M Surnames

McATEE, male child, born Nov 1910, parents Mr. & Mrs. Mark McAtee.

McCALL, Albert H., born 25 Jan 1912 to mother Carrie Orr.

McCANDLESS, Hilda M., born 29 Dec 1925 to mother Mary Day.

McCANN, Goldie M., born 24 Feb 1925 to mother Girtrude Dunn.

McCANN, James J., born 25 Nov 1922 to mother Gertrude Dunn.

McCANN, Virginia L., born 29 Mar 1929 to mother unknown Dunn.

McCARTEY, female child of Collie, born 8 Apr 1918 to mother Nellie Connelly.

McCARTY, Betty R., born 17 Apr 1929 to mother Lillie Elliott.

McCARTY, John W., born 2 Oct 1923 to mother Ethel Piercefield.

McCARTY, Julia M., born 1 Jan 1917 to mother Nancy Barley.

McCARTY, Lester F., born 24 May 1914 to mother Hallie Lea.

McCARTY, Robert L., born 5 Aug 1921 to mother Ethel Perciful.

McCAUDLASS, William T., born 4 Jan 1927 to mother Rena Thompson.

McCAUDLESS, Edward J., born 16 Jul 1929 to mther Rena Thompson.

McCAY, Helen A., born 23 Apr 1923 to mother Alice Motre.

McCLAHANLL, Joe, born 30 Nov 1914 to mother Gorge Workman.

McCLAIN, Alice F., born 23 May 1922 to mother Edna McClane.

McCLAIN, Carrie F., born 11 Jan 1911 to mother Ary Elliston.

McCLAIN, Edner P., born 3 Aug 1913 to mother Emily Homes.

McCLAIN, George H., born 1 Sep 1914 to mother Mary Ellison.

McCLAIN, Gladys E., born 25 Jan 1915 to mother Emile Hames.

McCLAIN, John E., born 24 Aug 1917 to mother Emily Holmes.

McCLAIN, Mary E., born 26 Apr 1923 to mother Mollie Ellison.

McCLAIN, Robert F., born 7 Jul 1918 to mother Mary Ellisen.

McCLANAHAN, Albert W., born 30 Oct 1911 to mother Lillie Rauen.

McCLANAHAN, Edward B., born 12 May 1926 to mother Anna Eckler.

McCLANAHAN, George E., born 12 Oct 1918 to mother Talitha Wyatt.

McCLANAHAN, George M., born 2 Mar 1912 to mother Kate Roberts.

McCLANAHAN, George W., born 25 Apr 1901 to mother Georgiana Workman. (Delayed Birth Certificate #207 48325.)

McCLANAHAN, Hannah F., born 26 Aug 1914 to mother Katie Roberts.

McCLANAHAN, Helen L., born 22 Apr 1917 to mother Minnie Brent.

McCLANAHAN, Herbert T., born 1 May 1906 to mother Minnie Bandt. (Delayed Birth Certificate #196 47904.)

McCLANAHAN, Jewel, born 10 Mar 1926 to mother Cassie Sanders.

McCLANAHAN, Joseph Donaphin, born 1 Feb 1887.

McCLANAHAN, Leona K., born 2 Jul 1919 to mother Katie Roberts.

McCLANAHAN, Lewis A., born 28 Feb 1929 to mother Anna Eckler.

McCLANAHAN, Mabel, born 30 Sep 1916 to mother Katie Roberts.

McCLANAHAN, Mattie E., born 21 Jun 1916 to mother Georgia Workman.

McCLANAHAN, Russell T., born 28 Feb 1920 to mother Gertrude True.

McCLANE, Ruby C., born 17 May 1930 to mother Margaret Lea.

McCLANAHAN, George W., born 25 Apr 1901 to mother Georgiana Workman.

McCLANAHAN, Herbert T., born 1 May 1906 to mother Minnie Bandt.

McCLANNAHAN, Anna L., born 10 Dec 1912 to mother Margaret King.

McCLANNAHAN, Leaman, born 7 Jan 1928 to mother Ethel McClannahan.

McCLANOHAN, Ralph E., born 19 Dec 1921 to mother Stella True.

McCLARTY, Irene, born 9 Oct 1911 to mother Hallie Led.

McCLAUSHAN, Charley, born 9 Jun 1912 to mother Essie Baird.

McCLAUSHAN, Ray, born 13 Jun 1912 to mother May Norris.

McCLEARTY, Vida F., born 20 Feb 1919 to mother Martha Moore.

McCLOUAHAM, Raymond C., born 16 Mar 1928 to mother Cossie Sanders.

McCONELL, Ethyl G., born 4 Jan 1923 to mother Bessie Robinson.

McCONNELL, Guy G., born 4 Sep 1921 to mother Lamb Grant.

McCONNELL, Marjorie D., born 6 Jul 1920 to mother Bessie Robinson.

McCOUDLASS, male child of Edward, born 4 Jan 1927 to mother Rena Thompson.

McCOWELL, Ray G., born 1 Sep 1924 to mother Bessie Robinson.

McCOY, Celia, born 19 Jan 1918 to mother Elizabeth Piercy.

McCOY, Tully, born 23 Jul 1920 to mother Elizabeth Farmer.

McDONALD, Irene M., born 12 Feb 1915 to mother Harry Welsh.

McDONALD, Lena E., born 21 Feb 1918 to mother Lusie Webster.

McDONALD, Ruth L., born 15 Jan 1922 to mother Susie Webster.

McDOWEL, Florence, born 6 Mar 1913 to mother Maggie Owens.

McDOWELL, Elizabeth, born 4 Sep 1922 to mother Ella Lawson.

McDOWELL, Judith A., born 1 Jun 1924 to mother Sarah Lawson.

McDOWELL, Martha E., born 27 Jan 1921 to mother Sarah Lawson.

McDOWELL, Minnie M., born 27 Feb 1912 to mother Myrtle Brown.

McDOWELL, Oscar B., born 6 Aug 1918 to mother Ella Lawson.

McELFRESH, Fanny E., born 8 Feb 1923 to mother Addie Earls.

McELFRESH, Shidney R., born 26 Aug 1921 to mother Ada Earls.

McELFRESH, Stella M., born 15 Sep 1925 to mother Addie Miles. *

McELFRESH, Stella M., born 15 Sep 1925 to mother Addie Earls. *

McGEE, Hershal, born 24 Jan 1919 to mother Ida Southgate.

McGEE, Lillian B., born 21 Jul 1914 to mother Ida Southgate.

McGIBBEN, Larry C., born 24 Nov 1925 to mother Stella Mockber.

McGILL, Ballard L., born 4 Jan 1920 to mother Edna Yelton.

McGILL, Edith Y., born 9 Jan 1921 to mother Edna Yelton.

McGILL, John A., born 3 Apr 1914 to mother Mary Burlew.

McGINIS, George E., born 24 Feb 1930 to mother Lora Morton.

McGIVENS, Flora, born 28 Aug 1924 to mother Lizzie Rivers.

McGLADDERY, Hunsford, born 7 Jun 1927 to mother Mildred Light.

McGLADERY, Earl H., born 23 Dec 1923 to mother Julia Light.

McGOWEN, Cline L, born 1 Jan 1920 to mother Goldie McMillin.

McGRAIN, Margurette L., born 24 Jan 1917 to mother Lucy Delaney.

McGRAM, Lois M., born 4 Feb 1919 to mother Lucy Delaney.

McGRAW, Anna K., born 21 Jul 1912 to mother Lucy Delaney.

McGRAW, Carl E., born 30 Jun 1922 to mother Lucy Delaney.

McGRAW, Lucy I., born 5 Oct 1914 to mother Lucy Delaney.

McGUIRE, Alma L., born 6 Jan 1923 to mother Elizabeth Crow.

McGUIRE, Anna, born 15 Jan 1919 to mother Mamie McGuire.

McGUIRE, Charles, born 24 Apr 1906 to mother Jennie Downer. (Delayed Birth Certificate #240 49667.)

McGUIRE, Charles H., born 22 Jun 1921 to mother Elizabeth Crow.

McGUIRE, Dop, born 18 Aug 1914 to mother Jennie Doward.

McGUIRE, Ella F., born 12 Jun 1912 to mother Elizabeth Wellman.

McGUIRE, Frank, born 8 Oct 1911 to mother Jennie Drummond.

McGUIRE, John T., born 5 Nov 1917 to mother Maude Wellman.

McGUIRE, Junior, born 4 Feb 1924 to mother Nola Clemons.

McGUIRE, Kenneth E., born 22 Apr 1929 to mother Elizabeth Crowe.

McGUIRE, Leslie R., born 13 Feb 1928 to mother Elizabeth Crow.

McGUIRE, Margret, born 20 Jun 1909 to mother Maude Wellman. (Delayed Birth Certificate #192 47728.)

McGUIRE, Russell, born 19 Apr 1909 to mother Janet Downard. (Delayed Birth Certificate #226 49101.)

McGUIRE, Velma F., born 31 Aug 1930 to mother Elizabeth Crow.

McGUIRE, William L., born 15 Nov 1924 to mother Elizabeth Crowe.

McGUIRE, Wilma L., born 11 Feb 1926 to mother Elizabeth Crowe.

McHAFFERTY, Kathryn B., born 6 Jun 1914 to mother Mary Lemming.

McHATTON, James E., bon 17 Jan 1917 to mother Lillian Weldele.

McHIBBEN, Wilbur R., born 18 Mar 1911 to mother Elizabeth Roses.

McINTOSH, Aminda, born 8 Dec 1911 to mother Katie Deaton.

McINTOSH, Frank I., born 17 Jun 1927 to mother Mary Deaton.

McINTOSH, Martha, born 19 Sep 1923 to mother Ollie Berger.

McINTOSH, Necia, born 1 Jun 1925 to mother Ollie Barger.

McINTOSH, Pardom, born 1 May 1912 to mother Annilda Ingram.

McINTOSH, Patricia, born 8 Feb 1920 to mother Kathryn McGuire.

McKENEY, Elizabeth M., born 30 Apr 1919 to mother Emma Daauce.

MCKENLEY, Bernard L., born 21 Mar 1923 to mother Lena Schluetes.

McKENLEY, Earnest W., born 12 Nov 1918 to mother Lena Schlueter.

McKENLEY, William, born 14 Aug 1918 to mother Della Simpson.

McKENNEY, Donal L., born 24 Jan 1928 to mother Martha Wolfe.

McKENNEY, John M., born 23 Jan 1918 to mother Giddie Whalen.

McKENNEY, Juanita F., born 30 Apr 1929 to mother Lula Blades.

McKENNEY, Marianna, born 2 Jun 1924 to mother Marian McKinley.

McKENNEY, Robert L., born 5 Sep 1925 to mother Elizabeth Galloway.

McKENNEY, Roy T., born 1 Jan 1928 to mother Sarah Johnson.

McKENNEY, Vernie C., born 22 Jul 1914 to mother Ollie Bishop.

McKENNEY, Virginia E., born 30 Sep 1908 to mother Cora Cummins. Delayed Birth Certificate #214 48618.)

McKENNEY, Virginia N., born 16 Feb 1923 to mother Chloe McKenney.

McKENNEY, William A., born 27 Jul 1923 to mother Elizabeth Galloway.

McKINLEY, male child, born Jul 1910, parents Henry E. McKinley & Barney Lillian Loomis.

McKINLEY, Alfred, born 30 Dec 1879.

McKINLEY, Blanche C., born 5 Mar 1930 to mother Della Simpson.

McKINLEY, Clarence Everett, born 7 Jul 1887.

McKINLEY, Eugene P., born 4 Apr 1919 to mother Julia Howe.

McKINLEY, Francis A., born 20 Aug 1926 to mother Lena Schlueter.

McKINLEY, Ivan R., born 31 Jul 1914 to mother Lena Schlueter.

McKINLEY, Russell J., born 28 Feb 1930 to mohter Lena Schlueter.

McKINNEY, Charles E., born 26 Jul 1923 to mother Martha Wolf.

McKINNEY, Chloe M., born 29 Jan 1905 to mother Myrtle Hamilton. (Delayed Birth Certificate #209 48429.)

McKINNEY, Dorothy F., born 12 Sep 1921 to mother Nellie McKinney.

McKINNEY, Elmo E., born 28 Aug 1921 to mother Lulu Blodus.

McKINNEY, Henry Shelby, born 9 Jun 1886.

McKINNEY, Jean C., born 29 Sep 1909 to mtoher Siddie Whalen. (Delayed Birth Certificate #230 49249.)

McKINNEY, Jesse T., born 15 Nov 1906 to mother Lenora McMillian.

McKINNEY, Jewel D., born 24 Dec 1919 to mother Lula Blades.

McKINNEY, Margeline F., born 9 Feb 1928 to mother Fanny King.

McKINNEY, Nancy J., born 29 Aug 1930 to mother Lula Blades.

McKINNEY, Orphia C., born 14 Aug 1914 to mother Myrtle Hamilton.

McKINNEY, Richard A., born 27 Mar 1926 to mother Marian Mckinley.

McKINNEY, Ruth I., born 5 Jul 1925 to mother Lula Blades.

McKINNEY, Stanley A., born 7 Aug 1915 to mother Iddie Whalon.

McKINNEY, William C., born 21 Mar 1912 to mother Lillie Grubbs.

McLAFFERTY, Charles E., born 15 Sep 1923 to mother Mary Lenning.

McLAFFERTY, Emanuel, born 23 Apr 1919 to mother Mary Lemming.

McLAFFERTY, Johnnie, born 15 Aug 1911 to mother Julia Lantry.

McLAFFERTY, Joseph, born 16 Mar 1911 to mother Sallie Slater.

McLAFFERTY, Marguerite M., born 21 May 1921 to mother Mary Lemming.

McLAFFERTY, Patrick W., born 9 May 1913 to mother Julia Lantry.

McLAFFERTY, Thomas L., born 16 Sep 1912 to mother Mary Lenning.

McLAUGHLIN, male child, born Oct 1910, parents Mr. & Mrs. C.B. McLaughlin.

McLAUGHIN, Lillian E., born 11 Jun 1914 to mother Eva Yelton.

McLEALL, female child of S., born 3 Aug 1915 to mother Carrie Orr.

McLOFFERTY, Mary A., born 12 Oct 1930 to mother Florence Ashcroft.

McLUFFERTY, William E., born 29 May 1911 to mother Mary Lenning.

McMAHON, Joseph L., born 13 Jun 1924 to mother Elizabeth Youngman.

McMEES, Sarah K., born 4 Apr 1920 to mother Sarah Ravenscraft.

McMILLAN, Alma F., born 17 Jul 1917 to mother Nellie Lofollette.

McMILLAN, Dorothy F., born 24 Apr 1924 to mother Agnes Mann.

McMILLAN, Homer, born 21 Apr 1918 to mother Rose Arnold.

McMILLAN, Mildred E., born 9 Dec 1929 to mother Agnes Mann.

McMILLAN, Wannetta R., born 26 Jan 1921 to mother Letha McMillin.

McMILLEN, male child of Cole, born 19 Aug 1912 to mother Girtrude Woodyard.

McMILLEN, Alma P., born 4 Jun 1916 to mother Laura McMillin.

McMILLER, Ruth M., born 8 Sep 1911 to mother Rhiba Brittshaw.

McMILLIAN, Albert Alven, born 13 Mar 1881.

McMILLIAN, Herbert M., born 10 Apr 1911 to mother Lenora Spegial.

McMILLIAN, Jesse T., born 15 Nov 1906 to mother Lenora McMillian. (Delayed Birth Certificate #221 48915.)

McMILLIAN, William, born 1 Feb 1880.

McMILLIN, Bertha L., born 25 Jul 1912 to mother Laura McMillin.

McMILLIN, Bulah M., born 19 Jan 1924 to mother Elizabeth Martin.

McMILLIN, Charles J., born 11 Jun 1930 to mother Susie Roberts.

McMILLIN, Dollie M., born 20 Apr 1925 to mother Emma Boone.

McMILLIN, Harry R., born 8 Jun 1919 to mother Emma Boone.

McMILLIN, James E., born 3 Sep 1914 to mother Elizabeth Martin.

McMILLIN, Joseph H., born 18 Jan 1922 to mother Emma Boone.

McMILLIN, Lottie A., born 7 Jun 1916 to mother Eunna Boone.

McMILLIN, Louis E., born 11 May 1885.

McMILLIN, Lucy I., born 29 Sep 1920 to mother Nellie Lafollette.

McMILLIN, Mildred F., born 29 May 1920 to mother Elizabeth Martin.

McMILLIN, Ralph E., born 12 Jan 1913 to mother Louisiana Baker.

McMILLIN, Rube M., born 17 Jun 1913 to mother Nellie BlyLafollette.

McMILLIN, Rupert L., born 4 Nov 1921 to mother Fancy Deatharege.

McMILLIN, Stella M., born 26 Oct 1914 to mother Phoeba Brittenham.

McMILLIN, Sylvia B., born 7 Dec 1912 gto mother Emma Boone.

McMILLIN, Wilber, born 22 Aug 1915 to mother Annie Drafer.

McMILLINS, Clarice E., born 29 Dec 1922 to mother Nellie Lafollette.

McMILLION, Donald R., born 27 Jun 1927 to mother Agnes Mann.

McMILLION, Opal J., born 1 Dec 1926 to mother Nellie Lofollette.

McNAY, Bettie F., born 7 Apr 1930 to mother Fronia Wilson.

McNAY, Charles D., born 4 Oct 1914 to mother Verta Tomlin.

McNAY, Dorothy M., born 17 Feb 1913 to mother Fronie Wilson.

McNAY, Eloise C., born 7 Feb 1911 to mother Verta Tomlin.

McNAY, Eloise, born 14 Aug 1915 to mother Anna Childs.

McNAY, Kenneth C., born 14 Aug 1917 to mother Anna Childs.

McNAY, Marvin D., born 26 Aug 1921 to mother Verta Tomlin.

McNAY, Raymond L., born 7 Jan 1917 to mother Verta Tomlin.

McNAY, Thelma L., born 5 Feb 1913 to mother Pearl Childs.

McNAY, Wilfred L., born 8 Jan 1915 to mother Sophronia Wilson.

McNEES, male child of James, born 6 Sep 1920 to mother Anna Foyle.

McNEES, male child of James, born 9 Jan 1922 to mother Anna Ridder.

McNEES, Annie M., born 25 Apr 1914 to mother Sara Ravensenaft.

McNEES, Edward E., born 24 Nov 1927 to mother Gertrude Florence.

McNEES, Emma G., born 18 Jul 1920 to mother Sarah Varner.

McNEES, Ethel M., born 17 Feb 1922 to mother Addie Varnes.

McNEES, Francis M., born 6 Jan 1912 to mother Dorra Raincraft.

McNEES, George P., born 26 Mar 1924 to mother Anna Fogle.

McNEES, Iva L., born 1 Sep 1920 to mother Gertrude Florence.

McNEES, Kathleen F., born 6 Oct 1926 to mother Gertrude Florence.

McNEES, Mattie B., born 23 Nov 1922 to mother Sarah Ravenscraft.

McNEES, Oma L., born 30 Jan 1930 to mother Gertrude Florence.

McNEES, Paul O., born 27 Jul 1925 to mother Gertrude Florence.

McNEES, William M., born 15 Jan 1924 to mother Gertrude Florence.

McNEESE, Charles N., born 31 Jul 1925 to mother Sarah Ravencraft.

McNEESE, Lillie M., born 30 Jun 1930 to mother Bessie Beagle.

McNEESE, Theodore M., born 4 May 1922 to mother Gertrude Florence.

McNEW, Mabelle E., born 10 Mar 1917 to mother Sarah Rovencraft.

McWILLIAM, Lee R., born 29 Dec 1928 to mother Emma Boone.

McWILLIAM, William R., born 1 Feb 1911 to mother Nannie Johns.

*, ** There were two entries in the birth index and two birth certificates issued - one is a correction to the original, erroneous record.


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