 26 Feb 1896 M A Carntown Rath, Jacob Weingle, Catharine W Germany Ohio Carntown
Rauen, Hugh 25 Feb 1897 M A Falmouth Rauen, J.P. Kling, Annie W KY KY Falmouth
Ravenscraft, Willie 13 Jun 1897 M A Marcus Ravenscraft, Wm. Petty, Mollie W KY KY Marcus
Records, Florence 18 Feb 1897 F A Catawba Records, M.F. Cook, Samantha W KY Illinois Catawba
Records, N.H. 12 Aug 1898 M A Pendleton Co. Records, Emmet Eckert, L. W KY KY Pendleton Co.
Records, Stella M. 20 Aug 1895 F A Catawba Records, M.F. Cook, Ella W KY Illinois Catawba
Redden, William 3 Jul 1896 M A Peach Grove Redden, Wm. Redden, Mary W KY KY Peach Grove
Redman, Delora 5 sep 1900 F A Ky Redman, Mace Fryman, Essa        
Redman, Ernest B. 27 Jun 1900 M A KY Redman, Jno. A. Houston, Cinda B.        
Rendols, Walter 4 Jul 1897 M A Morgan Rendols, Sherman Wolf, Lucy W KY KY Goforth
Rice, Martha 20 Sep 1899 F A Ky Rice, W.R. Woods, Rachel W KY KY KY
Riddle, Lucile 8 Nov 1899 F A KY Riddle, James Monroe, Bessie W KY KY KY
Rouse, Otto L. 8 Jul 1897 M A Peach Grove Rouse, W.H. Rardin, Mary W KY KY Peach Grove
Routt, C.L. 16 Jan 1895 F A Falmoth Routt, Willie T. Adams, Dora W KY Ky Falmouth
Ruber, Henry 2 Jan 1896 M A Falmouth Ruber, Fred Dahms, Millie W KY Germany Flamouth


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